Quick stepparenting tips for a Happier Father's Day.
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Tips that can make a difference.

This weekend, I bring you tips from men who have walked miles in their "stepdad shoes." They've experienced the joys and disappointments any parent goes through, and the occasional hurts and confusion stepfathers of grieving children feel.

  • Don't expect a fuss on Fathers Day.  "Count your blessings if you get a card, if any, acknowledgement. Remember, it's got to be hard to celebrate a day that reminds you of a huge hole in your life."
  • Find common interests. For example, music. "I take my stepdaughter to concerts her friends would not be likely to attend".  Find small quality time things to do together, without mom.
  • Let the kids know it's OK to talk about the dead parent and of course to miss their parent.  Ask about things they did together. "It will help bond --you have to feel closer after exposing your feelings to someone."
  • It's OK not to be called dad. Ever. "If it happens, great, but don't force it or expect it."

Happy Father's Day to all our loving stepdads.

Diane Ingram Fromme



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