Friday 3 April 2020, No 7, Week 14
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Director's note

Corona continues

The Coronavirus pandemic is still growing in strength, with more that 1 million cases worldwide, and death tolls so-far exceeding 50 000. While many countries are still facing exponential growth, the situation in Norway seems to stabilize, with a slight decrease in the number of hospitalised.
The government has decided to continue the lockdown, which means that we face more weeks working from home, and heavy restrictions and what to do and where to go. One much-debated example is the ban on staying in cabins, which for many is what Easter is meant for.
I know that many of you are much worse off than I am, struggling to combine work and teaching duties, worrying about your job, or thinking about your family and home country that you cannot visit. The situation is pretty bad, but hopefully we will soon see some lights ahead. 
Although it can be hard to find motivation these days, it is important to stay in touch with colleagues and to continue the meaningful and good work we all do. Despite the ongoing corona situation, the climate crisis, as well as the many other challenges framed by the sustainable development goals, hasn’t disappeared.  
We continue our good publication record. Eirik Vinje Galaasen and colleagues have published in Science where they show that North Atlantic deep-water ventilation and circulation have been frequently disrupted in warm interglacial periods, in conditions similar to those we may soon face. 
I will also draw your attention to Richard Sanders and colleagues’ comments in Nature about how little we know about the ocean’s twilight zone, between the sunlit surface and the dark abyss, where increased exploitation and environmental degradation now threatens fish stocks and even climate.
While research papers and proposals in most cases can be written from home, much of our outreach activities are being cancelled or postponed for the time being. But as you will see below, we are testing new ways of reaching our audience. Please contact Gudrun if you have ideas or would like to engage.
Finally, remember to take good care of yourself and those around you. My windows are soon covered by snow, but warmer weather is forecasted so remember to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and some exercise. 


The BCCR goes online

In these extraordinary times the web is flooding with digital set ups for meetings and talks. To meet the audience out there, last week we started up live sessions on Youtube.
Tore had the pleasure of going first, he answered questions on the climate in fifty years, on ice ages, on climate impact on nature, and how the covid 19 situation impact the global climate. See the session here  (In Norwegian)

Today Helge Drange is ready at 1400, he will talk about global and local sea level and climate. Follow the session here 
As many conferences are cancelled for many months ahead, the Copenhagen documentary film festival CPH:DOX was one of the first to turn around and provide parts of the programme online.
Instead of going home to Copenhagen, Hans Christian Steen-Larsen joined the online Climate Talk Show at the festival, together with Bo Møllesøe-Vinther, Eliza Cook, Sandra Cassotta and Jarl Krausing.

As the world closes down, the MOOC starts up
Kerim Nisancioglu, Anaïs Bretones and Jonathan W. Rheinlænder are ready as Future Learn and the UiB launch a new round of the MOOC Causes of Climate Change. The first week more than 800 have signed up for the three week course.
Read more here

More plans: We will start up with popular talks on climate research in English posted on youtube. Would you like to contribute?
Please give us a hint:,,

 Gudrun Sylte
The portrait

Name: Ragnhild Stolt-Nielsen 
Position: Head of Administration

How long have you been at BCCR? Since May 2016

Education: I have a master in Comparative Politics from 1996.

Background: I come from a small town called Haugesund, situated at the Western coast of Norway. I moved to Bergen in 1988 to study, and suddenly I found myself living and working in this beautiful city.

What is it you do exactly at work? I try to keep track on the different research projects, in particular those projects that are financed by the Bjerknes Centre. Besides that, I do the paper work in connection to meetings at Bjerknes Centre and I’m responsible for budgeting and accounting. Under normal conditions, you’ll find me in my office at Jahnebakken 5, and I spend a great deal of my days talking to people and trying to sort out different kinds of troubles you might have.

Why climate research? I don’t do climate research, but I have always enjoyed to work in near connection to research and teaching, that’s why I have spent so many years at the University administration.

What extracurricular activities do you have? I’m very interested in politics and I spend some time in different boards. Besides that, I really enjoy to hike in the mountains surrounding Bergen.

Do you have a favourite song, band or artist? Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Spring

Your favourite food? Lamb chops with vegetables

The best and worst about Bergen? The best thing about Bergen is the cherry blossom in May. I can’t think of anything that is “worst” about Bergen, I’m used to the weather.
Send us information about new publications:
Bjerknes in the news
Svalbard: Kaldere enn normalt for første gang siden 2010                       
Meteorologisk Institutt 01.04.2020
Skal lede klimavarsling i Øst-Afrika                     
Bergens Tidende 01.04.2020, Erik W. Kolstad
Slik gjør CO 2 havet surere                     
Energi og Klima 31.03.2020, Are Olsen
Hullet i ozonlaget: Verdensdugnaden har fungert, viser forskning                       
NRK 27.03.2020, Tore Furevik
Direkte kl. 13: Spør ein klimaforskar i heimekontor
Energi og Klima 27.03.2020, Tore Furevik
Naturvernforbundet hardt ut mot Tønsbergs Blad: - Det er farlig                         
NRK Vestfold og Telemark 27.03.2020
2019: 215 millioner kroner i direkte støtte fra oljeindustrien             
Khrono 23.03.2020, Helge Drange
Sjekk det fine været i Sør-Norge nå                    
NRK 20.03.2020, Erik Kolstad
Save the dates!
BCCR's annual getaway in Geilo will take place 11-13 January 2021.
Upcoming events

Many events are postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Please check the individual conference's websites for updates.

15th Polar Low Working Group meeting
13-15 May 2020, Moscow, Russia
2nd International PalaeoArc Conference
25–28 May 2020, Pisa, Italy
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
25th - 29th May 2020 Liège, Belgium
“A changing Arctic” 
2-5 June, Tromsø 
25th IAHR Ice Symposium
14-18 June 2020, Trondheim Norway
IMBeR ClimEco7 Summer School - Interdisciplinary ocean science for sustainable development goals
2020.08.17 - 2020.08.21 Vancouver, Canada
ACDC 2020, Dynamics of the Global Water Cycle
16th – 28th August 2020,Abisko Scientific Research Station, Sweden
19th Swiss Climate Summer School
Extreme weather and climate: from atmospheric processes to impacts on ecosystems and society
23–28 August 2020, Grindelwald, Switzerland
7 - 10 September 2020  Lima, Perú.
Bjerknes Annual Meeting
14-16 September 2020, Bergen
Arctic Circle 2020 Assembly
October 8-11, Harpa Reykjavík
Bjerknes Getaway
11-13 January 2021, Geilo
Funding opportunities

Note that NFR are postponing the application submission deadline by two weeks, from 6 May to 20 May, 13:00 CEST. The call for proposals for Large-scale Interdisciplinary Researcher Project (the Fellesløft IV joint funding initiative) has been postponed to 2021.

ERC Advanced Grants 2020 (Call opens 14.05.2020)
Deadline: 26 August
NFR: Knowledge-building Projects for Industry and Collaborative Projects to meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges
Deadline :2 September
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
EU H2020 MSCA Individual Fellowship
Deadline: 9 September 2020
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Please, send an e-mail to or if you would like to have more information about the group.

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