January 30, 2018. Beginnings of FRONT
Above is the blackboard at Glenville High School after female student athletes answered questions about their involvement in sports. I met with girls last month to talk about my project and hopefully get them excited enough to take part. We did mock interviews and played with colored sticky notes.

From now until fall, I'll be producing a podcast about female athletes in Cleveland's Glenville nieghborhood, one of the areas of focus for FRONT. I'll feature girls in the neighborhood as well as older athletes who grew up there. The conversations will start with sports and health, but will also include what it’s like to be a strong girl growing up in an historically important yet still underserved Cleveland neighborhood.

A big thank you to Principal Bell, a former athlete and coach, who has been very welcoming. And to Moral, who is doing her City Year at Glenville High and has already been a huge help. She's excited about giving voice to girls in the school and has already pointed out, during the assembly, that inequity in sports is the same inequity as out in the bigger world.

I am really so thrilled about this project. I'm excited to work with the girls from Glenville HS and other female athletes from the neighborhood. This podcast along with associated projects combines my artistic practice with my athletic and social interests.

the nurse and the police officer, exhibited at SPACES in 2009, looked at unconscious beliefs.
Making Money the Harder Way, about gender wage gap, is a print and performance collaboration with Corrie Slawson.
front page sports sections, NYT, September 2015 was the first sports specific project I did, which eventually led to producing Hear Her Sports

Stay tuned for developments over the next several months.

With the new year, I’ve been experimenting with some new habits, including 30-day yoga challenge with Adriene (highly recommended), an unsuccessful attempt to go to bed earlier, and reading each morning because podcasting eats up reading time and I fall asleep if I read at night. I’m a bit stunned by how many books I’m getting through – stuff that’s been on shelves for ages with little “read me” voices peeping up to bug me.

One Square Mile of Mayhem, a novel, is not fine literature nor is it well edited. However, it is one of the few books of any kind about Glenville that I've found. 

If you know of others, please let me know.

"John T. Moriarty's One Square Mile of Mayhem is the first work of fiction in a series of four books about the adventures of Tim Mahony, a teenage Irish boy facing the dilemma of growing up in the racially torn neighborhoods of Glenville and Collinwood in a Catholic parish in Cleveland, Ohio.  The book is 97% based on true events that took place in the 1950s." - Third Millenium Publishing
Mg08.00, 2017, hydrocal, thread, plastic, altered found objects, 7 x 4.75 x 4.75 in.

This sculpture is making it's way to Dennison University's new multi-arts space in downtown Newark, OH for an exhibit called Cleveland in Newark.
Find out more about the space on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.

Other artists in the exhibition are Christi Birchfield, Jerry Birchfield, Lauren Davies, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Andrea Joki, and Katy Richards. Each of us will have a few works in the gallery.

February 17th, 3-5pm – OPENING RECEPTION
23 W Church St, Newark, Ohio
(740) 204-6165
For a quick read about studio life, Seth Godin has some Rules for working in a studio.
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