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"Why Risk Management Companies Need To Understand Human Nature"


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In my experience, most organisations would agree that the discipline of GRC (governance, risk, compliance and assurance) is good business practice; however businesses are running so hard to make profit and to keep shareholders happy that they don’t have / make the time to embed GRC practices in their organisations. The discipline of GRC is unfortunately often seen as a compliance requirement and an inhibitor of business when in fact it is a strategic management tool, which when implemented effectively, ensures sustained profitability on the back of being a good corporate citizen.   

Consulting and risk advisory practices publish brilliant thought leadership articles, case studies etc. expounding the virtues of GRC, however these articles
and case studies almost always have an international flavour making them less relevant to us. At BarnOwl, we interact with hundreds of local companies and public sector departments regarding GRC so thought it may add value to start publishing articles and performing case studies relevant to our marketplace. Over the next few months we will be initiating local case studies, risk maturity survey/s etc. and writing thought leadership articles with a local flavour.  We hope that you will find them insightful and relevant.

Please see the first of many articles to be published by BarnOwl. You can also connect with us on social media for latest industry updates and news. Please feel free to follow us!

Kind regards,

Jonathan Crisp

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Why Risk Management Companies Need To Understand Human Nature

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In the upcoming months BarnOwl and Deloitte are hosting an Exclusive Thought Leadership Breakfast on the Practical Challenges of Embedding Risk Management. Watch this space for more details.Click here for more on latest news and events

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