Friday 15 January 2021, No 1, Week 2
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Director's note

Stepping up climate ambitions

We have put behind us the warmest and the second wettest year ever recorded in Norway. Globally it was the warmest or second warmest, and all six years since 2015 have been warmer than all previous years. The warming has been especially large over the Arctic, where open water replaces sea ice. Despite all the impacts of global warming being manifested, it is room for some optimism.
Countries and regions are now stepping up their climate ambitions in line with the Paris agreement. UK will cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 68% within 2030 (from 1990 levels), EU and Norway will cut 55%, and similar targets are reported by many others. In 2050 or 2060, EU, US and China will all be climate neutral. The two-degree target suddenly seems to be within reach.
But we should not forget that there are still many things that we do not properly know about how the climate system operates, its feedbacks, and its potential for rapid and irreversible changes.  And that there are large knowledge gaps on impacts, on adaptation, and on mitigation. I will therefore argue that there is more need for the Bjerknes Centre than ever before. And that this view is shared by those supporting us. 
With five more years of funding, it is timely that we now reflect on where we stand today, and where we should step up our own ambitions in terms of what we do and how we do it. We want to involve all of you in this process, so please respond to the questionaries that will soon be posted at web. Your valuable feedback will be used in further discussions in the research themes, in the leader group, and in the board, and form the basis for revised strategies.
With the pandemic still putting restrictions on our life, it is more important than ever to get outside, meet colleagues, and do some fun together. There is no Geilo meeting this year, but I can assure you that there are very good skiing conditions around Bergen, either you prefer the roads on Fløyen, Fjellveien, or Løvstien. Hiking is also a nice option. The good weather makes a pause Sunday, perfect for those who will follow Kikki Kleiven’s “4,54 billion years of climate history in 200 minutes”, something that I really look forward to.

New faces
Benjamin A. Robson is British and has started in a permanent position as Associate Professor at the Department of Earth Science, UiB. His field of expertise is Remote Sensing, GIS, Geomatics, Glaciology, Periglacial Environments and he holds a PhD in Physical Geography.
Dandan Tao is a new  scientist with a PhD in Meteorology at the Geophysical insitute. She will be working on mesoscale systems and be affiliated with the Global theme. She comes from China.
Markus Eckerstorfer is a Senior Scientist at NORCE Climate. He was previously at NORCE Technology where he worked since NORCE was founded. He is originally from Austria. Markus has a PhD in Physical Geography from UNIS and UiO and his field comprises Snow avalanches, SAR remote sensing, permafrost and periglacial processes.
Vacant position
Postdoctoral researcher in regional ocean skill assessment of ESM
Deadline: 31st January 2021
2-year postdoctoral researcher position in regional ocean modeling
Deadline: 14th February 2021
Scientific data analyst in marine data processing
Application deadline: 15 January 2021
New publications 
Kageyama, M., Sime, L.C.; Sicard, M; Guarino, M-V; De Vernal, A; Stein, R; Schroeder, D; Malmierca-Vallet, I; Abe-Ouchi, A; Bitz, C M.; Braconnot, P; Brady, E C.; Cao, J; Chamberlain, M Feltham, D.; Guo, C.; Legrande, A N.; Lohmann, G; Meissner, K; Menviel, L; Nisancioglu, K H; Otto-Bliesner, B L.; O'ishi, R; Ramos B, S; Salas y Mélia, D; Sherriff-Tadano, S; Stroeve, J C.; Shi, X; Sun, B; Thomas, R; Volodin, E; Yeung, N K.H.; Zhang, Q; Zhang, Z; Zheng, W; Ziehn, T.(2021): 
A multi-model CMIP6-PMIP4 study of Arctic sea ice at 127 ka: sea ice data compilation and model differences. Climate of the Past 2021 ;Volum 17.(1) Clim. Past, 17, 37–62,

Koseki, S., Mooney, P. A., Cabos, W., Gaertner, M. Á., de la Vara, A., and González-Alemán, J.-J., (2021): Modelling a tropical-like cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea under present and warmer climate. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 53-71,

Cai, L., Lee, H., Aas, K. S., and Westermann, S.(2020): Projecting circum-Arctic excess-ground-ice melt with a sub-grid representation in the Community Land Model, The Cryosphere, 14, 4611–4626,

Carter, B. R., R. A. Feely, S. K. Lauvset, A. Olsen, T. DeVries, and R. Sonnerup (2021), Preformed Properties for Marine Organic Matter and Carbonate Mineral Cycling Quantification, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35(1), e2020GB006623,  
Keppler, L., P. Landschützer, N. Gruber, S. K. Lauvset, and I. Stemmler (2020), Seasonal Carbon Dynamics in the Near-Global Ocean, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34(12), e2020GB006571, doi:

Nnamchi, H.C., Latif, M., Keenlyside, N.S. et al. (2021): Diabatic heating governs the seasonality of the Atlantic Niño. Nat Commun 12, 376.

New findings on the Atlantic El Niño helps climate predictions:
Read the press release here

Olsen, A., N. Lange, R. M. Key, T. Tanhua, H. C. Bittig, A. Kozyr, M. Álvarez, K. Azetsu-Scott, S. Becker, P. J. Brown, B. R. Carter, L. Cotrim de Cunha, R. A. Feely, S. van Heuven, M. Hoppema, M. Ishii, E. Jeansson, S. Jutterström, C. S. Landa, S. K. Lauvset, P. Michaelis, A. Murata, F. F. Pérez, B. Pfeil, C. Schirnick, R. Steinfeldt, T. Suzuki, B. Tilbrook, A. Velo, R. Wanninkhof, and R. J. Woosley (2020): An updated version of the global interior ocean biogeochemical data product, GLODAPv2.2020, Earth System Science Data, 12, 3653-3678, doi: 0.5194/essd-12-3653-2020

Seland, Ø., Bentsen, M., Olivié, D., Toniazzo, T., Gjermundsen, A., Graff, L. S., Debernard, J. B., Gupta, A. K., He, Y.-C., Kirkevåg, A., Schwinger, J., Tjiputra, J., Aas, K. S., Bethke, I., Fan, Y., Griesfeller, J., Grini, A., Guo, C., Ilicak, M., Karset, I. H. H., Landgren, O., Liakka, J., Moseid, K. O., Nummelin, A., Spensberger, C., Tang, H., Zhang, Z., Heinze, C., Iversen, T., and Schulz, M.(2020): Overview of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM2) and key climate response of CMIP6 DECK, historical, and scenario simulations, Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 6165–6200,
Starr, A., Hall, I.R., Barker, S. et al. including Simon, M.H. (2020): Antarctic icebergs reorganize ocean circulation during Pleistocene glacials. Nature 589, 236–241.

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WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions among the Tropical Basins
February 24-26. Online
Arctic Science Summit Week
23-26 March 2021, Online
vEGU21 : Gather Online
19–30 April 2021
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
17 - 21 May 2021 Liège, Belgium
6th Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes
September 14–16, 2021, Lillehammer, Norway.
SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 
25 - 30 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa
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NFR, Researcher projects for Scientific Renewal
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NFR. Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR Deadlines Feb 2021 - KLIMAFORSK-Climate system call
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Deadline: 8 April 2021
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