Understanding Trauma from a Christian Clinician

I want to deviate from the norm this week and introduce you to someone who has been instrumental in my healing journey. She serves the most broken around the world, and to understand how she got there it’s important to hear about her journey.

Liane Langberg PHD, in my experience with her resources, practices from a Christ worldview not a religious world view and most notably to me, personally, is her ability to bring Jesus into the healing of trauma and abuse victims.

As you saw in the story of her journey, she has been around the world and worked with every kind of trauma that you can think of. She ministers with a deep compassion for how God sees each human being who is broken. This, I believe, is the most impactful truth to healing someone who has experienced trauma and abuse.

I have provided a link below to an article that she wrote called “Listening to God’s Voice to Silence Trauma”.

Read the Article

I encourage you to visit Diane’s website to learn more about her and her work. You will also find many resources to help you in your healing.

I would love to hear from you about how her resources ministered to you and if you found this information helpful.

My love,