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Dear <<Voornaam / First Name>>,

Time is flying by! Even though the ever changing moment is eternal.
We had two wonderful English spoken Clarity Weeks this year. It is time for a new English spoken Inner Core. The German people among you know this as 'Stufe 4' and 'Stufe 5'. Are you ready for it?

* The last Inner Core I will be organizing
* My 4-year-old does not know English!
* A 75,- Euro discount for quick deciders
* Calendar

C L A R I T Y   T I P S
The last Inner Core I will be organizing
A new Inner Core journey will start this April and end October/November 2022. After that, I will turn 65. A landmark for a new life phase. The last 25 years I have found great pleasure in the teaching and the organizing of Jeru's work. But as my body grows older the energy is changing, inviting me to slow down and gravitating more to teaching only. It made me realize that this will be the last Inner Core that I will be organizing.

Making space
I would like to stop with all organizing work when I turn 65. That also feels like a good time for a sabbatical. A year off for traveling, for exploring life in a different setting than the usual full planned schedule. Making space for something new to emerge. Will I again be giving Clarity workshops after that sabbatical? I honestly don't know. Will something else emerge? I don't know either! And that feels really good.

Truth has its own means
When I woke up, spiritually, in one of the Inner Core workshops in February 1999, I told Jeru that I felt more at home in nature than among humans and would like to spend my time outside. He looked me in the eyes and said "I fully understand what you mean, but I would like you to be here in the group with it." So I reconsidered and stayed in the group. It was not easy. Humans mostly share through the language of words. Truth uses other means. It took me a while to bring the two together.

In hindsight I am so grateful for his suggestion. Nature was calling, yes, but I was partly also fleeing from having to deal with the difficulties of being among humans. And I am human! Avoiding being with them is avoiding being with the things in me that are, also after awakening, gravitating towards delusion instead of Clarity. My job is to deal with that and use the tools that brought me to awakening in the first place. That is freedom. Not to avoid. With balance of course, and that is where Jeru brought me back to. What a teacher!

Reconnecting with Jeru's words and schedules
Since then, it has been my life's mission to share the Clarity Process with others, in the purest way possible. Regularly I reconnect with Jeru's words and schedules through all the notes that I took. I was so fortunate to have done seven starters workshops with him! Experiencing how differently he worked with different groups, different nationalities, small and large groups, 3, 5, 7 or 9 days. In USA, where we were with only nine people in a friends home: cozy and informal. In Germany: structured and long stretching sessions. In the Netherlands: more loose, with coffee breaks and lots of discussion.

But always the same core, the same tools and the same intense truthfulness. I have seen him ill, so ill that he was not able to stand and walk without two people supporting him, but teaching. I have seen him re-energized after his first kidney transplant, swimming in Lake Tahoe and playing pool with us. But it did not change his teaching, what he pointed to, and the tools he gave us to find what we were looking for.

The origin of the Inner Core
Early 1996 he brought his European students together for a three week long workshop. It was mind blowing. At the end someone asked if he was willing to continue working with this group for a longer period. Jeru suggested three years. We agreed. The Inner Core was born. 'The Sacred Journey Home' he called it. And it sure was.

Three years later, at the last Inner Core workshop of our group, September 1999, he offered to keep working with us. We loved that, and agreed on a next workshop in USA in May 2000. When that workshop began, Jeru was still in hospital, recovering from a second kidney transplant. He asked us to start the workshop on our own, as he expected to join us in just a few days. So we did. Two days later he died. Leaving us with his assignment: continue the work.

Trained by Jeru himself
I am not sure how well known it is, that at the moment I am the only active Clarity Trainer who has done the whole Inner Core with Jeru himself. And the Clarity Teacher Training. This is not a merit of course, but it is special. Although we now live in 2019 and different times might ask for a different approach, I surprisingly find myself coming closer and closer to the original structure of how he worked with us. The last two week workshop I did with the current Inner Core group unfolded in a one on one way with the workshop Jeru gave us in 1999. It was magical. Also for me.

As this might be the last Inner Core that I will be able to give, I especially invite those who teach the Clarity Process or feel they would like to, to join. My aim is to stay as close as possible to how Jeru structured his Inner Core workshops. In honor of his work and being.

But... my 4-year-old does not know English!
Very often people think it is better to do the workshops in their native language, because their 4-year-old does not speak English. This exposes a very common misunderstanding about what the 4-year-old is. It is not the child that you used to be! It are the fears, desires and defensive strategies you developed as a young child, that are still active in your system today. Using all the capabilities and strengths of the full grown adult that you are now. Like an elephant practicing the strategies of a mouse, and wondering why his life is not working.

My experience
As Jeru did not speak Dutch, I have done all the workshops with him (21!) in another language than my own. In English first, which was not so difficult for me. But at a certain time I was not able to join a workshop in Holland, and the dates of a German workshop were OK for me. So I went! Although I had only one year of German at high school.

The first good thing was that it made me more quiet. At the dinner table for example, I was not able to really engage in the conversation. So I very often just simply sat there, being with the breath, listening to the sounds. With the partner work it forced me (and the other!) to keep it simple. And guess what? It worked fine! It helped me to be in touch with what was really going on inside, rather than with the words that represent it.

Will it always work?
No. When you have great difficulties with making mistakes, with not doing everything right straight away, you will have a very hard time to the point where it might stress you out. And then it will not work. But if you're open to learn, open to making mistakes and keeping it simple, it will be no problem. It could even be better! And you can be an inspiration for others to also keep it simple.

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