Friday  9 april 2021, No 7, Week 14
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Director's note

University 75 years
Today we can congratulate the University with its 75 years birthday. On this date, 9th of April 1946, our Parliament finally decided to establish a second university in Norway, and the University of Bergen became a reality. Bergen had traditions for research, dissemination and also some teaching going all the way back to 1825, when the Bergen Museum was established, and also had the world leading Geophysical Institute established in 1917.  The new university officially opened in 1948, with a staff of 40 (3 in administration) and 400 students. For those of you who understand Norwegian, I will recommend listening to the excellent 75-minute-long lecture that Prof. Anders Johansen held today.
We can also congratulate our Government with an important decision today, as they announced that Norway will participate in the EU programmes 2021-2027. In their press release our Minister of Foreign Affairs especially mentioned the EU’s focus on achieving a green and digital Europe. This means we will be a full member of Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, the space programme, the health programme, the digital Europe programme, and more. The Parliament must formally approve the proposal for participation and is expected to do so later this spring.
Finally, we will congratulate Sunniva Rutledal who successfully defended her thesis today. She has looked at tephra layers (ash) from volcanic eruption and how this can be used to date paleoclimate sediment archives. While Sunniva can be proud of herself today, I am sure that this is not so for our prime minister who today was fined 20 KNOK for breaking the coronavirus rules when organizing a family gathering to celebrate her birthday. It shows that the rules are there to be followed, and even more so for prime ministers than for others. The University will be closed for another week, but with more than 1 million vaccine doses set, we can hope that the pandemic will soon lose its grip on us.
While we are waiting for the spring to appear, it is possible to enjoy fresh snow in the mountains and a weather forecast for Sunday that is actually pretty good.  

PhD Defense: Sunniva Rutledal
Today Sunniva has successfully defended her PhD thesis with the title "Tephrochronology of the North Atlantic during the Last Glacial period – a paleoclimate synchronization tool". Many congratulations!

Read more (In Norwegian):
Bjerknes podcast: The climate cost of planting trees
Priscilla Mooney being interviewed by Stephen Outten. Photo: Ingjald Pilskog.

Most people have a good relationship with forests and the uncontrolled logging around the world is taking its toll on both the wildlife, but also the climate. It stand to reason that letting the forests grow and claim land should be unconditionally positive for the planet, but as often it is not so simple.

Priscilla Mooney, a researcher at NORCE and the Bjerknes centre, talks to our host Stephen Outten and co-host and producer Ingjald Pilskog about the consequences of both the destruction of the forests and the unexpected costs of letting the forests claim the higher latitudes and planting new forests without a proper understanding of the effects.
Listen to the interview here

Hear other interviews and conversations with the climate experts at the Bjerknes Centre. We alternate between English and Norwegian podcasts.
Science Week 2021
The annual Science Week/ Forskningsdagene 2021 is set to Sept. 22 – October 3.  Not a big surprise - the traditional Science Fair at Festplassen is corona-cancelled.

Forskningsdagene Bergen will give updates on the coming programme.

Most important at the time being, is to notice the deadline to apply for Forsker Grand Prix: April 30.
Forsker Grand Prix is an excellent opportunity for PhD-students to get one-to-one practice and advice for presentations. You will get four minutes to present your research at stage … quite a task 😊
For inspiration, take a look at Ragnhild Gya’s presentation last year: (in Norwegian)
This competition is mainly in Norwegian, but there are some English speaking candidates too.
Find the application form here:
 Best of luck!
New faces
A warm welcome to new members of the Bjerknes community!
Nilgun Kulan has been around for a while. She is the project manager for the H2020 TRIATLAS project at GFI. She has a PhD in Physical Oceanography. Although she has an administrative position now, she worked as an oceanographer until 2012/2013. She is Turkish-Canadian.
Julien-Pooya Weihs is German and he started in February as a PhD candidate at GFI. His field is geophysics didactics, topical integration, arctic fieldwork and cognitive psychology.The Polar Climate research theme will be his affiliation.
Jean Negrel is a new scientific data analyst at NORCE. He is French and has a PhD in applied mathematics and computer sciences. His field is remote sensing and modeling. He will be affiliated with the Carbon System research theme.
PhD Forum meeting with Tekna representative
Last Wednesday, we had invited the Tekna representative Alexander Iversen to give an introduction seminar about unions in Norway. As Norwegian PhD candidates are already familiar with the concept of unions and The Norwegian Model, it was only foreign stipendiater who joined this event. Alexander outlined the most important mile stones that lead to the formation of unions in Norway and supported his talk by some old black and white images.
He explained the importance of Hovedavtalen and the three pillars of the Norwegian Model as it exists today. Of course, he also outlined briefly which benefits wait for you when you become a member of Tekna but his most important take-away message was the encouragement to join any union.
The future will see how many participants will follow his advice.
Currently, the PhD Forum has planned no further meetings. If you have a good idea or are looking for a platform to reach many PhD students within the Bjerknes Centre, please reach out to any of the PhD Forum board members. 

Sonja Wahl


The Bjerknes PhD Forum is open for all PhDs affiliated with the Bjerknes Centre.
The Forum intends to create a community for international and Norwegian PhD students from different research areas during their time in Bergen.
Our aim is to facilitate exchange among new and advanced PhD students as well as to distribute and preserve knowledge about “the way things work”.
We meet about once a month to network and discuss different aspects of the academic career and/or life in Bergen. Visiting PhD students and interns are welcome to join our activities.
The current PhD Forum Board members are:
Sonja Wahl (leader) –
Maaike Zwier (co-leader) -
Elina Efstathiou (contact person for new PhDs) -
Cruise to Antarctica with the tiny LegoNinja
Do you remember the tiny LegoNinja figure joining Petra Langebroek and crew at Greenland?
Well, the LegoNinja missed science so much, so he got to join Elin Darelius on cruise to the Weddell Sea. Check out the full cruise story here, and if this is no news to you, check out the last chapters on the return at photostream page 3!
See also Elins blog at

BCCR/GFI Seminars
Next upcoming seminar:
Date: 19.04.2021 14:15 – 15:00
Seminar talk: The abyssal origins of North Atlantic decadal predictability
Name of speaker: Stephen Yeager. Affiliation: National Center for Atmospheric Research
Vacant positions
Senior Researcher in the Forecasting Engine research group
Deadline: 11 April 2020.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow position within Climate Prediction
Geophysical institute, UiB
Deadline: 28th April 2021
Postdoc position in the field of Climate Dynamics
Geophysical institute
Deadline: 28th April 2021
New publications 
Chandra, A., and S. Kumar (2021): Sea Surface Temperature and Ocean Heat Content during Tropical Cyclones Pam (2015) and Winston (2016) in the Southwest Pacific Region. Monthly Weather Review, 149, 1173-1187. DOI:

Dai, G., Zhang, Z., Otterå, O. H., Langebroek, P. M., Yan, Q., & Zhang, R. (2021). A modeling study of the tripole pattern of East China precipitation over the past 425 ka. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126, e2020JD033513. https://doi. org/10.1029/2020JD033513 

Omar, A.M., García-Ibáñez, M.,I., Schaap, A., Oleynik, A., Esposito, M., Jeansson, E., Loucaides, S., Thomas,H., Alendal, G. (2021): Detection and quantification of CO2 seepage in seawater using the stoichiometric Cseep method: Results from a recent subsea CO2 release experiment in the North Sea, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control,

Morée, A. L., Schwinger, J., Ninnemann, U. S., Jeltsch-Thömmes, A., Bethke, I., and Heinze, C.: Evaluating the biological pump efficiency of the Last Glacial Maximum ocean using δ13C, Clim. Past, 17, 753–774,, 2021.

McMichael, C. N. H., Witteveen, N. H., Scholz, S., Zwier, M., Prins, M. A., Lougheed, B. C., Mother, P., Gosling, W. D. (2021). 30,000 years of landscape and vegetation dynamics in a mid-elevation Andean valley. Quaternary Science Reviews, 258, 106866.

Vihtakari,M., Hordoir, R.,Treble,M. ,D Bryan,  M. D., Elvarsson, B., Nogueira,A. Hallfredsson, E.H.,Christiansen, J.S. Albert,O.T (2021): Pan-Arctic suitable habitat model for Greenland halibut, ICES Journal of Marine Science,

Terhaar, J., Torres, O., Bourgeois, T., and Kwiatkowski, L.: Arctic Ocean acidification over the 21st century co-driven by anthropogenic carbon increases and freshening in the CMIP6 model ensemble, Biogeosciences, 18, 2221–2240,, 2021

Send us information about new publications:
Upcoming CHESS courses/activities 
 (until June):
Ocean/Atmosphere Time Series Analysis: Theory and Practice, April 26 – May 7 2021
Crash Course on Data Assimilation – Theoretical foundations and advanced applications with focus on ensemble methods, May 31 – June 4, 2021
CHESS Annual Meeting, 7 – 9 June 2021, online with local hubs
Dallas Murphy’s annual Advanced Science-Writing Workshop, June 21-25, 2021
XRF core scanning for paleoclimate reconstructions in the Arctic, 
Bjerknes in the news
Noe om havforskning                
Avisa Nordland 27.03.2021
Inntektene stupte i 2020                         
Hordaland Folkeblad 27.03.2021
Kvifor er det brune flekkar på isen i Polhavet?       26.03.2021
Upcoming events
BCCR Polar Theme meeting,
Thursday 15 April. 13:15-14:00
PhD defense: Yongbiao Weng. Title: "Stable Isotope Composition of Surface Vapour and Precipitation at the Southwest Coast of Norway"
16 April at 13:15 via Zoom
BCCR: Digital meeting on ideas for new strategic projects
April 20, 14-16h
vEGU21 : Gather Online
19–30 April 2021
Polar Early Career Conference
5th-6th May, online
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
17 - 21 May 2021 Liège, Belgium
BCCR Science & Fun day
 26-27 May 2021, Bergen
International workshop for mid-latitude air-sea interaction
June 8-9 online,  June 12-14 online and in-face, Sapporo, Japan
6th Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes
September 14–16, 2021, Lillehammer, Norway.
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022
27 February– 4 March 2022 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Bjerknes Annual Meeting 2021 
27-29 September 2021, Bergen
14th International Conference
on Paleoceanography

29 August–2 September 2022, Bergen, Norway
SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 
25 - 30 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa
Funding opportunities
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for communication and dissemination
Deadline: Open ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for hosting a research visit of 1-12 months
Deadline: Open-ended
ERC Consolidator Grants
Deadline:20 April
ERC Advanced Grants
Deadline: 31 August
Peder Sather Grant Program
Deadline: 8 April 2021
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