NH LAKES Advocacy Alert!
January 14, 2017
Dear Lake Friend,
The New Hampshire 2017 Legislative Session is underway—are you engaged in the conversation? Laws, rules, funding mechanisms, and programs that support clean lakes, and protect other natural resources, are a product of our collective engagement in the public decision-making process.
The NH LAKES staff is actively involved in this process working for you and for clean lakes, but we need you to get engaged, too—here’s how:
Step 1: Introduce yourself to YOUR legislators!
Contact your senators and house of representative members to congratulate them on their victory in November, thank them for their public service, and tell them about the issues that are most important to you.
By letting your legislators know that you stand in support of lakes, our job advocating for lakes will be easier.
You can call, email, write, or visit your legislators—for contact information, click here.
Step 2: Know what NH LAKES is advocating for and spread the word!
Through our 2017 advocacy survey, our members shared their lake protection and management concerns with us. Based on this critical input, our highest priorities are protecting the quality of our lakes by preventing the spread of aquatic species and reducing polluted runoff water from the surrounding landscape. Weighing in on lake management approaches in response to changing precipitation patterns in our region due to climate change is also one of our priorities.
For the full summary of results of the 2017 Advocacy Survey, click here.

Step 3: Stay in the loop and be ready to take action!
We will periodically send out the NH LAKES Advocacy Alert! eNewsletter to let you know about the proposed bills that pertain to our priorities.
Please read the alert as soon as you receive it as it will likely contain timely information and a call to action—such as a request to attend an upcoming hearing or contact committee members about an upcoming vote. 
Be sure to forward the alerts to your fellow lake association members and others that have a vested interest in the protection of our lakes and encourage them to get engaged and take action, too!
With your engagement, we can and will shape the laws, rules, funding mechanisms, and programs that support clean lakes!
2017 Legislative Session Update
So far this session we have weighed in on one important bill—Senate Bill (SB)30.
SB30 was filed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, through Senator Jeb Bradley, to make changes to language in the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act (Shoreland Act).
If passed, the primary changes to the Shoreland Act would include:
  • Modifying the woodland buffer point system within 50 feet of the high water mark to a 25-foot wide grid (versus a 50-foot wide grid).
  • Reducing the response time the NH DES would have to respond to Shoreland permit applications from 120 days to 60 days.
For more information on SB30, click here.

NH LAKES Position: Support. We believe that SB30 will improve the Shoreland Act by providing more protection to water quality. The proposed changes would result in a more evenly distributed woodland buffer which would reduce polluted runoff water into nearby waterbodies.
Call to Action: If you support this position, you can weigh in on the conversation by contacting any of the senators on the Energy and Natural Resource Committee. For contact information, click here.
We will be back in touch soon with more updates on the progress of SB30 and other bills that are being proposed. In the meantime, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, contact me at or (603) 226-0299.
On behalf of the New Hampshire Lakes Association,

Tom O'Brien
President and Policy Advocate

NH LAKES is the only statewide, member supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting New Hampshire lakes and their watersheds.


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