Friday10 September 2022, No 13, Week 36
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Director's note
A warm congratulation to Marius, Sonja, Noel and Harald on their RCN and ERC grants, respectively!

Yesterday I attended a post-Covid conference at RCN in Oslo, and many from our national funding agent, NRC, and from a more local sourced, TMS, commented on the continued success of Bjerknes scientists in attracting funding, new collaborations and developing new research. Many of the scientists and project groups that attract funding have started out as a Bjerknes fast track initiative or been part of a Bjerknes strategic internal project.
Although our 33 million kroner per year funding represents only a small fraction, compared with that derived from grants at the Bjerknes partners, the continued funding make it impossible to deliver a core of strategically led science and science-based activities that benefit us all. My aim over the next months is to start strategic thinking and planning on how to make the Bjerknes Centre a permanently funded national climate center. For that, we need your help and commitment. From the Centre’s evaluation report in 2017, and from last year’s BAM round-table discussion it is evident that Bjerknes scientists identify strongly with the Bjerknes Centre and derive considerable satisfaction and motivation from their connection to it. Without the Bjerknes Centre, it is unlikely that our partners could attract the same quality or overseas scientific talent as they do at present. But we need to be even better at branding the Bjerknes name when we do outreach, speaking engagements and are in media (and when we publish). I monitor most of our activities and I think we can be much better at promoting Bjerknes regionally, nationally, and internationally. Thus, I encourage you to use both your partner affiliation and the Bjerknes Centre affiliation whenever you can.

The theme of the full day conference I attended yesterday was «Covid19: research in the wake of the pandemic» with focus on learning points from Covid research, pandemic collaboration (both nationally and internationally) and pandemic communication.  A major take home was the broad discussion on the importance of continued funding of free, open, basic research for us to be robust enough to tackle ongoing and future global crises. There are lessons from combating Covid-19 that can teach us about tackling the climate crisis:

•             We need to both anticipate and react
In climate change as in pandemics, early mitigative action is the only option to prevent unmanageable crises.
•             We can make drastic changes quickly (and invest in a greener future)
The global response shows that States can take immediate, radical emergency measures to protect the well-being of all
•             The key to a successful response is to protect everyone
The lessons learned around global cooperation and the importance of inclusion and protection of vulnerable groups during the pandemic must be applied to urgent global efforts on climate action
Our challenge is to translate the sense of urgency in our science to stakeholders, policy makers and society!
Enjoy a beautiful western Norwegian weekend,
New PhD: Fabio Mangini
Fabio Mangini delivered a successfull PhD defense on 2. September. The title was "Sea-level change over the northern European continental shelf due to atmospheric and oceanic contributions." His supervisor Laurent Bertino to the right. Photo: Henni Wilborn/Nansen Center
ERC and NRC grants to Bjerknes researchers
Noel Keenlyside and Harald Sodemann (photos below) are the only Norwegian researchers to receive ERC Proof of Concept grants, on supermodels for better climate prediction and atmospheric water sourcing for better understanding of where our rain and snow comes from. The goal of the PoC grants is to find the economic and social potential of research that the ERC have given grants to earlier.

This week, Marius Årthun (photo below) received a Norwegian Research Council grant for the project “Overturnings circulation in the new Arctic”. Sonja Wahl  (photo below) received an international mobility grant for the project “Snow D-excess OriGin Study”. 

Congratulations to the grantees!

Andreas H.O.
ICP14 – The 14th International Conference of Paleoceanography
ICP14 – The 14th International Conference of Paleoceanography was held in Bergen last week, with around 500 participants both in Bergen and virtually.
Thanks to the organisers for a well-made conference in the lovely Grieghallen, and good luck to IISc Bangalore, India for taking on the next ICP15 in 2025.
If you want to relive the conference in just under four minutes, this is your chance:
    Andreas H.O.
Are we destroying the ocean?
Lise Øvreås participated in the radio program Abels Tårn, which was broadcasted from Arendalsuka this summer. In the photo, from left: Helene Frigstad (BCCR alumni), NIVA, Lise Øvreås BIO and BCCR, Tonje Knutsen Sørdalen, University of Agder, and radio host Torkild Jemterud.
Listen to the program here

Gudrun S.
«When you drink from a well, don’t forget who dug it»
September 7-9  a symposium to Honor the Memory of Prof. Yongqi Gao (1965-2021) took place.
Dr Yongqi Gao was a passionate researcher who dedicated his great efforts to science through the study of the high mountains, the oceanic circulation, the atmospheric circulation at mid- and high latitudes, the climate prediction in the North Atlantic and the Arctic, and the Arctic influence on climate and societies. He  made great contribution to climate science not only by concrete studies but also by promoting national and international collaborations.
By bringing together colleagues that collaborated with or inspired by Yongqi over the years, this scientific symposium honored Yongqi’s scientific legacy, covering a wide range of topics that follow Yongqi’s footprint in science. Two conference venues in Beijing and Nanjing was parallelly connected to  the Bergen venue. 
Read the eulogy to Yongqi Gao here
Professor Helge Drange  gave a keynote speech reminiscing on how he and Yongqi met, worked together for many years, and travelled through China. Photo: Tor Eldevik
New faces
The Bjerknes Centre are happy to welcome new members:
Nele Vollmar from Germany started in a position as a PhD student at Norce this spring. She is affiliated to the Polar theme and has a degree in marine geosciences.
Julien Brajard is French and is a researcher at NERSC. His affiliation will be to the Global research time. His field is data assimilation and  machine learning.
Qidi Yu from China is a new PhD research fellow at the Geophysical institute. Numerical modelling, extreme weather/climate and air/sea interaction are her special fields of interest. She will be a member of the Global Climate research theme.
Michele Petrini from Italy is a senior researcher at Norce.His field is Ice-sheet modelling, coupled ice-sheet/Earth-system modelling. He will be a member of the Polar Climate research theme.
New publications
Løland, M.H., Krüger, Y., Fernandez, A., Buckingham, F., Carolin, S.A., Sodemann, H., Adkins, J.F., Cobb, K.M. and Meckler, A.N., 2022. Evolution of tropical land temperature across the last glacial termination. Nature Communications13(1), pp.1-7. DOI:

Suo, L et al invluding Gao, Y, Otterå, OH, 2022 Environ. Res. Lett. 17, 

Barthélémy, S., Brajard, J., Bertino, L. Counillon, F. Super-resolution data assimilation. Ocean Dynamics 72, 661–678 (2022).  

Berntsen, J., Darelius, E. & Avlesen, H. Topographic effects on buoyancy driven flows along the slope. Environ Fluid Mech (2022).

Hardeng, J., Bakke, J., Sabatier, P., Støren, E.W.N., van der Bilt, W. (2022). Lake sediments from southern Norway capture Holocene variations in flood seasonality, Quaternary Science Reviews, 290, 107643. DOI: 

Hornsey, J., Rowan, A. V., Kirkbride, M. P., Livingstone, S. J., Fabel, D., Rodes, A., et al. (2022). Be-10 dating of ice-marginal moraines in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal, Central Himalaya, reveals the response of monsoon-influenced glaciers to Holocene climate change. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 127, e2022JF006645. 

Passos, L., Langehaug, H.R., Årthun, M., Eldevik, E., Bethke, I., Kimmritz, M. Impact of initialization methods on the predictive skill in NorCPM: an Arctic–Atlantic case study. Clim Dyn (2022).

Kusch, E.,  Davy, R. &  Seddon, A.W.R. (2022).  Vegetation-memory effects and their association with vegetation resilience in global drylands. Journal of Ecology,  110,  1561– 1574.

Lamentowicz, M., Seddon A.W.R. and Jassey VEJ (2022) Editorial: Functional Traits as Indicators of Past Environmental Changes. Front. Ecol. Evol. 9:827743. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2021.827743

Mackay, A.W., Felde, V.A., Morley, D.W., Piotrowska, N., Rioual, P., Seddon, A.W.R., Swann, G.E.A. (2022) Long-term trends in diatom diversity and palaeoproductivity: a 16 000-year multidecadal record from Lake Baikal, southern Siberia. Climates of the Past, 18, 363–380,

Williams, J.W., Huntley, B. & Seddon, A.W.R. (2022) Climate Sensitivity and Ecoclimate Sensitivity: Theory, Usage, and Past Implications for the Future Biospheric Responses.Current Climate Change Reports.

Vaittinada Ayar, P., Bopp, L., Christian, J. R., Ilyina, T., Krasting, J. P., Séférian, R., Tsujino, H., Watanabe, M., Yool, A., and Tjiputra, J.: Contrasting projections of the ENSO-driven CO2 flux variability in the equatorial Pacific under high-warming scenario, Earth Syst. Dynam., 13, 1097–1118,, 2022. 

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Vacant positions
MSCA SEAS postdoctoral research fellow in air-sea interaction
Geophysical institute, UiB
Deadline: 31 October 2022
Bjerknes in the news
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Upcoming CHESS activities
Advanced statistics training for climate research 2022, 13-16 September
The role of climate scientists in the society, 26-30 September
eScience Tools in Climate Science: Linking Observations with Modelling, 31 October – 11 November

Details see CHESS website
Upcoming events
12th – 14th September 2022, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK
The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers - ICYMARE 
13 to 16 September 2022 at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, Germany
Third WMO Workshop on operational climate prediction
20–22 September 2022,Lisbon, Portugal
SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 
25 - 30 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa
 21. September - 2. October 2022
Carbon System theme October 4th,
1300-1500. The topic for the day is the Land Ocean Continuum.
Workshop “Modelling the Climate System at Ultra-High-Resolution: Resolving atmospheric storms, ocean sub-mesoscale eddies, rivers and glaciers”.
October 3-7, 2022 in Boulder, CO, USA  hosted by NCAR
Arctic Processes in CMIP6 Bootcamp
5-14 October 2022, Helgoland Germany
GCOS Climate Observation Conference
17-19 October 2022, Darmstadt Germany
6th WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models,
31 October to 4 November 2022. ECMWF, Reading.
Bjerknes Annual Meeting
25-26 October 2022,  Hotel Terminus, Bergen
Effects of Climate Change on the World's Ocean
17-21 April 2023, Bergen
 103rd AMS Annual Meeting, 8–12 January 2023, Denver and Online
36th Conference on Climate Variability and Change

Bjerknes Getaway 2023
11-13 January, Geilo
Conference: “Living with climate change”
8-9 May 2023 at the University of Bergen
Funding opportunities
NFR: The UN Decade of Ocean Science – Communication and Dissemination
Deadline: open-ended
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for communication and dissemination
Deadline: Open ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for hosting a research visit of 1-12 months
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Travel grant Emerging Leaders 2022
DIKU Research-Education cooperation Iceland-Norway
MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships Research projects with mobility
Deadline: 14 September
Fulbright Arktis-stipend, Norway-USA mobility for Norwegian citizens
1 October
ERC Starting Grants 2023
Deadline 25 October (tentative)
ERC Synergy Grants 2023
Deadline: 8 November (tentative)
MSCA Doctoral Networks Establishment of doctoral network
Deadline: 15 November
International Research Exchange Program of ArCS II for 2022
Deadline: 30 November
ERC Consolidator Grants 2023
Deadline: 2 February (tentative)
ERC Advanced Grants 2023
Deadline: 23 May (tentative)
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