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High Tidings, family and friends! And welcome new patients to our 99 High Tide tribe and monthly newsletter...


May we share with you how grateful we are for the continued support you have shown myself and my husband Sam over the years... and of course our magical poodle Freddy (aka the oldest living dog in Malibu!!!)? As we learned this 4/20 through friends old and new, wondrous things can happen when you embrace love, art, healing and cannabis as a way of life.


And if you came to our 4/20 Grand Opening, you saw it for yourself when Tommy Chong rolled into our parkway 77 years young and a cancer survivor thanks to the Rick Simpson Oil we proudly carry at our dispensary (and we’re still one of the few dispensaries in all of Los Angeles that focus on CBD-rich strains and products!). His cutting of our Green Ribbon alongside former Malibu Mayor Skylar Peak and Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Laura Rosenthal, both of whom supported our efforts to bring this medicine to our beloved hometown, will forever rank as a 99 High Point in both my life and the lives of all those who witnessed it.


I would like to share what I told our audience out in front of the 99 High Tide - what I said for the prisoners whose lives have been squandered by the ignorance that surrounds the legality of this medicine, for Dylan, the beautiful young man in the wheelchair who was the first to use our wheelchair lift and for everyone who only now can come out of the shadows to claim this birthright that is cannabis. As we held hands in prayer, I reminded those gathered to remember not only those like my mother, also a cancer survivor, and my godchild Levi, who suffers from Lennox-Gastaut, and the jailed martyrs who have sacrificed their freedom so that we can reap the benefits, but the ancestral forefathers and foremothers of Malibu, the Chumash. We have lost so much of our natural connection to the lands, the ocean and air that our ancestors cherished and even worshipped. By embracing cannabis and making this medicine available to all looking to be healed, we can begin to work our way back to a more balanced and natural way of life.


May we all heal ourselves naturally and may we all heal one another, because that’s what we’re all here for: to love one another and to help one another. Aho!



Yvonne “99” DeLaRosa Green

High Spirits at the 99 High Tide!

Tommy Chong Inaugurated as 99 High Tide's First Official Patient, Offers His Tommy Chong OG Strain Exclusively through 99 High Tide!

In case you haven’t been following our story as it unfolds on Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook group, we’ve been seeing beaucoup press from our epic grand opening. Our partnership with Tommy Chong and our exclusive stock of Tommy Chong OG flowers gifted by the legendary comedian himself has earned TWO cover stories in the Malibu Times and the Malibu Surfside News (both of which are posted on our social media channels), as well as an online feature in the LA Weekly and a preview on LA Examiner!
Of course, anyone sampling the Tommy Chong OG should consider all of the other fine products we carry, many of which, like the Tommy Chong OG, are exclusively available at the 99 High Tide. Visit us on Weedmaps for the daily menu, and visit our new listing on Yelp as well. The hope of our compassionate and experienced cannabis consultants is to help everyone that walks through our door to realize the most profound healing imaginable through our section of the highest quality products available in California.


99 High Selections

  • highest quality top-shelf organic strains
  • Malibu locally grown medicinal plants/products
  • organic, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free gourmet edibles
  • VetCBD for pets
  • vaping accessories
  • hemp products/accessories
  • Discreet, reliable delivery to Malibu residents 
We also stock the area's most extensive CBD selections, from tinctures, oils, edibles, flowers to our very own 99 Phoenix Tears/Rick Simpson Oil. We also provide private consultations for anyone possessing particular medical conditions or just needing more help. Our experienced staff will work with you to pinpoint the right strain for your condition or pain.

99 High Tide Featured with Tommy Chong on CBS This Morning with Cancer Survivor Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg and More!

As many of you already know, CBS This Morning filmed a segment on celebrity-branded pot businesses which featured an interview with Tommy Chong. You can watch Yvonne "99" DeLaRosa Green and cannabis consultant Keilani Yanagahiri in this video, going over Tommy Chong's product lines in our medicine room you all know and love both here and watch a brief excerpt on our Facebook page as well.

In addition, you'll also see Melissa Etheridge, who famously recuperated from
breast cancer using cannabis. Similar to Tommy, Melissa found  that cannabis helped chase away the many torments cancer unleashed upon the body, and we are more than honored to share our space and the good news that cannabis continually delivers with our patients, no matter what they may struggle with. Everyone who visits our medicine room is a star, even if they're not being interviewed by a national news agency inside of it! 

Just In Case You Missed it...

Soon, we'll be able to share with you footage of our exciting 4/20 Grand Opening. For now, we're honored to give you this special sneak peak. Enjoy!

Announcing Episode #2 of the 99 High Tide Opening Saga!

Continuing from where we left off in the previous installment, 99 gets her permits approved, shows off the budroom and engages in some Game-of-Thrones power shenanigans with Sam and Axel. :-)

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Growing Hope Springs Eternal

With Dateline NBC recently entering into the fold of MSM properties extolling the healing properties of CBD oil in last Saturday's "Growing Hope" segment, the powers of marijuana to save people's lives are becoming known to more and more people. And finally, mainstream science is starting to catch up to the anecdotal wonders that have spurred on families such as the ones in Virginia NBC followed to fight and win the right to use this medicine in their home state. This Thursday, UK pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals has opened up Stage Three clinical trials using CBD (or, as GW refers to it, Epidiolex®) to treat victims of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. It's only the beginning of a long, hard road towards mainstream scientific acceptance, and one that should have started long ago. But it's finally happening.

The stories that have arisen from the discovery of CBD and its untapped potentials in treating a variety of ailments, from schizophrenia to epilepsy, are what have made this all possible. And while science as a rule places little stock in miracles, we at the 99 High Tide believe in them wholeheartedly, because we see them happen every day. We hope that you will have your own healing miracle, and we are here to help with any questions you have. Our friendly and experienced cannabis consultants, equipped with an extensive array of CBD oils as well as our own proprietary 99 Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson Oil, will provide you with the answers you seek. (To learn more about Rick Simpson oil, click here.)
The 99 High Tide Collective is located at 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265. Our hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 12 noon to 7 p.m. on Sundays. Come enjoy the beauty of the oceans and mountains, and experience the healing magic that is Malibu. The 99 High Tide welcomes you.
22775 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

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