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I want to invite you to change perspectives from time to time. For me the new year has started with the intent to "reduce" after realizing that I have packed every day full with things and stuff to accomplish an idea. I have tried to fulfill something, that I thought of being part of leading a "successful, self-employed life". So far it has been an intense journey, that has confronted me with the fear of letting go old beliefs and images, which I was holding on to in my mind to feel and know "who I am" and "what I want".

In Yoga there is this saying "All begins and ends in the mind." Krishnamurti once said: "To get to know yourself, you have to understand your mind." The symptoms or illness in our body is a manifestation of our mind. Illness or symptoms are often treated as enemies instead of seeing them as a chance to learn. Rüdiger Dahlke has defined symptom as the manifestation of what is missing in our life. He encourages everybody to regain the ability of being able to interpret what our illness or symptoms will actually tell us.

For those of you who feel sick, tired or not well it is worth reflecting this thought for a moment, because it throws everything back to us. It actually means, that we are responsible for our life, our health and our sickness. Which on the other hand includes the possibility, that we can do something. We can first of all stop fighting against ourselves because this is what most of us do, when we fight against our symptoms and illnesses. 

This brings me back to the beginning. It acquires the will and trust to confront yourself with everything you are afraid of to "let go". No matter if it is your rigorousness, your self-image, your fear of dying, your fear of loosing possession, your fear of loosing love, whatsoever - remember it is a fear or a worry that starts and ends in your mind. 

All my offers for this year will revolve around the subject of "reducing" to unfold our fears of "letting go" in order to be able to let in something "new".

Lets walk some steps together on this path. 

With all my love 


Here are the news for the upcoming 4 month. There will be a retreat this summe in a wonderful spot on the austrian alpine planes on the hight of 1600m over sea level.

This retreat is dedicated to the nurturing qualities that unfold when women spend time together. All the wonderful men have to wait a litte for the next retreat :) 

Spend 10 days within a circle of women

3.7. - 12.7.2017             

Spending time within a circle of women wakes up a naturally nurturing power that is inherent in every woman. This is the aim of 10 days together: We want to nurture ourselves. 

I will guide you through your daily Yoga and Meditation practice and go on adventures hiking on the Hochrindl-Moutnains and Turracher Höhe. Dealing with our feminine qualities and powers, that are located in our throat and voice box, I have invited a guest teacher with the same name as me, but another
Barbara Probst, a professional singer and voice educator.

We will start and end the day with Mediation and Yoga, go on hikes and discover our fixed pattern and blockages while moving our body and voice. Women of every age and origin are welcome. (We will teach in german and/or english). Also pregnant women can happily attend this retreat. You don't need to have any experience in Yoga, hiking or singing. If you are curious don't hesitate to join.

Be part of this special circle in the mountains and reserve your place until may 31st. To ensure the best service possible for guiding you through your personal process within these days, there is only space for 10 women this time. First come, first serve.

I am looking forward to spend time together with you.

PAY according to your Budget:
course (incl. material) + food (3 warm dishes + snacks) + accommodation
between 600€ - 890€* only

(*The difference prices, terms and conditions are listed on my FB page or if you are not on FB II will send you the PDF with all the Information. The prices are excl. 20% taxes, which will be added once you have chosen your price.)

RESERVE your PLACE here:
+43 (0)6503662331

For more information about the schedule and content of this retreat check here or here for the PDF or  write an e-mail.
All the PDFs are written in german. 
If you are english speaking please contact me via mail.


One-on-one sessions afford the best setting for you to start a journey of understanding the language of your body. My part is to train you in being aware of how your learnt reactions block you from mastering your emotional, physical and mental challenges in life. Symptoms of any kind in your body are an expression of pattern that have manifested in your life. 

"Barbara told me about her work during a beautiful hike where we first met. She invited me to try it myself and to work together on my process. I was immediately intrigued to work with this charming and smart woman, and the first session only made me want to come back for more. She encouraged me to challange my rigid beliefs about myself and to trust my own dreams. Some of the sessions weren't easy, which I think they shouldn't be. For me, most of the learning takes place, where I get out of my comfort zone and Barbara sensed that right away. She didn't hesitate to bring me to that edge, yet knew exactly how to provide a safe space around that. During each session, no matter how distant, stressed or nervous I arrived, I was met with a warm place and a person who inspired me to grow...and all that fun and laughter!!"
(Katarina, 29)

… You have never been to a session and want to try?

Contact me and you get your Session :)  (on donation basis)

… You have been or you are my regular client and want to use this chance to go one step further in your personal growth?

Contact me and you will get until the end of June for 650€ instead of 800€ an intensive process of 10 Sessions + Training (within a week)
This is super intense, but you know, when you really want to move something it has to come with a certain amount of power otherwise nothing will change. I am looking forward to have you on my table :).

Foto: Helena Wimmer

Yoga is for me one possible way to take care of myself, one way of questioning my beliefs, one way where I am immediately confronted with what is going on in my body and mind. It is a wonderful way of continues learning and a beautiful reminder that we are constantly changing. Come and see yourself. I welcome everybody to my classes, old, new and pregnant Yogis!

every tuesday 8:30-10.00
every thursday 17:30-19.00

My lovely colleague Miriam Kappel is holding another class every sunday 18.00-19:30 at Raum für Neues or outdoors.

More information and updates klick here.

1.6. 2017


My Yoga-Teacher Prasad Rangnekar is visiting Vienna in May/June. On this evening he will talk with us about the benefits of a DAILY TRAINING. To achieve a sustainable change with anything, you need to practice. What can this practice be? What is too much? What can we balance with a daily practice? And much more will be discussed in this talk with Prasad. Come with your questions, struggles, experiences and share them with us.

For more information klick here.


Raum für Neues
Fuchsthallergasse 11/29
1090 Wien 
What inspires me at the moment....

...People who are authentic, not trying to fit in. It is a pure and powerful atmosphere around these people, that I find very special and most of the time their projects and occupation is lead by their passion, love or vision and not by their ego. What I find so inspiring with these people is the choice they have made, the choice to risk confrontation with challenges along the way. 

...Another kind of people that I find inspiring are those who don't try to convince others that their way of dealing with life, their method or medicine is the best you can get. Anything that works for one person, lived fully, is a natural magnet for others wanting to learn without the need to convince them that it is working. I love discovering such rules of nature, because they allow me to let go so much extra effort while gaining back time and space for what really matters to me :)

...And last but nor least I am inspired by the wish to learn that we all own. Keep this wonderful child of yours alive that wants to discover life. 


See you soon.


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Barbara Probst
BLZ: 20111
IBAN: AT05 2011 1295 1869 6500

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