Friday 13 November 2020, No 20, Week 46
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Director's note


Many Bjerknes scientists have been busy with proposal writing for the last couple of weeks, and a few more hectic days and perhaps also nights lie ahead before the very important Research Council deadline on November 18 at 1 PM. The stakes are high, the total budget for the new Centres of Excellence is 1,75 billion kroner, the budget for the new Infrastructure projects 1,4 billion, and the budget for the new International Partnership Programs 150 million.
I do hope we have greater success than what was the case last time. I have read some of the proposals in detail and scanned through a couple of others where coordinators have asked for support letters. Being an eternal optimist, I have a good feeling this year and cross fingers for a favourable outcome. Remember, if you do not win, the others have cheated (ref: A really smart, very stable genius).
There are many conferences and meetings to attend these days, as everything is online more or less everywhere. Two events I have followed this week was the annual leader meeting of the “Climate Partners Vestland”, a network for reducing emissions through climate budgeting and best practices, and the Ocean Sustainability Bergen conference focusing on the role of the ocean in all the sustainable development goals. It is interesting and also partly comforting to see how much is going on.
We have got two new PhDs in this period. Warm congratulations to Kristian Agasøster Haaga and Johannes Sandanger Dugstad who successfully have defended their theses on respectively causal interactions in the Earth system and Lofoten eddies and heat loss. I will also use this opportunity to congratulate two of our closest friends, Helen Johnsen and Tim Woollings, who both were promoted to full professors at University of Oxford after returning from their sabbatical in Bergen.   
I hope that all these weeks with home offices and social distancing are not driving you crazy. Remember to take hours and days off in between. Despite a few showers, the weekend will be unusually warm for the season so remember to get some well-deserved fresh air and exercise your stiff body.
Congratulations to our new PhDs Johannes and Kristian!
Johannes during his defense. Photo: Geophysical institute, UiB.

On November 5, Johannes S. Dugstad defended his doctoral thesis with the title "Water mass exchange, pathways and the mesoscale eddy field in the Lofoten Basin of the Norwegian Sea". Opponents : Léon Chafik at Stockholm University and Sarah Gille at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Supervisors have been Ilker Fer, Pål Erik Isachsen (University of Oslo) and Inga Monika Koszalka (University of Stockholm).

Kristian Agasøster Haaga (#2 top row in the photo below) defended his doctoral thesis "Causal interactions in the Earth System" via Zoom on November 3
Opponents were Holger Kantz, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems i Dresden, senior researcher Jaroslav Hlinka, Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. Associate professor Anna Nele Meckler was internal member of the committee. Supervisors have been Bjarte Hannisdal, Jo Brendryen and David Diego Castro.

Photo: Department of Earth Science, UiB
Exciting collaboration with the art faculty
The Art & Science Research Group is an experimental collaboration between the Academy of Art and Design and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research where 13 art students have been paired with 13 climate scientists to explore climate change together.
Artist Aleksandra Mir and Frans Jacobi at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design, together with Nele Meckler and Thomas Spengler, have been coordinating the project, leading to an interesting blog with the students reports.
Here you will find field and lab reports, portraits of and interviews with the scientists, personal, poetic and political meditations on climate change, experimental science visualisations, and reflections on a joint climate grief therapy session where several scientists also took part.

Next week, they will be doing an Instagram takeover at @kmdbergen, where they present bits and pieces of their project. We will be posting at the @bjerknessenteret Instagram as well.

Andreas Hadsel Opsvik
New face
Vår Dundas started in June as a PhD student at the Geophysical institute, UiB. Her field is polar oceanography and she will be working with Elin Darelius.  Vår is Norwegian. 

Welcome to the Bjerknes Centre!
The portrait

Name: Anaïs Bretones
Position: PhD student
How long have you been at BCCR? 3 years
Education: bachelor in Earth sciences, master in physical oceanography
Background: I grew up and studied in Lyon (France) until I graduated. Then I joined the meteorology-oceanography master program in Oslo for a year and back in France I moved to Brest to do more oceanography! I finished my master there, except for the 5-month final internship for which I went Oslo again.
What is it you do exactly at work? I am studying dense water formation in the Arctic. Using outputs from one fully coupled climate model, I am looking at changes in the Arctic overturning circulation under sea ice retreat, which can be linked to changes in dense water formation driven by open-ocean convection. While I would like to extend this work to CMIP6 models, I also plan to give more attention to shelf processes using a simplified model.
Why climate research? I had the chance to have access to a garden and nearby nature when I grew up. That raises environmental awareness! I would not have thought that the Arctic ocean would become my domain of action though.
As for the research part, I just really enjoyed my studies and wish I could continue learning new things every day.
What extracurricular activities do you have? It varies with the season, with my flatmates and now with the number of COVID19 infections... This month could be a combination of running, puzzling and baking!
Do you have a favourite song, band or artist? Not really.
Your favourite food? I eat a lot of boller, maybe that is my favourite food.
The best and worst about Bergen? Bergen taught me me that I should enjoy any kind of non-heavy-rain-weather, and I am grateful for that! I believe I spend more time outside than I used to do. The problem is that I get way too obsessed with Bergen weather: it is not rare that I would
check Bergen forecast while being on holiday somewhere else...
Vacant position
Postdoctoral researcher in marine climate and biogeochemistry analysis
Deadline: 11th December 2020
BCCR/GFI Seminars

Upcoming seminars
16 Nov 14:15 Michael Singer: Translation of seasonal rainfall into regional water storage in the Horn of Africa 
23 Nov 14:15  Elin Darelius:  Climate change and deep water renewal in
27 Nov 12:00  Dan Lud (Guest of Bjørg Risebrobakken) TBA
30 Nov 10:15  Rona Thompson (Guest of Are Olsen)   Nitrous oxide
emissions are increasing faster than expected
18 Dec 12.00  Eleni Anagnostou (Guest of Bjørg Risebrobakken)  TBA
New publications 
Kral, S. T., and Coauthors, The Innovative Strategies for Observations in the Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer Project (ISOBAR) —Unique fine-scale observations under stable and very stable conditions. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., doi:

Van Breedam, J., Goelzer, H., and Huybrechts, P. (2020): Semi-equilibrated global sea-level change projections for the next 10 000 years, Earth Syst. Dynam., 11, 953–976,

Xia, Z.,Toska Oppedal, L., Van der Putten, N., Bakke, J., Yu, Z. (2020): Ecological response of a glacier-fed peatland to late Holocene climate and glacier changes on subantarctic South Georgia, Quaternary Science Reviews, 250, 106679,
Kumar, O., Ramanathan, A.L., Bakke, J, Kotlia, B.S,, Shrivastava, J., Pankaj Kumar, P. Sharma, R., Kumar, P. (2020): Role of Indian Summer Monsoon and Westerlies on glacier variability in the Himalaya and East Africa during Late Quaternary: Review and new data, Earth-Science Reviews, 103431,

Sadatzki,S., Maffezzoli, N., Dokken,T.M. Simon, M.H., Berben,  S.M.P. Fahl, K. Kjær, H.A., Spolaor, A., Stein,R., Vallelonga, P. Vinther,B.M.,  Jansen, E. (2020): Rapid reductions and millennial-scale variability in Nordic Seas sea ice cover during abrupt glacial climate changes, PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2005849117

Simon, M.H., Ziegler, M., Barker, S. et al. (2020): A late Pleistocene dataset of Agulhas Current variability. Sci Data 7, 385,
Erlandsen, H. B., K. M. Parding, R. Benestad, A. Mezghani, and Pontoppidan, M (2020): A Hybrid Downscaling Approach for Future Temperature and Precipitation Change. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 59, 1793–1807,

Åkesson, H,  Gyllencreutz, R., Mangerud, J ., Svendsen,J.I.,  Nick, F.M. , Nisancioglu, K.H.. (2020):
Rapid retreat of a Scandinavian marine outlet glacier in response to warming at the last glacial termination, Quaternary Science Reviews,ISSN 0277-3791,

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Bjerknes in the news
Klimaforskar skal halde Aarebrotforelesningen             
Khrono 09.11.2020, Kikki Kleiven.   
Noreg er 16. største nasjon på klimaforsking                  
Khrono 08.11.2020, Tore Furevik 
Rebekka Borsch ny leiar i den norske UNESCO-kommisjonen                 
Kunnskapsdepartementet 06.11.2020, Tore Furevik
Krever vi mer av havet, vil det kreve mer av oss     05.11.2020, Øyvind Paasche, Ailin Brakstad, Kjetil Våge
Året som snudde klimagassutsleppa                  
NRK 03.11.2020, Tore Furevik
Upcoming events
18-19 November, online
CHESS: State of the Art Weather and Climate modeling
16-19 November, Geophysical Institute, UiB
AGU Fall meeting
7-11 December, 2020, Online everywhere
BCCR Polar theme Meeting
10 December, 9AM-13PM at Scandic Byparken, Bergen.
Arctic Science Summit Week
23-26 March 2021, Online
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
17 - 21 May 2021 Liège, Belgium
SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 
25 - 30 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa
Funding opportunities
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for communication and dissemination
Deadline: Open ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for hosting a research visit of 1-12 months
Deadline: Open-ended
IASC Fellowship Program
Deadline: 15 November 2020
NFR Research infrastructure
Deadline: 18 November 2020
NFR-SSF, Arctic field grant
Deadline: 18 November
Deadline: 18 November
SCAR Visiting Fellow
Deadline: 25 November 2020
Bjerknes Visiting Fellow
Deadline: 1 December 2020
Bjerknes Fast Track Initiatives
Deadline: 1 December 2020
CAS: Young CAS Fellow
Deadline: 1 December 2020
NFR, Researcher projects for Scientific Renewal
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR: Researcher projects for Young Research Talents
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR. Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR Deadlines Feb 2021 - KLIMAFORSK-Climate system call
10 February 2021 - deadline for research projects in different NFR programs
Asgard programme, mobility Norway-France
Deadline: 15 December 2020
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