Beautiful You Devotional ~ Oct 2021 / Q4 Vol 3

Over 20 years ago, I was in a church service where a guest speaker was sharing. He was a well known men’s ministry leader and at this time, I cannot recall what topic he preached on, but in the middle of his teaching he stopped and began to minister to the women in the meeting.

He began to acknowledge all the ways in which women had been wounded by men. Whether it was childhood abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, he covered a plethora of offenses and the atmosphere began to change. You could hear women sobbing and being touched by what he said.

After his message to them, he invited those women who had been wounded to come to altar to forgive their abuser. But the way in which he did it, was the most healing part of all. Of every woman that was at the altar, he looked at each individually and as a man acknowledged what was done to them and on behalf of their abuser, asked for forgiveness and allowed each woman to respond.

When he came to me, I was in tears and when he asked for forgiveness on behalf of my abuser, I said “yes”, and decades of trauma from my childhood sexual abuse, began to melt in the power of that forgiveness. It was a life altering moment in my healing journey.

John 20:23 |If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

Yes, the most powerful part of that encounter was my forgiving the offender, but equally as powerful was the speaker’s acknowledgement of what happened to me.

His acknowledgement broke just as many chains around my heart as my forgiveness did. No one person in my life, not therapists, doctors, parents or anyone that knew about my abuse, ever said “I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Not one. And his acknowledgement brought a powerful breakthrough in my life from that moment on, and I would imagine it was the same for every other woman present at that altar.

The BEAUTIFUL YOU motto is Honor and Celebrate Your Story. Unless we learn to honor where we’ve been and the impact on our lives, we will stay stuck, ruminating over our trauma and never able to integrate it into our story. Because, like it or not, it is a part of our story.

That honor begins with acknowledging that what happened to us has impacted our hearts and soul, and that it was by no fault of our own, but by the choice of someone else.

A dear friend of mine told me something one day that actually began me taking steps to honor my story. She told me that my experience was sacred and needed to be shared. I never thought of what happened to me as “sacred” but it wasn’t the crime that was sacred, but that it happened and shaped my heart and life forever.

The pain I endured and how it impacted my life was sacred. That thought changed me forever and is why I continue to do this devotional.

Journal entries from my healing journey

This hurt is so deep and it matters to You. It really matters to You. You’re so willing to stop my whole life to heal it. Thank You. I fall back into surrender-I’m through running. I’m through denying it didn’t matter, because it did and still does. I have to spit it out, I have to vomit it out. I have to purge this pain and heal.

When we stop running from our trauma and truly face it, it loses it’s hold on us. Our chains are loosed and we can begin to accept our entire story because it does define us, for good or bad, it does and I choose to allow God to heal me and integrate all my life into a beautiful story that I can honor and even celebrate.

When God comes into our story, He redeems it and makes it part of His story then. How many people do you know that when they were saved, God may even use what happened to them or what they did to minister to others. Millions of people!

Your action step this week is to rest.

  • Rest in the knowledge that God knows you inside and out and will not reject you based on anything you’ve done or anything that’s happened to you.

  • Rest, knowing that you are precious to Him no matter what’s been done to you.

  • Rest, knowing that God can redeem ANYTHING in your life and bring beauty out of ashes.

Much love always, Crisie💕

She’s quiet now.

She’s held now.

She’s loved and she’s heard.

Sleep, baby, sleep till we all go home.

Sleep darling child.

You belong.

From SLEEP, BABY, SLEEP. Poetry by Crisie Hutchings


[DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed counselor or therapist of any kind nor is this devotional an attempt to provide those services. The contents and suggestions in this devotional are results of my own personal experience with these issues and are not meant to be professional advice or therapy. This devotional is not a substitute or replacement for regular therapy or the use of mental health resources. If the content here causes triggers, please see your regular mental health professional. Any content applied to your life along with any consequences is of your own volition.]

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