Ice, Ice, Baby! 
December 17, 2016
Dear Lake Friend,
Cold Man Winter has returned! While winter doesn't officially begin until 5:44 a.m. (EST) on December 21, it looks and feels like winter around New Hampshire's lakes! Some of the smaller lakes and ponds have skimmed over with ice and many others are ringed with it.

While snow and ice are blowing through the air, it seems that excitement is also in the wind. (One NH LAKES staffer overheard an angler chanting "Ice, ice, baby!" at a local sporting goods store last weekend!) With the relatively thin and short-lived ice cover on our lakes last year, the winter of 2015-2016 was a disappointment for the many people who enjoy skating, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, and more on our frozen lakes. So far, it looks like the winter of 2016-2017 maybe be a good one to get out onto the lakes - but don't venture out quite yet - let's make sure Cold Man Winter stays around long enough for the ice to become several inches thick. 

In the meantime, we invite you to take a few minutes to read this issue of Shorelines.

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

The NH LAKES Staff
Ever wonder why ice floats on the top of the lake?
Lakes In Winter

Your favorite New Hampshire lake or pond will soon be sealed off from the outside world by a layer of ice. Have you ever wondered why the ice floats on top of the water? Or what happens under the ice during the winter?

To find out, click here

Lake Protection Tip - Brought to you by the Lake Sunapee Protective Association
Bubbler Basics

Winter is around the corner and many lake residents are thinking about how to protect their docks and boathouses from ice damage. While there are many de-icing choices, a new type uses a compressor that pushes air through a hose with many holes. (Think soaker hose.) This device is attached to the dock or boathouse. The benefit is that the water is opened up just around the structure, not opening up a large area. The impact to the lake is lessened, the lake is safer for winter activities, and it is quiet. One such system is Elite Dock Bubbler. Whatever system you use, below is a bubbler checklist. 
Bubbler Checklist:

  • Get a permit from your Town Clerk.
  • Post a "Danger: Open Water" sign.
  • Wait for permanent ice before activating.
  • Use a timer and temperature control.
  • Install the bubbler below the water surface but above the lake bottom for best results.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors - bubblers are noisy.
  • Uncontrolled bubblers create too much open water - a hazard for winter recreationists.
  • Too much open water damages the lake.
  • Excess sunlight and constant churning disturbs the bottom sediment and invites algae and weed growth.
  • Give the lake a rest!

For the LSPA's "Dock De-icers" brochure, click here.

Help support Lakes Congress 2017!
Have you recently bought or are you in the market for a new car?

Fourth Generation Steward, Amanda Grappone Osmer, has committed Grappone Automotive’s support to the 2017 Lakes Congress if they can tie the sale of 10 vehicles to NH LAKES.
If you are in the market for a new vehicle, the knowledgeable staff at Grappone Automotive would love to help you. If you choose to purchase a vehicle, please let them know you are a friend of NH LAKES, and let us know about your purchase! Your purchase could be worth a $500 grant from Grappone Automotive as a sponsor of the 2017 Lakes Congress!
If you have purchased a vehicle from Grappone since June 2016, please let us know—contact us at or call 603.226.0299.

Looking for some holiday gathering conversation starters?
NH LAKES 2016 - By the Numbers

89,367 courtesy boat inspections were conducted through the 2016 Lake Host aquatic invasive species education and prevention program.
809 Lake Hosts protected 104 boat ramps to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.
516 new Watershed Warriors took the pledge to 'take action' to keep lakes healthy.
254 individuals attended our 23rd Annual Lakes Congress education, training, and networking event.



With gift-buying, celebrating at holiday parties, and, for many of us, wrapping up work projects before taking time off to be with loved ones, there's much to do in December.

This month, please don't forget about your special lake and NH LAKES!

This is the time of year when NH LAKES needs your support the most.

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Jan. 4 & 11, 2017: Free Ice Fishing Talks
NH Fish & Game Dept.
Concord, NH

Feb. 11 -12, 2017: 38th Annual Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby
Meredith, NH

March 24, 2017: NH Water and Watershed Conference
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH

Mar/Apr 2017: Become a Plant Conservation Volunteer
New England Wildflower Society
Framingham, MA
Jun 1 - 2, 2017: 24th Annual Lakes Congress
Meredith, NH

Aug. 6 - 12, 2017: Aquatic Plant Identification Seminar
Eagle Hill Institute
Eastern Maine
2017 New Hampshire Fishing and Hunting Licenses Available
Celebrating 100+ years of Fish Culture at Warren State Fish Hatchery
Time to Buy or Renew Voluntary Hike Safe Cards
UNH Stormwater Center Releases 2016 Report


Climate change could outpace EPA lake protections


Invasion of the Aliens: Body Snatching Worms, Cold Winters May Rout Lakes’ Enemies


Governor declares invasive species emergency (Montana)

Zebra mussels, still not found in southwest Minnesota, explode in Iowa Great Lakes

Utah’s Great Salt Lake is shrinking

EPA Proposes Recreational Water Quality Criteria for Cyanotoxins 
EPA’s National Lakes Assessment Finds Nutrient Pollution in Most Lakes

Presidential Executive Order Issued Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive Species


New global database will help scientists track role of lakes in Earth's ecology

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