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GoT Dothraki?


The Skimmer’s Hook: If you struggle with learning a new language, just make one up. It might even land you a job on a famous tv show. 

Listen if you like: Game of Thrones, Klingon, Thor

I’m recommending this episode for two reasons.

1) The host of this show is a high-schooler. I can’t tell you how much I love that fact. When I was his age, I was still under the impression that stringing tennis racquets would be a lucrative career. 

2) The only thing I remember from three years of high school Spanish classes is limpiaparabrisas, so it’s hard for me to fathom that there are people out there whose job it is to create languages. 

Teland (the host) interviews David Peterson who has created several new languages. Arguably, his most famous created language is the Dothraki language in Game of Thrones. This interview is fascinating on so many levels not including that there are over 10,000 language creators. There’s hope for myself and Hodor. 

Podcast: Major Jobs - Language Creator (ft. David J. Peterson) (38 mins)

Please Please Please Stay Just a Little Bit More


The Skimmer’s Hook: What’s your favorite album? Why do you love it so?

Listen if you like: Music, Jackson Browne, Funny Stories

This recommendation is really about the show, My Favorite Album With Jeremy Dylan and not specifically this episode. That being said, if you’re a fan of Jackson Browne’s Running on Empty album, this is a fun listen. This sent me spiraling back to my youth and has had me overplaying this album for the past few days. If you have never heard this album, remind me to call you a tool in your face the next time I see you.

As a bonus, Terra Lightfoot tells an amusingly embarrassing story about the song, Rosie. Similar to Lightfoot, I had no idea what this song was about. 

Hrishikesh Hirway and Phoebe Bridgers also break down their favorite albums if that’s more your thing. There’s bound to be an artist or an album you will want to listen to from this show. 

Podcast: My Favorite Album With Jeremy Dylan - 246. Terra Lightfoot on Jackson Browne ‘Running on Empty’ (34 mins)

How Do I Set The Clock On This Thing? 


The Skimmer’s Hook: A man eBays his VCR for more money than one should rightfully expect.  

Listen if you like: Old Technology, Feel-Good Stories 

I’m too lazy to go back to see how many times I’ve admitted to how much of a softie I am but when I hear a feel-good story, there’s always a threat of my shirt getting wet. 

This story isn’t even crazy emotional. The setup is basic - a guy sells his VCR. Who needs a VCR these days, anyway? As we find out, someone did and couldn’t be happier. 

Podcast: The Good News Podcast - VCR: Very Cool, Right? (6 mins)

Extra Hot Sauce 

Truth: The night before I listened to this episode, I experienced a coincidence that is mind-boggling. I had a dream about a friend I grew up that I hadn't thought about in ages. He was the person who told me about how babies were made. Incorrectly. If I knew Sex, Death, and Money was asking for stories, I would've called and added my Sex Ed Fails story. (8 mins)

Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Deadly? Somewhat. Care to guess what the world's deadliest animal is? Hint, it kills over 700,000 people each year.  (25 mins)
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