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February 10, 2017

The Ultimate Non-Violent Protest

   On this date in 1535, a number of Anabaptists protested their local government by running naked through the streets of Amsterdam. From what I understand, this caused much more of a stir at that time than it would today.
   The number of protesting participants is unclear. I have read anywhere from twelve to forty. The number is undoubtedly less significant than their end (pardon the pun). They were not only put to death, their hearts were removed from their bodies (which were quartered), and their heads were displayed on poles at the city gates. Methinks their protestations were not exactly met with glee.
   The Anabaptists in question were not nudists (probably quite the opposite, in fact). Still, they chose this form of protest to point out the "naked truth" that the rich Christians of their day were neglecting the poor in defiance of the Gospel of Christ. They felt that these wealthy citizens were in bed with the powers that be, and that the Catholic Church was enabling the whole shebang.
   When I read of these startling events, I couldn't help but think about what's happening in post-Obama America. As campuses burn and innocent bystanders are pepper-sprayed, it occurs to me that protests have come a long way. Not only have they donned apparel, the police are told to stand down and let them do their thing. No heads on sticks here (but then, we don't have city gates for display purposes either).
   All this is growing rather tedious. Not only are the protestors proving nothing, they are lining their pockets with some rich anarchist's money. The Anabaptists must be rolling over in their graves.
   I have a solution to all this meaninglessness. I suggest that all protests be done in the nude from now on. This will accomplish two things. 1) More people will stop and pay attention to their plight (whatever it may be). 2) They will have no pockets in which to put the money they are being paid to publically protest. This will assure their motives are pure.
   I, for one, might be willing to donate to that kind of cause. The show alone would be worth it (particularly if there's no ballgame that night).

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