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The Scientifice Background 

A Personal Opninion

The basic principles of Homeopathy, were first described by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. (1755-1843)
He was a German, medical practitioner, but became increasingly disillusioned by the medical practices of his time. Hahnemann was a very astute, meticulous observer.  He paid incredible attention to detail.  His father was a porcelain painter, which may have given him the eye for meticulous observation, and detailed accounting.  His first observations were, that the medicine he was trained in, and was practicing at the time, was causing more harm, than good, to his patients.  He gave up medicine, in favour of writing and translating.  He remained interested in the material he was translating, and in trying to find better ways of treating patients, which were not as toxic, and destructive, as what was being used.
 He read about Chincona Bark being used for Malaria, which was rife in Europe at that time.  In order to understand this substance better, he took a dose himself, and to his surprise, developed symptoms of malaria, namely fevers, sweats, and headaches.  This, and many subsequent experiments with different substances, led him to postulate, the “Law of Similars”: “A substance, which can cause a symptom, in a healthy person, has the potential for curing a similar symptom, in a sick patient.”  He termed this principle “Homeopathy”. Homeo, meaning Similar, or Like, and Path for Pathology.  The term “Allopathy”, means “Opposite to the Pathology”, hence the terms “Anti”biotics, antidepressants, antihistamines.”
What is interesting about the original “Chincona” experiment, is that the extract of this Chincona Bark, is Quinine, which has been the mainstay of allopathic treatment of malaria for two centuries.  It seems likely, that its curative effects, are actually occurring as a result of the Homeopathic action.
Hahnemann, then started doing experiments, on diluting substances, in order to make them less toxic.  Another surprise finding, out of these experiments, was that, when substances were serially diluted, and succussed (vigorously shaken), between dilutions, after a certain point, their therapeutic effects started increasing, rather than decreasing,.  Somehow the original substance was imprinting a code, onto the diluent. This led him, to postulate, the second Law of Homeopathy, namely, the Law of Infinitesimal Dilution. “ When a substance is diluted, and succused, between dilutions, it reaches Avogadro Number, where mathematically it can be proven, that none of the original substance is present.  After this point of dilution, it is proven, that the diluent not only retains the properties of the original substance, but the therapeutic potential increases.”   This meant that he could use highly diluted extremely toxic substances, perfectly safely.  These “Non material” remedies, have caused endless debate, and ridicule, from the medical profession, right up until this day.  The exact scientific explanation, of what actually happens, during this process, has yet to be described.  I like to think of it as a sort of magnetic field, which, when kinetic energy, is added (vigorous shaking), can be transferred, from one substance to another.  I know that “magnetic” is not quite the right term, but it is the one, which we all know, can be transferred in this way.  It is, like rubbing a piece of iron, and causing a magnetic field around it, which can then be transferred to another piece of iron.
What has become indisputable for me, is my own observation, of how powerful, these “non material” remedies really are, when accurately prescribed. I totally reject the materialists claims, that there is no scientific proof, that they work. There is plenty of proof, but, when one is restricted by the paradigms of material science, one cannot risk, observing realities, which cannot be explained. So the results I see in my practice, or the results, which ordinary people experience, are disregarded, in favour of maintaining rigidly held ideas, of how things should work.  Even the meticulous double blind studies, which have been done, do not convince the sceptics.  They will find ways to discredit, the studies, as a way of maintaining what they believe to be the “truth”.
It has not been easy, for me, as a medical practitioner to acknowledge that, my profession, might not always be right, or that some of what I see happening in Medicine today, may also be described, as doing our patients, more harm than good.  I do not claim to have all the answers to health. That would be arrogant, but I do believe, we all need to do what Hahnemann did.  He trusted his powers of observation, above the opinions of the “experts”. If we could get the scientists, to study what we observe, we would expand our knowledge, rather than limit our understanding.  I appeal to ordinary folk, with no particular academic training, to become part of this quest for wisdom.  I also invite the comments, and art of children, who are better able to express things from the heart, than what we, as adults are.  One of the greatest joys I have in my practice, is when a child is able to describe their own pathology, in precise beautiful ways, which tell me more, than any medical investigation, could do.
I have come to believe, that we are never going to convince our materialistic colleagues, of the efficacy of disciplines, like Homeopathy, by using the golden parameters, which are the hard and fast rules of medicine.  A Double Blind Study, will show that Homeopathy works, but it will still not be accepted.  What we need to show, is the individual healing, that takes place as a result of these disciplines.    It doesn’t matter, that we are labled as being “anecdotal” or that there are not enough cases to prove anything.  This is what I term, the science of experience, rather than experimentation, and the science of observation, rather than postulation. It should not be discredited or brushed aside.
The more people, who experience, and document their own healing, the more evidence, we will have of the efficacy of homeopathy.
Dr Ann Haw
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