Friday 7 May 2021, No 9, Week 18
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Director's note

Brand new annual report

 Our Annual Report 2020 – The Anniversary Year, is launched. It is for the first time a digital production, meaning that there will be no printed document waiting for you when returning to office (some can pick up the 2019 edition). As I have written in the director’s comments, 2020 was a very special year with pandemic, 20-years anniversary and five more years of funding secured. It is still need for more knowledge on the climate system, from fundamental research to more applied studies, and we will contribute do both. I hope that you will enjoy the report and also that you can make use of it in your interactions with others.
The most important funder of fundamental research is the European Research Council. 139 ERC grants have been awarded to scientists in Norway, and 33 of these to the University of Bergen. In December, four female UiB scientists were awarded consolidator grants. Among them Nele Meckler, her second (!), and Inga Berre at the mathematical institute. ERC celebrated their 10.000 grantees yesterday, and in a great ceremony Inga Berre became the official ERC grantee number 10.000 and the symbol of the European community of brilliant researchers. We congratulate Inga and all the 9999 other ERC grantees. 
We have many recent examples where we see our knowledge on the climate system and how it operates, being used in more applied studies. This will be important for the transition towards the low emission and resilient future society.    Abdirahman Omar and his team (including Emil Jeansson) have developed, tested, and published on a new method for detecting and quantifying CO2 seepage from subsea storage. Norway is now investing tens of billions of kroner into carbon capture and storage, and a large facility is being built in Øygarden west of Bergen. It is of course of vital importance that we can measure and control that the CO2 will stay in the ground, and the new findings should be seen in this context. We congratulate Abdir, and also with the very nice portrait interview in E24 today.
So far, the year has been relatively cold and dry here in Bergen. From Sunday we will see more pleasant temperatures and also some rain, and we welcome both as vegetation is pretty dry and the risk of wildfires high. Enjoy the weekend and see you next week.  

Annual report 2020
The Bjerknes Centre's  annual report for 2020 is digital this year. Click on the image below to open the report.

Cancelled science and fun days 26th-27th of May             
Dear all, due to covid 19-regulations and the need to see as few persons as possible, we have come to the conclusion that we have to cancel our planned Science & Fun days 26th-27th of May. We hope that our annual meeting from 27th-29th of September at Grand conference location, will be a good opportunity to meet and catch up after this rather long period in more or less isolation.
In the meantime, take care and stay safe.
Best Ragnhild
The portrait

Name: Elaine McDonagh

Position: Research Scientist in NORCE Klima

How long have you been at BCCR? Nearly 2 years, since August 2019
Education: Undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences (1994) and PhD in Observational Physical Oceanography (1997), both at The University of East Anglia, UK.
Background: Following my PhD I worked in the Marine Physics and Ocean Climate Group at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton in the UK until moving to Norway in 2019.
What is it you do exactly at work? I work on the oceans role in the climate system particularly physical oceanography (circulation, heat and freshwater uptake) and links to changing biogeochemistry and ecosystems. While my expertise is in observations I work with theoreticians and modellers to improve projections. I am also involved in global ocean observing, I co-chair the global observing network, GO-SHIP, that makes global repeat hydrographic observations for climate; I am on the Steering committee of GOOS (Global Ocean observing system); and a member of Clivar’s  Indian Ocean Research panel (IORP).
Why climate research? I most enjoy studying the ocean at large (basin) scales and interannual and longer timescales. Understanding these scales in the ocean are really important for understanding the earth’s climate.
What extracurricular activities do you have? I enjoy exploring Bergen and have just bought a new canoe to explore the surrounding area from the water.
Do you have a favourite song, band or artist? Ooh that is a tough one – today my favourite band is The Jam.
Your favourite food? 
The best and worst about Bergen? Best thing about Bergen is a sunny day. The worst – well I don’t mind the rain (I come from the UK) but I am less keen on the days when the rain is horizontal!
Vacant positions
Researcher within marine biogeochemical Earth system modelling
Geophysical institute, UiB
Deadline: 10th May 2021
Interdisciplinary PhD research fellowship in glacier modeling and politics
UiB, Department of Earth Science
Deadline: 31 May 2021
New publications 
Elsheikh B. A., Skjelvan,I., Omar, A.M., Olsen,A.,  de Lange, T.E., Johannessen, T., Elageed, S. (2021): Sea surface pCO2 variability and air-sea CO2 exchange in the coastal Sudanese Red Sea, Regional Studies in Marine Science, 44,101796, ISSN 2352-4855,

Edwards, T., et al including Goelzer, H. (2021): Projected land ice contributions to 21st century sea level rise. Nature,

Bakke, J., Paasche, Ø., Schaefer, J. et al. (2021) Long-term demise of sub-Antarctic glaciers modulated by the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies. Sci Rep 11, 8361

Berends, C. J., Goelzer, H., and van de Wal, R. S. W (2021).: The Utrecht Finite Volume Ice-Sheet Model: UFEMISM (version 1.0), Geosci. Model Dev., 2021, 1-32,

Dunn‐Sigouin, E., Li, C., & Kushner, P. J. (2021). Limited influence of localized tropical sea‐surface temperatures on moisture transport into the Arctic. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL091540.

Jones, C. D., Hickman, J. E., Rumbold, S. T., Walton, J., Lamboll, R. D., Skeie, R. B., et al. including Tjiputra, J. (2021). The climate response to emissions reductions due to COVID‐19: Initial results from CovidMIP. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL091883.

H. Lee, Muri H., Ekici A., Tjiputra J., Schwinger J (2021): The response of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling under different aerosol-based radiation management geoengineering. Earth Syst. Dynam., 12, 313–326,

Mooney P.A. , Li. L. (2021): Near future changes to rain-on-snow events in Norway, Environ. Res. Lett. in press.

Nogué, S. et al including Birks, J.B. and Felde, V. (2021): The human dimension of biodiversity changes on islands, Science,  372, 6541,488-491, DOI: 10.1126/science.abd6706http://DOI: 10.1126/science.abd6706

Payne, A. J. et al including Goelzer, H. (2021): Future sea level change under CMIP5 and CMIP6 scenarios from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, Geophys. Res. Lett.,

Tangunan, D. et al. including Simon, M.H (2021):  Strong glacial-interglacial variability in upper ocean hydrodynamics, biogeochemistry, and productivity in the southern Indian Ocean. Commun Earth Environ 2, 80,

Zika, J. D., Gregory, J. M., McDonagh, E. L., Marzocchi, A., & Clément, L. (2021). Recent Water Mass Changes Reveal Mechanisms of Ocean Warming, Journal of Climate, 34(9), 3461-3479. Retrieved May 5, 2021, doi: http://doi:

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Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
The Bjerknes PhD Forum is open for all PhDs affiliated with the Bjerknes Centre.
The Forum intends to create a community for international and Norwegian PhD students from different research areas during their time in Bergen.
Our aim is to facilitate exchange among new and advanced PhD students as well as to distribute and preserve knowledge about “the way things work”.
We meet about once a month to network and discuss different aspects of the academic career and/or life in Bergen. Visiting PhD students and interns are welcome to join our activities.
The current PhD Forum Board members are:
Sonja Wahl (leader) –
Maaike Zwier (co-leader) -
Elina Efstathiou (contact person for new PhDs) -
Upcoming CHESS courses/activities 
 (until June):
Crash Course on Data Assimilation – Theoretical foundations and advanced applications with focus on ensemble methods, May 31 – June 4, 2021
CHESS Annual Meeting, 7 – 9 June 2021, online with local hubs
Dallas Murphy’s annual Advanced Science-Writing Workshop, June 21-25, 2021
XRF core scanning for paleoclimate reconstructions in the Arctic, 
Bjerknes in the news
Faren ville han skulle bli imam. No er han ein av landets fremste havekspertar.          
E24+  06.05.2021 Abdirahman Omar
Jostedalsbreen blir mindre.                   
NRK1 Vestlandsrevyen 19:45 03.05.2021
17. mai-været kan bli kaldt                     
Bergensavisen Pluss (flere like treff) 29.04.2021  Erik Kolstad
 Klima Verdens største - bare isbiter igjen                        
Dagbladet 25.04.2021, Atle Nesje
Klimaforskere: Verden er nærmere å bremse klimaendringene etter Bidens klimamøte            
NRK 23.04.2021 Eystein Jansen
Upcoming events
The 52nd International Liège colloquium on Ocean Dynamics
17 - 21 May 2021 Liège, Belgium
BCCR webinar: How do we value the Arctic?
26 May (14:30-16:00 CEST) online
BCCR Science & Fun day - CANCELLED
 26-27 May 2021, Bergen
International workshop for mid-latitude air-sea interaction
June 8-9 online,  June 12-14 online and in-face, Sapporo, Japan
Virtual Workshop on the New Global Ocean Biogeochemistry (GO-BGC) Array - Building a Community of Biogeochemical Float Data Users
June 28-30, 2021
6th Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes
September 14–16, 2021, Lillehammer, Norway.
WCRP workshop on attribution of  multi-annual to decadal changes in the climate system
22-24 September 2021,  Online
Workshop: Multi-annual to Decadal Climate Predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic

20 – 22 September 2021   Event in Bergen or Copenhagen tbc
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022
27 February– 4 March 2022 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Bjerknes Annual Meeting 2021 
27-29 September 2021, Bergen
14th International Conference
on Paleoceanography

29 August–2 September 2022, Bergen, Norway
SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022 
25 - 30 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa
Funding opportunities
NFR: Hosting Events
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for communication and dissemination
Deadline: Open ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Personal overseas grant for Researchers
Deadline: Open-ended
NFR: Support for hosting a research visit of 1-12 months
Deadline: Open-ended
ERC Advanced Grants
Deadline: 31 August
Peder Sather Grant Program
Deadline: 1 June (Extended from 8 April 2021)
Deadline: 27 May 2021
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