Episcopal Church of the Redeemer March 2015
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Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

March 2015 Newsletter

To seek God’s will in all that we do
To worship God as a Eucharistic community
To nurture one another in all stages of life
To go into the community to serve
To invite others to join us
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
241 SE Second Street
Pendleton, OR 97801

Church office hours are:
Tuesday       11:00AM – 4:00PM, 
Wednesday   1:00PM-4:00PM, 
Thursday     11:00AM – 4:00PM.
Send event and announcements to Mary Thouvenel at mthouvenel and she will add them to our Twitter feed.  If you have photos of church events or happenings, send her those too.  She will post them on Instagram
  • Sundays:  Worship at 9 :00am
  • Sundays:  Women’s AA Meeting 7:00pm in the Elizabeth room
  • Tuesdays:  Weight Watchers 5:00 – 6:30pm in the Crysler Hall
  • Second and fourth Thursdays: 6:00pm – 8:pm 4H Dog Training
  • Cursillo Men’s Fourth Day Group, 2nd Wednesday, 5:00pm
  • Cursillo Ladies' Fourth Day Group Wed. Mar. 12 and Mar 16.  4:00pm
  • Finance Committee: Tues., Noon, Mar. 16, Prodigal Son
  • Vestry: Tuesday Mar. 16, 6:30pm

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Coffee Hour Signups
Signups for coffee hour are on the clipboard in Crysler Hall.  Hosting coffee hour is fun and easy - there are a lot of hands to help.  We have funds available to help with the cost.  

Signups for this month are:
3/1 - Liz Cahill & Diane Groff
3/8 - 
3/15 - 
3/22 - Deborah Fritts & Pat Terjeson
3/29 - 

As you can see there are still plenty of slots open.  Speak for yours now.
Prayer for our Rector Search
Almighty God, you know the needs of your Church in every place: look graciously upon us, the people of Church of the Redeemer, and grant us the guidance of your Holy Spirit, as we seek a new Rector for this parish. Grant each of us patience as we search and wait for the person you will bring to us. Give us discernment, wisdom, and confidence in your timing. Guide the members of our Search Committee, as they labor to be faithful in seeking your will. Lord, in this time of transition, may we devote ourselves afresh to your service. Knowing that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us, strengthen our faith; through Jesus Christ our Savior. AMEN.
Lenten Services 2015
Theme "Seven Last Words of Christ"
With the beginning of Lent, we once again begin our roving Wednesday evening evensong services.  The hosting congregation provides a light dinner of soup and bread starting at 6:00pm, followed by the Holden even song worship service.  The services are scheduled as follows.
  • 2/18 - Ash Wed. at First Methodist.  Roger Harwood will preach on the phrase, "Father,forgive them."
  • 2/25 at Peace Lutheran.  Jim Pierce Mother will preach on the phrase, "Behold your son."
  • 3/4 at First Presbyterian.  Alison Dingley will preach on the phrase, "My God, My God…"
  •  3/11 at Redeemer.  Travis Larson will preach on the phrase, "Today you will be with me…"
  •  3/18 at First Methodist.  Rick Oliver will preach on the phrase, "I thirst."
  • 3/25 at Redeemer.  Rod Harwood will preach on the phrase, "It is finished…Into your hands."
Sacrifice - Not Just for Lent
The practice of giving up something for Lent, is something many of us grew up with.  Church people have given up favorite foods, alcohol, candy, or meat, for example.  In these times, I've heard of people giving up Facebook or Twitter for Lent.  Someone Tweeted about that, even!

The notion of 'giving up something for Lent' is really a sign, or sometimes a vestige, of sacrifice as a necessary part of spirituality.  True spiritual growth and wholeness do not come without sacrifice.

We have a hard time with that in our culture.  We think we should have it all, that success is measured by how much wealth and power we have.  Jesus' path and teaching leads to sacrifice, ultimately to the cross.  He calls us to take up our own cross, to make our own sacrifices.

The sacrifices we are called to make will vary.  What is a sacrifice for some may seem like a gift to others.  We are called to make different sacrifices at different times in our lives.  Most parents gladly sacrifice to give their children what they need to grow and flourish.  Some forgo a life of comfort to serve the needy locally or abroad.  Most of us find ourselves needing to sacrifice power, privilege, or simply being 'right' in order to grow closer to God, God's children and creation.

Those who give and work in support of Church of the Redeemer and who have over the years have sacrificed much in order to support the ministries in this place.  Also, many of us have let go of beliefs, attitudes and ways of doing life which interfere with the life God calls us to lead.

As we move into a future of change, I hope we will become ever more willing to let go of things which get in the way between ourselves, God and others and be willing to make the sacrifices we are called to make.

God bless.
Stewardship Notes
Kapu is an ancient Hawaiian cultur​al​ code of conduct.   The common perception of its meaning is forbidden acts or taboo, but there is also the mystery of sacredness and spirituality in its meaning.    It was a complex system of power, control and religion ​which was ended ​officially ​in 1819 by King Kamahamaha​ I​.   Kapu could be quite harsh and breaking one of the code​s​ might be punishable by death.   Thus, the concept of sanctuary became an important outlet allowing a person to escape punishment, be forgiven and start a new life if a place of refuge could be reached. 

Redeemer is a place of sanctuary and forgiveness.   Our faith is accepting and redeeming.   We are an island of refuge much like the famous "City of Refuge" on the big Island of Hawaii.   Certainly, we do not face ​as ​severe penalties​ for breaching cultural mores, but in our most​ly​ secular world, we need ​a place of ​peace​,​ serenity​ and acceptance​.    .   Redeemer is there for us​ as our place of refuge where we can renew and refresh

Redeemer is embracing stewardship, contemplating sacrifice and giving sanctuary, providing a solid foundation to move forward in our spiritual life.

As we move through this Lenten season, please come to church and celebrate your future and the future of Redeemer reflecting on the life of Jesus Christ and the meaning of Easter.

David Nelson   Stewardship Committee
Verger’s Report 
I am accepting rummage sale items.  The rummage sale is scheduled for June, and procedes have been designated to help fund Ann Marie's seminary education.  David and I would like to thank everyone for their support of our efforts to raise money to allow me to attend this year's Verger's Conference in St. Louis Missouri.  A thank you dinner (free of charge) is being planned.  Look for details soon.  

Homer Bozarth, Verger
Adult Christian Formation
Throughout Lent, we will be meeting on Sundays to discuss sequential portions of the ChurchNext Class, "Economic Inequality and the Church with Trinity Institute"

Detailed information, and a link to sign up for the course can be found on our website at
Search Committee Report
The Search Committee has received 3 applications from the diocese.  There is currently a call for additional applications through the Episcopal News Service, which will continue until March 31, 2015.

Upon receiving all application the committee members will be reviewing the paperwork of each candidate (with serious attention to the answers to each candidate’s 11 essay questions on his/her Transitional Ministry Portfolio), weighing age, experience, goals, etc., we plan on a simple open-vote during this first step.

After the initial step the committee will be conducting telephone interviews with the candidate’s.  Search Committee members will make telephone calls to individuals that were identified as references on their profiles.  Internet generated information will also be gathered, background checks will be performed, etc.  

At this time, it is planned to invite each (with spouse or partner and at our expense) to visit Church of the Redeemer.  The agenda has not yet been formalized, however, we could include lunches, dinner, area tours, meeting Vestry and Search Committee members, with a possible homily in a small group setting.

The final step will be for the Search Committee to submit to the Vestry a viable candidate for the position of Parish Rector.

The Search Committee would like to thank everyone in the church for your comments and support during this time.

Patty Ewing-Broker, Search Committee Member
March 2015
Sr. Warden Report 
We begin each new Vestry year with a workday in late February.  More often than not, this date bumps up against or overlaps with the beginning of Lent, a time I often find myself reflecting on where God is calling me to serve.  I know the timing of the Vestry workday has more to do with the fact that our Annual Meeting is in January, and that is when the new Vestry is elected, but is still seem synergistic.  We spend a part of that workday getting to know one another, but another part is spent planning work we must do in the coming year - an activity that often resembles reflecting on personal ministry.  

We will face some challenges in the months to come, but Redeemer is filled with capable leaders and wonderfully dedicated members.  Together, we will do the work that comes our way and look with anticipation towards the future God is calling us to embrace.  I'd like to extend a personal, "Thank you" to those who have agreed to serve, whether it be on Vestry, as a Worship Leader or Lector, as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, a member of Altar Guild, Greeters, Kitchen Coordinator, or any other of the various and sundry ways in which we all minister to one another.  It is this willingness to support one another that allows us to flourish in times of prosperity and weather the times of challenge in good form.  I'd especially like to thank Stephanie for volunteering to take on the Newsletter editor duties, starting with May's edition, and Kate, who has offered to take over the bulletin creation duties in the office.  Thank you ladies, for your willingness to lighten my duties.  I very much appreciate it.

I look forward to greeting each new challenge with all of you.  
Jr. Warden Report
We recognize that the lighting is an ongoing challenge, and we are working on it.  For those who are wondering what happened, here is the short version.  

Sometime in 2014, it was suggested during a Vestry meeting that we change out our energy-eating lights in the Nave and in Crysler Hall to LED bulbs.  Unfortunately, we had no idea this would get so complicated.  In the process of switching out the bulbs, we discovered that it is not as easy as one might think to find an LED bulb that is equivalent to the 300W bulbs we had in those lights.  We also discovered that those lights are only rated for 200W bulbs.  It appears that some of the socket wiring may have been damaged, either as a consequence of the over-wattage bulbs, or simply due to the age of the fixtures.   We are working with Gordon's Electric to inspect and repair as necessary any damaged sockets.  They are also working with us to identify bulbs that may more close meet our needs.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

 Steph Timm, Junior Warden
Treasurers Report – January 2015
Income       Month         9,080                       YTD         9,080
Expenses   Month        15,018                       YTD       15,018
Detailed reports will be posted on the bulletin board after the next Vestry meeting.
MARCH 2015

Ash Wednesday was celebrated on February 18, 2015.  We then moved into the liturgical color of purple; however many others use what is called a “Lenten array” – natural colored linen bordered with purple and red or black and red. 

Church of Redeemer is blessed to have royal blue vestments, which we use during Advent.  During Lent the vestments are the traditional purple.  Using both of these colors allows a distinction between the seasons (Advent – Christmas & Lent – Easter).

The color rose is used for the Fourth Sunday in Lent and Third Sunday in Advent.  The vestments worn on these two days may be the color rose to symbolize the hope for the coming of Jesus.

As we move to Holy Week the liturgical colors will also change.  Red cross coverings are in place beginning on March 29th (Palm Sunday).   

The Triduum (TRID.uh.wum), from the Latin triduum, meaning “three days” this term refers to the great ceremonies at the end of Holy Week: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Great Vigil of Easter.  It corresponds to the ancient Jewish celebration of Pascha, two days of fasting and one of feasting.  The events of the Triduum are the central events of the liturgical year.

Easter Sunday we will celebrate with White vestments. 

Our thanks go out to Pat Terjeson who coordinates the entire cross coverings during Lent.  THANK YOU!

Patty Ewing-Broker, Directress
March 2015
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just prior to the 2015 Annual Meeting, members of the Vestry met to elect Stephanie Timm as Redeemer’s Junior Warden, Dianne Barnes as Treasurer, and Shari Dallas as Vestry Clerk for the upcoming year.

Just following (and after breakfast hosted by the Vestry), Interim Rector Alison Dingley led members of the congregation gathered in Crysler Hall for the Annual Meeting in a group Bible study.  At 11:10, she called the Annual Meeting to order.   

Present: Reverend Alison Dingley, Senior Warden Ann Marie Hardin, Treasurer Dianne Barnes, David Keeler, Flossie Keeler, Steven Timm, Ben Holdman, Jean Johnston, Chuck Johnston, Pat Terjeson, Lezlee Flagg, David Nelson, Alice Nelson, Mary Len Rees, Mary Koch, Dotty Judy, Cliff Judy, Bruce Barnes, Jim Straughan, Debbie Straughan, Liz Cahill, Diane Groff, Sarah Hardin, Doug Harder, Helen Harder, David Silva, Homer Bozarth, Jean Cupp, Frank Cupp, Kathy McCoy, Patty Ewing Broker, Rose Elder, and Vestry Clerk Shari Dallas.  

Patty Broker moved that minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting be approved as presented.  The vote was favorable. 

Dianne Barnes was introduced as Redeemer’s new treasurer.  A thank you card for outgoing treasurer Dale Hilding was circulated, so parishioners could sign it. Alison said a certificate of appreciation is to be presented to Dale at a later date in recognition of his service to the church. 

Dianne reviewed Redeemer’s Annual Financial Report and Budget for 2015 as it appeared (pp. 30-33) in the booklet of Annual Reports that was available for each attendee. She reported a projected income of $133,700 and expenses of $151,150.  Dianne noted that the $17,450 deficit, while an improvement over the deficit that had been projected for the previous year at last year’s Annual Meeting, is still a deficit. Still, Dianne pointed to Dave Nelson’s work as Stewardship Chairperson as a factor in the improved outlook of 2015’s budget. 

Chairperson Patty Broker drew the group’s attention to the report of the Rector Search Committee (p. 14).  Along with Patty, Dianne Barnes, Frank Cupp, Debbie Straughan and Cliff Judy are collaborating with Bishop Nedi Rivera to screen applicants on the parish’s behalf, and bring to the Vestry three potential candidates for Redeemer’s new rector by July 15.   

Prompted by the unpreparedness that was evident in the Diocese of Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Episcopal Relief and Development encourages all parishes across the country to develop their own Disaster Preparedness Plans. Bruce Barnes has worked with the team of Rose Elder, David Silva, Stephanie TImm, and Larry Weeden to do just this.  An inventory of all Redeemer’s assets is being developed—something that has never before been done.  And the committee has created a questionnaire that invites members of the parish to identify ways in which they might volunteer in the event of an emergency.  Bruce also said members of Redeemer, Peace Lutheran, and Hermiston, Milton-Freewater and La Grande’s Episcopal Churches will have an opportunity to take part in a training facilitated by the diocese’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Judy Warren on March 14 at Redeemer.  

Alison took the opportunity at this point to present a certificate to Bruce in recognition of his many year’s service as administrative treasurer for Helping Hand. 

In her annual report (p. 15), Senior Warden Ann Marie Hardin expressed appreciation for the many ways members of Redeemer’s family step up to the plate.  She recognized Flossie Keeler’s role in making the 2014 Convention the success it was.  She recognized members of the Search Committee for their commitment on behalf of the rest of the parish. She thanked those present for their ongoing financial support.  She also asked the group to consider matching their skills with other Redeemer needs, including helping in the church office or helping to shape Redeemer’s digital profile and monthly newsletter. 

The next item of business was elections. Ann Marie Hardin, Diane Groff, David Silva, and Chuck Johnston were elected to three-year Vestry terms.  Dave Keeler and Deb Fritts were elected to one-year Vestry terms. Bruce Barnes was elected delegate to Convention, and Dianne Barnes and Diane Groff were elected alternates.  Jim Straughan and Chuck Johnston were reelected to the board of Oregon Trail Manor, and Dale Hilding, Rose Elder, and Alison (as long as she is still in Pendleton) were reelected to the board of Helping Hand.  Alison said that Ann Marie has agreed to serving as Senior Warden in 2015.  

Pastor Alison said she has never before—in all the other churches where she has served—had so much fun at Vestry and Annual Meetings, and she expressed thanks for being able close her career with her term at Redeemer. She drew attention to the many ways Redeemer’s family shares their gifts of time and talent by asking members of the Vestry, the Altar Guild, the Worship Team, the Kitchen/Hospitality Team, the Facilities Maintenance Team, those who visit shut-ins and those who are financial stewards to stand in turn and be recognized.   

Before she adjourned the meeting, Alison shared a note from Bishop Nedi expressing appreciation for Redeemer’s hospitality, when Nedi visited the weekend before.  

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Shari Dallas, Vestry Clerk
The Little Brown Jug  (Revised)

 An earlier history booklet, based on Mildred Searcy's LITTLE BROWN JUG was vetted by Keith May of the Historical Society, rewritten, and redone. Copies of this REDEEMER CHURCH history, complete now with lists of bishops and clergy involved, are available. Get yours on Sunday - - copies are in the "photo gallery" entrance to Crysler Hall. If you want one mailed to someone or you, send 10 stamps, $5 cash, or a check payable to "Church History" to Church of the Redeemer, 241 SE 2nd St, Pendleton OR 97801....and we will mail you one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Lectors this Month
3/01/2015    Bob Lanman
3/08/2015    Mary Finney
3/15/2015    Dale Hilding
3/22/2015    David Silva
3/29/2015    Dave Keeler
Eucharistic Ministers this Month
3/01/2015   Ann Marie Hardin
3/08/2015   Larry Weeden
3/15/2015   Jan Stewart
3/22/2015   Dale Hilding
3/29/2015   David Silva
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