The daylight lingers long into the evening during June. Are the Boundary Waters calling your name? Don't let this Northwoods summer pass you by.
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Tuscarora News
Tuscarora News
"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." - Henry James

Dates to Remember:

July 3: Grand Opening of the Nature Center at Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center.
July 20: Gunflint Canoe Races at Gunflint Lodge's waterfront. A fundraiser for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department 
August 10: Mid-Trail Auction and Fundraiser for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department 
August 14: Gunflint Woods, Winds, and Strings Benefit Concert  at the Schaap Community Center. 
September 2-5: Labor Day Weekend 

From the blog: 
  • Some tips for keeping all that personal gear on your BWCAW trip to minimum.  
  • So what the heck is a "mayflower?" A wildflower mystery. 
  • A trip report from the
    Granite River. Spoiler alert: 9 inches of rain in three weeks makes for some high water! 

Wildlife Report:  
The loon pair has returned to Round Lake for the summer and a couple beavers are busy attempting to dam up the creek that runs past Cabin 2. Once again, the Tuscarora property has been overrun with a family of snowshoe hares. A groundhog lives down at the intersection of the Round Lake Road and the road to the public access. Today, while driving back from Grand Marais, a black bear and a moose were spotted near Trail Center. A friendly fox has been hanging out on the Magnetic Rock hiking trail.

In other news: 
June 11th marked our one year anniversary at Tuscarora. Thanks to all who've visited in the last 365 days. We hope to see you again soon!

Happy Summer Solstice! 

Is this your summer to slow down? 

We all know that quote from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, "Life moves pretty fast sometimes. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you might miss it." 

Summers move particularly fast in the Boundary Waters. Not only does the summer weather only last a couple months, it's also when Northwoods residents are at their busiest as we help guests enjoying the so short but so sweet paddling season. 

Still, we try to take it easy. Sure, the mornings when we're trying to get 48 middle schoolers out to their Boundary Waters entry points in a timely manner is a little stressful, but the real joy of the day comes from taking a moment to observe the "puddling" Canadian tiger swallowtail butterflies with one of those middle schoolers and explaining that, no, the butterflies aren't dead, they're paused in the mud to extract necessary minerals and nutrients from the damp soil. We can swat absentmindedly at the mosquitos, or we can stand still in the twilight and watch the dragonflies swooping and swirling overhead. In a world perfumed with wild roses and blossoming dogwood and serviceberry bushes, it's time to literally stop and smell the roses. 

Want to slow down this summer? 

According to happiness expert, Gretchen Rubin, our days feel longer when we break from routine and do something novel. So make this summer you go on that Quetico trip. Try a new route through the Boundary Waters. Find a different picnic spot or hike a new trail during your cabin stay. 

What are you waiting for? Summer won't last forever, you know. 

Call us at 218-388-2221 or check out to start planning your summer getaway.  

Fishing Report 

Summertime! The living is easy. Fish are jumping. The cotton is high . . .

Okay, maybe the last bit about the cotton isn't true, but the fish are biting. Cabin guests are doing well with bass and walleye in Round and Ham Lakes. Some ventures to South Lake have proven to this summer's staff that lake trout are not a Northwoods legend, but do, in fact exist. The northerns are always hungry, so remember to pack some steel leaders, eh? 

What's doing the blooming? 

Wildflowers currently carpet the Gunflint Trail's forest floor. Watch carefully on portage paths and hiking trails. Pink moccasin  flowers, trillium, clintonia, false lily of the valley, wild roses, twinflowers, and starflowers are just a few of the flower species blooming right now.

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