Our lakes are strange?!
January 21, 2017
Dear Lake Friend,
My mother-in-law once said to me while we were walking on Lake Massasecum in Bradford (NH), during the depth of winter, "It's so strange - and unnerving - to be on a lake frozen-solid like this!" Having spent most of her life along Seneca Lake, the largest of New York's Finger Lakes, my mother-in-law can count on one hand the number of times she remembers that 618-foot-deep, 38-mile-long lake skimming over with a layer of ice. 

While growing up in New Hampshire, I never found venturing out onto a frozen lake strange. I never thought twice about our lakes freezing during the winter into what looked like solid blocks of ice. After studying and visiting other parts of the country, I did, however, come to the realization that I had been taking the annual return of the ice-cover on our lakes for granted.

In New Hampshire, we truly are fortunate that our lakes freeze over every winter as they provide us with another season to enjoy the lake. Our frozen lakes are host to a variety of recreational opportunities that are good for our body and soul as well as a variety of activities that support our economy.

In this issue of Shorelines, you'll read about some unique and fun ways our lakes are used in the winter, how to stay safe on the ice, and a few other things, too!

On behalf of the NH LAKES Staff,
Andrea LaMoreaux
Vice President
Before you head out on to the ice...
Is the ice safe? 
"Is it safe to go out on the ice yet?" This is one of the most common questions the NH LAKES staff gets this time of year. Typically, from mid-January, through February, you can usually expect most lakes and ponds in New Hampshire to be sufficiently frozen to support a great deal of weight and recreational activity. But, never assume that the ice is safe.

We always advise people who are planning to venture out onto a lake or pond that appears to be frozen to follow a few basic ice safety tips. These tips include always going out with a buddy, testing the ice thickness periodically, not gathering in large groups on the ice, avoiding certain areas of the ice, and knowing exactly what to do if you fall through the ice.

To find out more, download the "Safety on Ice" brochure published by the NH Fish & Game Department - click here.

To watch a video about what to do if you fall through the ice, or come upon someone who has, click here.
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Sailing with skis and skates on New Hampshire's lakes

This winter is turning into an excellent one for those who enjoy sailing on the frozen lakes of New Hampshire holding a Kitewing. A Kitewing is a hand-held, wing-shaped sail. It is designed to use wind power to provide speed and lift to riders who usually pair them with skis or skates on snow and ice. They are also used on pavement with rollerblades and even on water.

To find out more and to watch a video, click here

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The Unique Ice Runway Hiding In New Hampshire That Will Leave You Breathless

When you’re flying, the last thing you want to hear about is ice on the runway, so it sounds completely nuts to say that a plane is going to land on a runway entirely made of ice. But that’s just what happens each winter at Lake Winnipesaukee’s Alton Bay. The Alton Bay ice runway is the only FAA-approved ice runway in the continental U.S., and it is truly amazing. 

To check it out, click here.

Help support Lakes Congress 2017!
Have you recently bought or are you in the market for a new car?

Fourth Generation Steward, Amanda Grappone Osmer, has committed Grappone Automotive Group’s support to the 2017 Lakes Congress if they can tie the sale of 10 vehicles to NH LAKES.

If you have purchased a vehicle from Grappone since June 2016, please let us know—contact us at or call 603.226.0299.

Know someone looking for a great opportunity?
Summer internship & job opportunities with our partners!

If you know someone who is looking to gain experience in the field of environmental conservation or education, be sure to let them know that the Lake Sunapee Protective Association, the Squam Lakes Association, and the Tin Mountain Conservation Center are looking to hire individuals to join their summer team. Check out the opportunities below!

Lake Sunapee Protective Association

  • Limnology Lab/Field Research Assistant

 Squam Lakes Association

  • Conservation Internship
  • Camp Director
  • Camp Leaders
  • Recreation and Resource Assistant
  • Sailing Instructor
Tin Mountain Conservation Center
  • Multiple internship opportunities
Celebrating 25 years of protecting the lakes and ponds of New Hampshire. 
Jan. 21: First-ever Winter FREE Fishing Day in NH

Jan. 26 - 28: New England Fishing Expo
Boxborough, MA

Jan. 29: Ice Harvest
Musterfield Farm Museum
Kezar Lake, Sutton, NH

Feb. 3 - 5: 8th Annual New England Pond Hockey Tournament
Meredith, NH

Feb. 4: Ice Harvest & Winter Carnival
Remick Museum & Farm
Tamworth Village, NH 

Feb. 11 -12: 38th Annual Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby
Meredith, NH

Feb. 18: Winterfest 2017!
Squam Lakes Association
Holderness, NH

Mar. 31: Wild & Scenic Film Festival
New Hampshire Rivers Council 
Concord, NH
Jan. 25 - Mid-May (most Wednesdays): Bug Nights, hosted by Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program, Concord, NH

Mar. 24: NH Water and Watershed Conference
Plymouth, NH

Apr. 8: Saving Special Places Conference
Alton, NH

May 23: 2017 Governor's Conference on Volunteerism
Concord, NH 
Jun 1 - 2: 2017 Lakes Congress
Meredith, NH

Aug. 6 - 12: Aquatic Plant Identification Seminar
Eastern Maine

First-ever Winter Free Fishing Day in NH
Fishing Report - Jan.19

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