Tsuki Newsletter October 2015
I am in Kefalonia at the moment, for the last workshop of the current Clarity Inner Core. What a lovely group of people! It has been a privilege to see them grow and blossom in these three years. To watch them really getting it, having better lives! As a new Inner Core group is starting this spring, I asked them what they would like to say to others that are thinking about joining the 2016-2018 group. And this is what they said:
“The best way to spend my holidays, the best 'me-time' and chance to relax! More than I could ever imagine. The best investment in this life that is now happier and easier. Had fun in the process.”
 “The group really bonds and we grow together – make new friends, have amazing ‘holidays’ in beautiful locations. It really helped me relax and be my true self. The best thing is: we learn to live in the present moment!”
“Why is doing the Inner Core so worthwhile?
  1. The fantastic buildup of the workshops and the depth of the process.
  2. Being ‘on the road’ with a group like this is stimulating and inspiring. Very special!
  3. Although it is quite a decision to commit yourself for three years, it is what makes it happen. Having the time and space to let sink in, so it naturally becomes yours. An amazing inner journey. It has been so good for me!
  4. And last but not least: the beautiful places and delicious food and the fun we had together.”
“The group and the buddy system is very supportive. Often when I’m confronted with difficulties in my day-to-day life I can connect to something they shared and it helps me out.”
“If you ever want to feel relaxed for 100% this is the thing to do. It gave me a relaxation in body and mind that I never experienced before.”
“It is money well spent! If you think it is expensive – just do it – surprise yourself! When you doubt because of financial reasons, existence takes care and the Clarity Fund is a big help (knowing from experience).”
“Doing the Inner Core with Taetske really helps to keep the process alive and growing. It makes it real. I developed more discipline, got much more clarity about my movies and opened up to my potential.”
“Discover the unknown and relax into not knowing? Do the Clarity Inner Core! It was so beautiful to share my process with a group of people that are on the same road.”
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NB before entering the Inner Core, it is important to have done a Clarity Week with Taetske, or a step 1, 2 and 3 Clarity workshop with one of the other Clarity Trainers. The Inner Core starts with the three week Retreat (Step 4) where we do Jeru's Island mediation. You can also subscribe for this three week Retreat first and decide later if you want to join the whole Inner Core.

Clarity Week in december
Interested but not done a full week with Taetkse yet? Join her in this great week of Clarity in the north of Holland. Starting the 6th of December. For more information click here.

A Taste of Clarity with Daphne in Ireland
For a short introduction, travel to Cork for the weekend workshop with Daphne Babington on November 7-8th.

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