Friday 7 February 2020, No 3, Week 6
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Director's note

SDG conference

The University of Bergen has just completed its third SDG conference, with a long list of prominent domestic and international guests. This year’s theme has been Action/ Inaction. It should be clear to all that the decade we have entered will be crucial in terms of reaching the agenda 2030 goals. Or as the title of the new Global Sustainable Development Report says, The Future is Now! Co-chair of the report, Peter Messerli, gave in his Bergen SDG lecture a very good overview of the complexity and challenges ahead of us. The following sessions on climate action, equality and health gap, all underlined the tremendous tasks ahead.
While the registration due to space limitations had to close several weeks before the conference, the day zero events on Wednesday were open to all and free of charge. I took part in a student-led event on how to live sustainable, while many others from our Centre discussed how to use the SDGs to focus teaching and learning, or our common ocean in a future climate, a joint TRIATLAS - COMFORT event. In the evening, Øyvind Paasche chaired a panel with Messerli, the university rector, and others who discussed transformation to sustainability – and the consequences of interchange.
I am happy to see that so many of you have submitted applications for our Fast Track Initiatives and Bjerknes Visiting Fellow program. In total there were 17 FTI proposals (3,702 kNOK requested) and 8 BVF proposals (203 kNOK). There will be a Leader Group meeting on Monday where the proposals will be evaluated. With a total budget of respectively 2,500 kNOK and 80 kNOK, some of you will be disappointed, but at least we should be able to exceed the success rates of the Research Council.
This week I would like to congratulate Endre Tvinnereim, who enters the City Government as Commissioner responsible for education, kindergartens and sports., and also wish the best of luck to Carl Regnéll who next Friday will defend his thesis on the Eurasian Ice Sheet.

New PhD: Thomas Leutert

Photo: Department of Earth Science, UiB

Thomas Leutert, Department of Earth Science and BCCR defended his thesis on January 27. The title of his thesis was: "Clumped isotope thermometry as a new tool for reconstructing Miocene climate change". Opponents were Ethan Grossman, Texas A&M University and Helen Coxall from Stockholms Universitet, while Ulysses Ninnemann, GEO also was a member of the committee. The defense was led by Desiree Roerdink, GEO. Anna Nele Meckler, Alison Martha Piasecki and Aradhna Tripati (not present when the photo was taken) have been supervisors

Many congratulations from the Bjerknes community!

Ellen Grong
The portrait
Name: Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu [tsɯjoɕi wakamatsɯ]
Researcher at NERSC
How long have you been at BCCR?  Two and half years
Education: Ph.D. in physical oceanography at Hokkaido University, Sapporo Japan. B.Sc. in geophysics at Hokkaido University, Sapporo Japan

I was born, grew up and finished my education in Sapporo, Japan, the 1972 winter Olympic game host city.  I have been a nature admirer since I was small. I found beauty and wonder in snow, clouds, the ocean, plants, trees, frogs, stars and rocks when I was little. I also loved looking at a world atlas book and exploring the web of roads, train tracks, water ways and exotic names of cities on the map when I was young. So  I decided to study geophysics and explore the world by the time I turned to the age of 15. During my undergraduate study, I became an oceanographer accidentally after I found beauty and simplicity in the western boundary current theory.  I choose ocean data assimilation and ocean modelling as my research tools after I saw a beautiful satellite ocean color picture of the strong algae bloom in meso-scale eddies detached from the Kuroshio current.
After I got my Ph.D., I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and got interested in polar oceanography and life in the North.
During my postdoctoral and research associate period in Vancouver Island, I became interested in the eastern boundary currents and the marine eco system in the Gulf of Alaska. During my researcher period in Yokohama, Japan, I had a chance to develop operational oceanography system for fisheries and found it promising topic for future. After struggling in finding a way to put all my interest and skills together, I finally found the opportunity in the operational oceanography for the Arctic Ocean at NERSC three years ago. Now here I am.
What is it you do exactly at work?
Currently, I am in charge of three research topics. Production of biogeochemical ocean reanalysis for the Arctic Ocean under the Copernicus Program has been the main task during the last two years. I worked on a data assimilation system for this specific task and collected data for being assimilated and for product validation. The second task is to lead the NERSC internal project, SubMAPP, in which we focus on application of machine-learning tools for estimating sub-surface state of ocean biogeochemistry. The third one is the newest one under H2020 COMFORT project. In this project, I will analyze future projection of biogeochemical state in the Arctic Ocean using CMIP5 and CMIP6 products. Besides the research activities, you will find me quite often at the kitchen space in the NERSC 2nd floor where I do nibbling cookies and making coffee.
Why climate research?
Since I have been living in the North most of my life, changes in snow, ice and temperature during the last few decades are very real to me. Climate research activities are important for human society not only for understanding why it is happening, but also for preparing ourselves and future generations to coming change. 
What extracurricular activities do you have?

I do not have much of an extra time other than at work and home nowadays. But, once in a week, I am practicing Japanese archery which I have been doing since I was a high school student. I have loved skiing since I was child and during the last two winters, I took my children to Fløyen for cross country. Unfortunately we are not lucky enough to do so this winter yet. When I have a chance to visit the west coast of Canada, I usually visit my old paddling club and join outrigger canoe for long distance run. 
Do you have a favourite song, band or artist?
Keith Jarrett – “Country” from the 1974 album “My Song”. Well, this is the iconic music from the 2001 German movie "Bella Martha". Basically, I love all the sound tracks from the movie and the movie itself.
Your favourite food?
Japanese Curry and Miso Ramen (noodle from my home town, Sapporo) are the best two of all time in my life and I cook them once in a while even now in Bergen. Other than these, what I missed are, Oyster Burger from the Victoria Fisherman's Wharf (Victoria BC), Smoked Salmon jerky from Kakizaki Shoten (Yoichi, Japan), Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Quiche from the Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. (Fairbanks AK), Deep-fried Horse Mackerel in Ofuna Station Market (Kamakura, Japan), Balik Ekmek in Kadıköy Market (Istanbul) and etc. The list is too long to put the items all in this limited space.
The best and worst about Bergen?

Best part of Bergen is its beautiful/historical town, relaxed people, seven mountains and the sea surrounding the city. Worst part? Rain does not bother me, but probably darkness in winter is still harsh on me.
New faces
We have several new people joining us lately, and we will present more of them in the coming issues. Welcome to our new Bjerknes members!
Name: Thomas Thuesen
Position: PhD student at Department of Earth Science, UiB

Thomas has been employed at GEO since 2017 and has a degree in geology. His field of expertise is sedimentology. At BCCR he will be affiliated with the Climate Hazards theme.
Name: Till Baumann
Position: Postdoc at the Geophyhsical institute, UiB.
Till is German and has a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. His field is arctic physical oceanography. He will be working with Ilker Fer within the Polar Climate theme.
Name: Talin Tuestad
Position: PhD Student at Department of Earth Sciences, UiB.

Talin is from USA/Norway and began her PhD studies in November 2019. She has a background in quaternary geology and paleoclimate. She is working with Henriette Linge in the NFR project SOUTHSPHERE. She will be in the Climate Hazards theme.
Name: Timothée Bourgeois
Position: Postdoc at NORCE

Timothée is from France, and is a new addition to the Carbon System theme at BCCR. He has a PhD in biochemical oceanography. Field of expertise: Anthropogenic impacts on the ocean biogeochemistry using numerical modelling.
Costa, K.M. et al including Heinze, C.(2020): 230Th normalization: New insights on an essential tool for quantifying sedimentary fluxes in the modern and Quaternary ocean.Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, doi: 10.1029/2019PA003820

Send us information about new publications:
Vacant positions
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Observational Physical Oceanography
Deadline: 29 February, 2020
PhD Research fellow position in physical oceanography
Geophysical institute
Deadline: 29 February 2020
Researcher in coupled ice sheet - climate modelling
Deadline:  2 March 2020
BCCR/GFI Seminars
For more information see or
If you know about a guest visiting, have a suggestion about an external speaker you think would interest the Bjerknes community or want to present something yourself, please contact us through our email:
The seminars are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 14:15 in the west-wing auditorium (BCCR undervisningsrom 4020). 
Best regards,
the seminar committee 
Upcoming seminars:

16 March 14:15 | (Hans Christian Steen-Larsen)
23 March 14:15 | Ruza Ivanovic (Guest of Kerim H Nisancioglu )
23 March TBA | Lauren Gregoire (Guest of Kerim H Nisancioglu )
NERSC Seminars
Next seminar:
Title: Ensemble filtering with displacement errors
Speaker: Michael Ying
Affiliation: NCAR, Boulder, Colorado
Seminar Date: 12. February 2020 - 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Lecture room, Ground Floor, NERSC

Upcoming seminars can be found here:
Storm tracks workgroup meetings
U1 meeting room, Jahnebakken 5
4 March, 14:00 — Priscilla Mooney (NORCE), MPAS/CESM modelling system
19 February, 14:00 -- Hilla Afargan (ETH), Pacific influence on the downward response of Sudden Stratospheric Warmings
12 February, 14:00 -- Lorenzo Sangelantoni (Università dell’Aquila), visitor of Stefan Sobolowski
Next Bjerknes Polar Group meeting will be
Tuesday the 18th of February at 12:15 in the 4th floor Bjerknes lecture room 4020, Jahnebakken 5.
Bjerknes in the news
Olje- og energiros til Tina Bru: «Bare å heise flagget til topps»                  
E24 23.01.2020, Tore Furevik
- Det er vanskelig å finne et narrativ om klimaendringer som vekker folk                          
ABC Nyheter 04.02.2020, Jostein Bakke
Svalbards forfører                         
NRK 01.02.2020
Regjeringspartia i iskant-møte på Stortinget                     
Sunnmøringen 30.01.2020, Tor Eldevik
Dommedags-isbreen smelter                  
Dagbladet 30.01.2020, Eystein Jansen
Lukket iskant-møte på Stortinget                           
VG Nyhetsdøgnet 30.01.2020
Hele 23 nedbørsrekorder er slått - på Vega har det regnet nesten hver eneste dag            
NRK Nordland  29.01.2020, Tore Furevik
Både oljenæring og miljøorganisasjoner positive til ny statsråd                
Tidens Krav 25.01.2020, Tore Furevik
Klimaforskere: - Stopp bruken av «verst tenkelig»-scenarioet                   
NRK 07.02.2020, Tore Furevik
Meiner universiteta må skrote sponsoravtale med oljeindustrien            
Khrono 06.02.2020, Helge Drange 
Isjubileum for Isungset               
Hallingdølen 06.02.2020
Upcoming events
PhD defense: Carl Regnéll
14 February 2020. Department of Earth Scicences, UiB
The Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020
16-21 February 2020 , San Diego, Calif., USA
The Sixt International Symposium on Arctic Research
2 - 6  March 2020, Tokyo, Japan
Nansen Tutu Center 10th anniversary symposium: Ocean, weather and climate, science to the service of society, 10-12 March 2020  ,Cape Town, South Africa, 10-12 March 2020 
CHESS Annual Meeting
20 – 24 March 2020 at Hurtigruten
50th Arctic Workshop,
2–4 April 2020, Boulder, Colorado, USA
15th Polar Low Working Group meeting
13-15 May 2020, Moscow, Russia
2nd International PalaeoArc Conference
25–28 May 2020, Pisa, Italy
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
25th - 29th May 2020 Liège, Belgium
25th IAHR Ice Symposium
14-18 June 2020, Trondheim Norway
IMBeR ClimEco7 Summer School - Interdisciplinary ocean science for sustainable development goals
2020.08.17 - 2020.08.21 Vancouver, Canada
ACDC 2020, Dynamics of the Global Water Cycle
16th – 28th August 2020,Abisko Scientific Research Station, Sweden
19th Swiss Climate Summer School
Extreme weather and climate: from atmospheric processes to impacts on ecosystems and society
23–28 August 2020, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Funding opportunities
NFR: Stort, tverrfaglig Forskerprosjekt
Deadline: 6 May 2020
VISTA Research Centre
Deadline: 28 February
KOPRI Arctic Science Fellowship Program 2020
Deadline: 29 February 2020
Peder Sather Grant, research collaboration
Deadline: 1 April 2020
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
EU H2020 MSCA Individual Fellowship
Deadline: 9 September 2020
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