Episcopal Church of the Redeemer September 2016
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Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

September 2016 Newsletter

To seek God’s will in all that we do
To worship God as a Eucharistic community
To nurture one another in all stages of life
To go into the community to serve
To invite others to join us

Thursday, September 15th
Round Up Week Lunch Making and Distribution

Our goal is to raise $140,000 for 2017--
about the same amount as contributed in both 2015 and 2016

Saturday, September 24th

Look for details below!!


Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
241 SE Second Street
Pendleton, OR 97801

Church office hours are:
Tuesday        10:00AM – 2:00PM
Wednesday   10:00PM – 3:00PM
Closed for Noon Eucharist

Thursday       10:00AM – 2:00PM
If office door is locked, please knock

  • Sundays: Worship, 9am
  • Wednesdays: Eucharist, Noon
  • Tuesdays: Big Book Study, 1-3pm, Rhodes Hall
  • Tuesdays: Weight Watchers 5-6pm, Crysler Hall
  • Everyday: NA Meeting, 10:30am, Rhodes Hall
  • Everyday: AA Meeting, Noon, Rhodes Hall
  • Second Tuesdays: Finance Committee Meeting, Noon, Prodigal Son
  • Third Tuesdays: Monthly Vestry Meeting, 6:30pm, Elizabeth Room
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Round Up Week Lunch Making and Distribution

During the week of Round Up all the social agencies that provide meals or food to people in need in our community will be closed. This leaves a hardship on those that depend on the lunches that are served daily at the Salvation Army. Please consider donating food, money or your time and help for this worthy outreach.

We will meet at the Church at 10:00 am Thursday September the 15th, to assemble the lunches.

Items that are needed are:

Lunch meat (ham & turkey), cheese slices, 4 loaves of bread, one small jar of peanut butter and jelly, cookies or soft granola bars, sandwich bags (zip lock), 3 dozen hard boiled eggs, individual packages of potato chips, single serve packs of lemonade or Kool aid for bottled water, bananas or fruit cups.

Monetary donations can be made out to the Church of the Redeemer noting Sack Lunches in the item line. 


For information please contact Rose Elder at 541-215-3050 text message is ok or

Thank You and God Bless



Saturday, September 24--5:30 to 8 PM
Reconnect after the summer! Come meet our new bishop, Pat Bell, and help celebrate parish stewardship!




DIANE'S PHONE:   541-566-2594

Come join the fellowship and fun!


Fall Stewardship

Wouldn’t you agree Redeemer has had a very successful year!!!!     We have a dedicated hardworking Rector with Charlotte+ who is lovingly supported by husband Don.    We have The Rt. Rev. Pat Bell as our new Dioceses Bishop and the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry as the new leader of the Episcopal Church.
Increased church attendance, renewed spirituality, laughter during coffee hour,  and acceptance of the vast diversity of our members along with a  healthy sense of  collective humor have become our culture.  
As we reflect on our progress and look forward to Round-up, it is time to start thinking about 2017 and the treasure part of stewardship.     Our goal is to raise $140,000 for 2017 or about the same amount as contributed in both 2015 and 2016.  The pledge campaign is starting the week of Bishop  Bell’s arrival on September 24th.       During the week of September 19th, a pledge letter and pledge card will be delivered followed by a concentrated month of seeking pledges.    The Finance Committee has requested October 23 as the end date in order to present a budget to the Vestry in November.
This year an online donation program that will be added to the pledge card.   We also will make sure the other two parts of Stewardship, Time and Talent, are recognized and give each of you a chance to add your skills to our ongoing success.
Talent is recognized as the ability to share and help others.    It may be singing or signing, or to provide food or shelter, or to give an extra ten minutes to someone who needs a good listener.
Yes, we at Redeemer have much to be thankful for this year.     Thank you for your practice of Stewardship and your personal passion for kindness and caring.
David Nelson, Stewardship Committee


Pastoral  Ponderings

Several times over the past month I have been approached by folks asking if they could come and see me. Generally, they begin the conversation with the question, “What are your office hours?”

I do, actually, have office hours. While, because of the nature of my vocation, they are not carved in stone, they go something like this: Mondays I am part of an ecumenical Bible Study until 10:30 or so, but after that I am usually in the office. Tuesdays are my late night, so my hours are 11:00 am (loosely) to 8:00 pm – this is to accommodate those of you who work or prefer later hours. I’m not much of a morning person myself. Wednesdays begin at 10:00 am in the office, with a break between 11:40 am and 1:10 pm for Holy Eucharist (all are invited to attend that service), and I leave the office about 5:00pm. Thursdays find me in the office at 10:00 am and pretty much remaining there until 5:00pm.

Fridays are my sabbath. I do my best not to work on Fridays, and that includes email, texting, etc. God made keeping the sabbath a commandment, not a suggestion, for a reason. It is too easy to work too hard, particularly in the United States, where we seem to value productivity about all else. That isn’t right. Even God rested on the Sabbath. (I like to picture God on the sabbath rolling around in a field with a whole bunch of baby animals…)

This doesn’t mean that I won’t come to your home or hospital bed in case of an emergency on the Sabbath. I will.

If you need or want me to come visit, I would be delighted – my office hours are more a convenience so that people can find me. Please, drop in and visit any time I’m free. I’ve had people come to discuss the problem of evil in the world and in their lives. I’ve had people come in to discuss interpersonal relationship issues, both inside and outside the church. Folks who are excited about some potential project or other stop in to share their enthusiasm. Folks come by to talk about lunch.

Whatever you want to talk about, I’m here. (Except for Fridays. J )

Peace and grace,


Liturgical Leanings

During the weeks leading up to the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi in October, we will be celebrating A Season of Creation. Each week we will honor a different aspect of God’s good creation; September 4, the first week, we honor the ocean, next the animals (fauna), then storms, and finally the cosmos. The fourth week in this Season will be on October 2, for we’ll take time out to honor our new Bishop, Pat, and to celebrate with those who are being confirmed or received into this Communion.
October 4th is the actual Feast Day of St. Francis, and we will celebrate that in the afternoon of Sunday, October 2nd at 3:00pm with a Blessing of the Animals. We will join our friends from First Presbyterian, First Methodist, and Peace Lutheran on the side lawn at Peace Lutheran, 210 NW 9th Street, Pendleton. If you don’t have a pet to transport on a leash or in cage, carrier, or trailer, feel free to bring a plush version of your favorite animal. Pictures are also welcome. All of God’s creation needs to feel and be blessed.

October 2--Blessing of the Animals
Earth is a sanctuary of God’s presence

In that sanctuary we are invited to reflect on God’s presence, not only in church but throughout creation. We in the Pacific Northwest are particularly blessed with the spectacular beauty of creation and the variety of its expression – so much so that many people here feel closer to God in nature than in any building, no matter how lovely.
In order to celebrate God-in-Creation, for the first three Sundays in September and the first Sunday in October we will have a special Collect of the Day and Prayers of the People. (We will not do this on the last Sunday in September, since that is the Bishop’s Visitation when we will have Confirmation and Reception.) We will culminate this Season of Creation on October 2, when we will have a Blessing of the Animals at 3:00 pm on the back lawn at Peace Lutheran Church to observe the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. We will join with the good folks of Peace, the First Presbyterian Church, and the First Methodist Church.
You are encouraged to bring your pets (on a leash, or in a cage, or in a trailer if it’s a horse/sheep/alpaca/mule) to be blessed. If you cannot bring your pet, feel free to bring a picture or a plush version. If you don’t have a pet of your own, bring a picture of an animal you would like us to bless; animals threatened with the loss of their habitat or who are on the Endangered Species List particularly need our prayers.


A thank you note that our seminarian, Senior Warden Ann Marie Hardin, wrote in response to her leave-taking for Field Placement at Peace Lutheran for a year. We held her leave-taking on August 14th.

To all the people of Redeemer:
Thank you for such a lovely send-off. I will miss seeing you every week. Your support in this journey has been invaluable to me. Thank you for that as well. I will look forward to seeing you again.
Ann Marie



Helping Hand's Work In the Community

At June's Board meeting for Helping Hand Pendleton, Inc., t
he board voted to finalize the merger of Helping Hands food pantry with St. Mary's Outreach food pantry. Helping Hand organization members volunteer  every Friday to provide emergency food for needy individuals and families.

This ministry is a vital part of Helping Hand along with the numerous Client Aid Services that we provide. Helping Hand's objective is to provide assistance to individuals and households in need, taking into consideration the resources of the organization and the needs of the individual or household. 

The Board would like to thank the Church of the Redeemer for its continued support of Helping Hand; without your generous support we would not be able to provide help for the vulnerable families in our community.


At July's meeting, we were informed by Judy Wilkins, who oversees the Friday operations at the food pantry, that there is less food available from the Oregon Food Bank than formerly. We are asking for your assistance to help restock the shelves! 

Food Items to Donate 


Chicken noodle soup                  Crackers               Ramen Noodles             Tuna 

Instant oatmeal                           Peanut butter      Mac & Cheese                     
Canned fruit (peaches, pears, applesauce)           Cereal                  
Shelf safe milk                      Juice

Canned meat          Canned meals (stew, ravioli and chili) 


Items you wish to donate can be left at the church in Redeemer's food collection shopping cart, or they can be taken to St. Mary's Outreach.  

The Board would like to thank the Church of the Redeemer for its continued support of Helping Hand; without your generous support we would not be able to provide help for the vulnerable families in our community. 


At this time, Helping Hand is experiencing numerous requests for rental assistance.  Housing assistance is provided for persons facing imminent eviction, and those moving into a new rental. If the client meets the requirements, they may qualify for up to $400.00 but not more than 80% of one month's rent, this is available for clients once every 18 months. We have limited the number of clients we can help per month to five with rental assistance, but the need continues to grow! If you would like to contribute to Client Aid, please feel free to write a check to the Church of the Redeemer noting Helping Hand Client Aid on the memo line. 

Again thank you for your generous support! 

Rose Elder 

Helping Hand Board Member (secretary)


Service Presider Eucharistic Minister Lector

Sept 4
Rite II Rev. Charlotte Wells Jan Stewart Deborah Fritts
Sept 11 Rite I Rev. Charlotte Wells Dale Hilding Lezlee Flagg
Sept 18 Rite I Rev. Charlotte Wells David Silva Dotty Judy
Sept 25 Rite II Rev. Charlotte Wells Ann Marie Hardin Sheldon Delph
Oct 2 Rite II Rev. Charlotte Wells Larry Weeden Kate Bottorff
Altar Guild

The Altar Guild performs many duties each week.  There are times when special attention must be followed--especially when there is a funeral.

Always meet with the priest in advance of the service for specific instructions. Check the sanctuary to make sure it is extremely clean and in good order.
Spread the Pall and make sure it is folded correctly to place on and take off of the casket quickly and easily.
The Paschal Candle should be placed at the end of the coffin closest to the altar. Typically, the candle is at the feet if for a congregation member; or at the head if for a priest or Bishop. This is symbolic of our roles during the service: a parishioner faces the altar; a priest or Bishop faces the congregation. We do the same in death.
If there is an Urn with ashes, the Paschal Candle is behind the table that holds the remains. During a memorial service the Paschal Candle is placed in a prominent position before the congregation. It remains as a symbol of resurrection.
If flowers are sent for the altar, they should be placed in vases and placed in the usual location by a serving member of the Altar Guild. During Lent flowers may be used on the Altar at Funerals. The Altar Guild must place these, as florists are not permitted to go behind the altar rail.
The liturgical color is white.

Altar Guild teams servicing in September are as follows:
            August 24 – Sept. 4 Broker team; Sept. 5 – Sept. 11 Timm team; Sept. 12 – Sept. 18 Keeler team (Round-up week); Sept. 19 – Sept. 25 Weeden team (Bishop Bell visit).

God bless you and watch over you,
Patty Ewing-Broker, Directress
If you are interested in joining the Altar Guild please feel free to discuss this wonderful ministry with any of the members (they are always busy working behind the scenes).

Registration open for Evangelism Matters
Episcopal Church Evangelism Conference in November
Presiding Bishop to present keynote address
[June 15, 2016] Registration is now open for Evangelism Matters, an Episcopal Church Evangelism Conference on November 18-19 in Dallas, TX, for anyone who would like to learn more about evangelism and available resources to share our faith.
This innovative churchwide event is co-sponsored by Forward Movement and the Presiding Bishop's Office, and is hosted by the Diocese of Dallas and Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas, TX where the activities will be held.
Registration is available here Registration is $100 per person ($125 after August 31); deadline is October 15. Registration does not include lodging or transportation. Lodging options are listed for attendees to make their own arrangements directly with hotels.
Conference content
A planning group led by Carrie Boren Headington, Missioner for Evangelism in the Diocese of Dallas, and Anne Rudacille Schmidt of the Forward Movement Board are finalizing the schedule. A detailed schedule and list of workshops will be available shortly.
Among the planned activities are a keynote address by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, plus plenary sessions and workshops by evangelism leaders. 
The conference will offer workshops both for those who are new to sharing their faith and for confident evangelists looking for fresh resources.
Plans call for a portion of the events to be live webcast to allow for individual and group viewing during conventions, discussion groups, and local evangelism gatherings.
For more information contact Alyssa Finke at 800-543-1813 or; or the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, Presiding Bishop's Canon for Evangelism and Reconciliation at; or the Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, Executive Director of Forward Movement, at
Media inquiries should be directed to Neva Rae Fox, Episcopal Church Public Affairs Officer,, or Jason Merritt, Forward Movement Marketing Director,
On the web:
Registration open for Evangelism Matters Episcopal Church Evangelism Conference in November