Friday 27 November 2020, No 21, Week 48
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Director's note

The next twenty years

The Bjerknes Centre’s 20 year’s anniversary seminar will take place on Monday, streamed from the University Aula. Much work has been put into presentations and rehearsals, and I therefore hope that most of you are able to follow the event, although most of it will be in Norwegian. There will be greetings from the Minister of Education and Research, who is responsible for our funding, and from our board leader and partners. 
I will reflect upon where we will be heading during the next twenty years. Most of our work has so far focused on how the climate system operates, and on how to diagnose why and how it changes. In recent years we have also increased our capacity to make prognoses, on seasonal, decadal and longer time scales, and with partners also prescribed the medication, that is adaptation and mitigation efforts bringing us closer to the low emission, and climate robust, society.  
I foresee that we also in the future will do ground-breaking research on the climate system – it is still lots to be explored and understood. But I also believe that we will play an increasingly important role in the societal transformations that will dominate all politics and research priorities in the years to come. We have the competence, tools and the will.
Recent discussions in the board and leader group have shown that there is a need for evaluating the centre’s organisation and funding strategies.  We will therefore start a process early next year where we will invite all members of the Bjerknes Centre to reflect upon what works well, what works less well, what are our opportunities, and what are our threats.  More on this later.  
Today and yesterday, I have had the pleasure of attending the annual seminar of the Geophysical Institute, the Scientific Council meeting of the Nansen Centre, and the general assembly of the NORCE-led Climate Futures. What I see is that the key to success is the combination of excellent individual scientists, a strong will to collaborate, and also a culture for dissemination and outreach.
Before June next year, the Nansen Centre will have moved into the refurbished east wing of the Geophysical Institute. With new cantina open to the courtyard, joint lecture rooms, and people willing to collaborate, everything is set for the strongest community for atmosphere – ocean – climate community in Europe – and for a fantastic journey for all of us the next twenty years.       
New PhD - Stephan Kral
MSc Stephan T. Kral  defended his PhD thesis on 20th November. The title of his thesis was “Innovative Strategies for Observations in the Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer"
Opponents:  Christoph Thomas from University of Bayreuth and Philip Anderson,The Scottish Association for Marine Science.  Lea Svendsen was leader of the committee.
Many congratulations, Stephan!
Anniversary seminar Monday 30th of November from 1300-1600 on
Our postponed 20th anniversary seminar, will take place from The University Aula Monday 30th of November from 1300-1600. Due to covid 19-restrictions, the seminar will go online from The seminar will be mainly in Norwegian since it is designed for Norwegian representatives from public and private sector, politicians and NGOs, but feel free to take a look.
Science in December
As part of our 20th anniversary, we will use the dark December days to spread science from researchers at the Bjerknes center. Each day we will publish short talks on various topics in social media and from our website, so stay tuned.

Check out the GFI advent calendar! 

24 days of kitchen oceanography: Explore ocean physics with tools and ingredients that can be found in every kitchen. 24 daily experiments, starting on December 1.

Photo: Mirjam Glessmer

We got a tip from Camille Li about the advent calendar on the webpage of the Geophysical institute.The website will be showing a new experiment each day, and anyone can follow. We agree with Camille, it looks really cool!  And, if you connect via social media, there are also chances to win prizes:

Ellen G
New face
Lina Boljka from Slovenia started in a researcher position at the Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit at GFI in October. She has a PhD in Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate. Her field of expertise is Climate dynamics (stratosphere-troposphere interaction, storm  track dynamics, implications for long-term prediction). At BCCR she will be affiliated with the Global theme.
The portrait

Timothée Bourgeois
Postdoctoral fellow under COLUMBIA and COMFORT projects.
How long have you been at BCCR?
1 year
PhD in marine biogeochemistry modelling at LSCE/IPSL, focusing on impact of anthropogenic perturbation on the biogeochemistry of the global coastal ocean.

I grew up in Nantes, France. After being introduced to Oceanography in Marseille, I spent a few years in Paris for my PhD. Before arriving at BCCR, I was at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada for my first postdoc on the effects of long-term sea-ice retreat on Arctic primary production.

What is it you do exactly at work?
Currently, I am working on reducing projection uncertainties in Southern Ocean carbon and heat uptake from CMIP Earth system models using emergent constraints.
Why climate research?
I have been introduced to climate issues through my oceanography literacy and passion. Contributing to knowledge in such critical topic for the general interest is giving meaning to my life.

What extracurricular activities do you have?
As I am working with models from the office, I compensate my lack of contact with seawater by scuba/freediving, swimming and camping by the sea. The surrounding mountains also always call for a hike.
Do you have a favourite song, band or artist?
Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Your favourite food?
Pan seared fresh scallops with saffron cream sauce on a bed of basmati rice, accompanied with roasted veggies.

The best and worst about Bergen?
The best about Bergen is the unlimited wonderful playground above and below sea level at the edge of town. Regarding to the worst, I felt that the northern winter by itself was not too challenging last year, but I would rank it as the worst when coupled with infection prevention measures.
Vacant position
Postdoctoral researcher in marine climate and biogeochemistry analysis
Deadline: 11th December 2020
Postdoctoral Research Fellow position within Climate Predictions
Geophysical institute, UiB
Deadline: 6th January 2021
BCCR/GFI Seminars
Upcoming seminars
30 Nov 10:15  Rona Thompson (Guest of Are Olsen)   Nitrous oxide
emissions are increasing faster than expected
18 Dec 12.00  Eleni Anagnostou (Guest of Bjørg Risebrobakken)  TBA
New publications 
Mangerud, J. (2020): The discovery of the Younger Dryas, and comments on the current meaning and usage of the term. Boreas, Vol. 00, pp. 1– 5. ISSN 0300‐9483.

Daae, K., Hattermann,T., Darelius, E., Mueller, R.D., Naughten, K.A., Timmermann, R., Hellmer, H.H.(2020): Necessary Conditions for Warm Inflow Towards the Filchner Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea,Geophysical Research Letters,

Chadburn S.E., Aalto T., Aurela M., Baldocchi D., Biasi C., Boike J., Burke E.J., Comyn-Platt E., Dolman A.J., Duran-Rojas C., Fan Y., Friborg T., Gao Y., Gedney N., Göckede M., Hayman G.D., Holl D., Hugelius G., Kutzbach L., Lee H., Lohila A., Parmentier F.-J. W., Sachs T., Shurpali N.J., Westermann S. (2020): Modeled microbial dynamics explain the apparent temperature-sensitivity of wetland methane emissions, Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 34, e2020GB006678.

Davies-Barnard T., Meyerholt J., Zaehle S., Friedlingstein P., Brovkin V., Fan Y., Fisher R. A., Jones C. D., Lee H., Peano D., Smith B., Wårlind D., Wiltshire A.J. (2020): Nitrogen cycling in CMIP6 land surface models: progress and limitations, Biogeosciences. 17, 5129–5148.

van Dijk, J., Fernandez, A., Bernasconi, S.M. et al. (2020): Spatial pattern of super-greenhouse warmth controlled by elevated specific humidity. Nat. Geosci. 13, 739–744,

Morée, A. L. and Schwinger, J. (2020): A Last Glacial Maximum forcing dataset for ocean modelling, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 2971–2985,, 

Masiol, M. Zannoni, D., Stenni, B.,Dreossi, G., Zini,L., Calligaris,C., Karlicek,D., Michelini,M., Flora, O.,Cucchi,F., Freu, F. (2020): Spatial distribution and interannual trends of δ18O, δ2H, and deuterium excess in precipitation across North-Eastern Italy,Journal of Hydrology,125749, ISSN 0022-1694,

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Bjerknes in the news
Havet kan være problem for nytt havforskningsbygg                  
Khrono 25.11.2020, Helge Drange 
Global universitetsallianse utfordrer de rikeste landene i verden på klima                   
Uniforum 22.11.2020, Tore Furevik
 Vi trenger en global plan for en grønn, sirkulær økonomi                        
Khrono 21.11.2020, Tore Furevik
Blir det snø til jul?                      
NRK 19.11.2020, Erik Kolstad
Derfor får værvarselet for vinteren og jula eksperten til å smile             
TV2 17.11.2020, Erik Kolstad
 Skogens påvirkning på klima                  
Forskersonen 13.11.2020, Hanna Lee
Upcoming events
AGU Fall meeting
7-11 December, 2020, Online everywhere
BCCR Polar theme Meeting
10 December, 9AM-13PM at Scandic Byparken, Bergen.
WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions among the Tropical Basins
February 24-26. Online
Arctic Science Summit Week
23-26 March 2021, Online
vEGU21 : Gather Online
19–30 April 2021
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
17 - 21 May 2021 Liège, Belgium
6th Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes
September 14–16, 2021, Lillehammer, Norway.
SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 
25 - 30 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa
Funding opportunities
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for communication and dissemination
Deadline: Open ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for hosting a research visit of 1-12 months
Deadline: Open-ended
Bjerknes Visiting Fellow
Deadline: 1 December 2020
Bjerknes Fast Track Initiatives
Deadline: 1 December 2020
CAS: Young CAS Fellow
Deadline: 1 December 2020
NFR, Researcher projects for Scientific Renewal
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR: Researcher projects for Young Research Talents
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR. Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility
Deadline: 10 February 2020
NFR Deadlines Feb 2021 - KLIMAFORSK-Climate system call
10 February 2021 - deadline for research projects in different NFR programs
Asgard programme, mobility Norway-France
Deadline: 15 December 2020
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