Episcopal Church of the Redeemer Late Summer 2017
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Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

Late Summer 2017 Newsletter

To seek God’s will in all that we do
To worship God as a Eucharistic community
To nurture one another in all stages of life
To go into the community to serve
To invite others to join us

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
241 SE Second Street
Pendleton, OR 97801

Church office hours are:
Tuesday        10:00AM – 2:00PM
Wednesday   10:00PM – 3:00PM
Closed for Noon Eucharist

Thursday       10:00AM – 2:00PM
If office door is locked, please knock

  • Sundays: Worship, 9am
  • Wednesdays: Eucharist, Noon
  • Tuesdays: Big Book Study, 1-3pm, Rhodes Hall
  • Tuesdays: Weight Watchers, 5-6pm, Crysler Hall
  • Thursdays: Cub Scout Pack 745, 6:30pm, Crysler Hall
  • Everyday: NA Meeting, 10:30am, Rhodes Hall
  • Everyday: AA Meeting, Noon, Rhodes Hall
  • Second Tuesdays: Finance Committee Meeting, Noon, Prodigal Son
  • Third Tuesdays: Monthly Vestry Meeting, 6:30pm, Elizabeth Room
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 Altar Guild


August, 2017


A recess or cupboard on the east wall of the sanctuary near the altar that is used to store the reserved sacrament and sometimes the chrism, according to the practice of the parish.  In some parishes a sanctuary lamp hangs over the aumbry to indicate when it contains the reserved sacrament.  Located by the high altar.
Small ornamental safe kept either on the altar or on a nearby shelf or ledge and used for storing the reserved sacrament and sometimes the chrism, according to the practice of the parish.  Located by the Jackson Chapel altar.
Ritual cleansing of the chalice and paten after all have received bread and wine during the Eucharist.  This task is usually performed by the deacon, celebrant, or chalice bearer, and includes consuming leftover bread and wine, rinsing the paten and chalice with water and drying them with purificators.  The ablutions usually take place at the altar, the credence table, or in the sacristy before the post communion prayer.  A post communion veil may be used if there are remaining elements.
Alice and David Nelson has shared some wonderful news:  “Son, Cameron, and wife, Kerry, delivered our 8th grandchild on July 11, 2017.  Her name is Corinne Ashlyn. Joined by her sister, Annalie and brother, Derek she is at home in Vista, California”.  A true blessing.
Altar Guild teams serving during August 2017 are as follows:
July 31 – August 6 Broker team; August 7 – August 13 Timm team;
August 14- August 20 Keeler team; August 21 – August 27 Weeden team;
God bless you and watch over you,

Patty Ewing-Broker, Directress


Treasurer’s Report

I recently spoke with a former parishioner living on the East Coast. Near the end of our phone conversation she asked if ‘Cove Camp’ was still viable; she had attended in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I told her yes, and by the way, our Rummage Sale raising money for Cove scholarships had literally begun 5 minutes ago. She went on to say attending Cove, the bonding with Redeemer youth and others at camp, how her time there informed her more about the Episcopal Church, and how the counselors were role models for the youth, especially Bonnie (or Bobbi?) Robertson, were all cherished memories for her. After all these years Cove had remained a vibrant and foundational experience.

Let’s look at what it takes to attend Ascension School Camp through financial eyes.

How much it costs to attend Cove depends on which camp is attended, however, costs range from $165 to $500 per person per camp. This year Redeemer parish contributed $2,515 for campers: $2,015 toward camper scholarships for 7 kids along with $500 given directly to Cove which allowed the staff to provide scholarships as needed. Redeemer really steps up to support its own and other youth wanting to attend!

So where does the money come from? There are four potential sources or line items on Redeemer’s balance sheet that are dedicated to Cove activities:

The first is from the Cove Bags that are passed around during the Offertory each Sunday. This benefits campers who do not belong to Redeemer. It is offered to the friends of Redeemer kids that want to attend camp and is also used by Ascension School Camp as needed. Over $1600 dollars was collected from June 2016 to June 2017. Thank you for contributing your spare change.

The second comes from a line item called Cove Scholarship Donation, which was started last year when an appeal went out for support. Parishioners made contributions that were intentionally directed for the benefit of Redeemer’s youth as scholarships.

Number three is the Cove Fund Growth Interest ($832), which is interest generated by the Permanently Restricted Cove Scholarship Fund ($8000) invested for Redeemer by D. A. Davidson. Scholarships funded by the interest are specifically for Redeemer kids.

The last is from the proceeds of the recently concluded Rummage Sale ($1531). Using the proceeds from this year’s sales for camp scholarships is a new venture. It, too, is meant to specifically benefit Redeemer youth.

Due to the success of the Rummage Sale we did not have to use any Cove Fund Growth Interest from the invested fund. Last year we had to draw on the interest.

Now a new cycle begins: The Cove Bags balance has begun to increase again. The Cove Scholarship Donation currently has a residual of about $550, and will grow with donations and the next Rummage Sale. And in a normal year the D. A. Davidson account will continue to accumulate more interest.