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Mother's Day Sunday.

After our family lunch was over and my mastery of the grill complete, my meat and Gansett-filled belly took a rare break. Everyone had left so I laid down and listened to a whole slew of podcasts for about 4 hours straight. I can't remember ever doing that as I'm always doing something while my podcast app is grinding away. 

It wasn't precisely a queuedown but I did get through a bunch of random eps. It was exactly what this mother needed especially after my good walk spoiled the previous day. For those not in the know, that means that I carried 20 lbs on my back for four hours, playing 18 craptacular holes of golf. Near the end of the round, I wished I had my AirPods to distract me from my counting up all those large numbers on my scorecard. 

First world problems. Next week, I'll tell you about the cost of tires on my Lambo. 


Soccer Saves


The Skimmer’s Hook: Sometimes sports can be a life or death situation. 

Listen if you like: Soccer, A Life Saved

Typically, I wait for a show to get a few episodes under their belt as a lot of podcasters themselves admit to not loving first eps. But I decided to take a chance and my ears were thankful I did. 

I couldn't help but be intrigued by a story of how a person's life could be saved simply because he was a footballer. Back in 1994, during the genocide in Rwanda, a man's life was spared because he was recognized as the goalie for the football/soccer team. 

I will admit to being incredibly ignorant about the atrocities in Rwanda. Until yesterday. I couldn't help but think that if you're a teacher or a parent and want your kids to learn about Rwanda, this is a perfect entry point. It worked for me. After listening, I went straight to that popular Wiki place and now am a little less embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. 

Podcast: Benched - Saved By The Beautiful Game (22 mins)

Who Knew? 


The Skimmer’s Hook: We all know about Jackie Robinson but have you heard of Jackie Mitchell? 

Listen if you like: Baseball, Unknown Stories

Many years ago, in a galaxy not so far away, I lived for the game of baseball. But then I realized I sucked at it. I couldn't hit and I gave up a lot of runs in the only little league game my coach was stupid enough to let me pitch. Hence, the switch to tennis. 

If I only knew Dazzy Vance, things would've been different. It was for Jackie Mitchell. The most shocking thing is that I had never heard this story before. And my rawhide loving friends hadn't either. 

Jackie Mitchell pitched against Babe Ruth. If that wasn't enough, SHE went after Lou Gehrig too. How did she fare? I wouldn't be recommending this ep if her hurling skills were similar to mine. 

Podcast: The Memory Palace - Jackie Mitchell (16 mins)

Can You Jive?

The Skimmer’s Hook: A THOROUGH breakdown of an iconic song 

Listen if you like: 70's Pop, Sweden

Me: "Hearing an awful cover of Waterloo. What is it about this song that makes it so damn catchy? Seriously."

My Friend: "When it comes to writing pop, Benny and Bjorn were geniuses. Full stop."

Lately, out of the blue, I've heard about a lot of music podcasts. The host of Strong Songs, breaks down individual songs like no other I've listened to date. What's striking is that none of it has to do with lyrics - it's all about how the instruments and vocals work together to create a song.

For this episode, he breaks down a song you may argue you've heard many times too many - ABBA's Dancing Queen. But if you're like me, you'll want to listen to it many more times after learning all the things that are going on in this pop gem. This is not some simple pop earwig.

If Dancing is not your thang but you still like Queens, you can try the ep on Bohemian Rhapsody. Just note that I have not listened to it yet so I can't vouch for it. 

FYI - this entry spared you from my recommendation about Baby Shark.  Seriously. 

Podcast: Strong Songs - Dancing Queen by ABBA (38 mins)

Extra Hot Sauce 

8:43 pm on Sunday. What was that sound? That was a very loud WTF coming out of my mouth when I learned about the Falcon Sex Hat. I also learned what a squatchee was but that's paler than pale in comparison. It's interesting what you can learn from an interview with a baseball cap named Petey from Everything is Alive. (20 mins)

Can you stand the smell of your farts? How do you think skunks feel? No, not about your farts but of their defensive (offensive?) spray. I'll always be a curious kid which is why I love the But Why podcast. (21 mins)

If I keep listening to Running From Cops, I may be filmed on tv being handcuffed and tasered because I've become a violent criminal. Four episodes down. Please make it stop. (43 mins)

I will not start a new podcast series. I will not start a new podcast series. I won't start this show until I finish the series on Cops and the Netflix/Blockbuster war series that I recommended last week. Sports Wars - Federer vs. Nadal. If you beat me to it, let me know how you like it. 
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