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Golden Wings - Blue Sky

This is the fantastic name that Jeru gave to the three week Clarity Retreat that is on our program next spring, April 1-22. The ‘Blue Sky’ will most certainly be provided for, as the workshop is taking place in the Algarve in South-Portugal! But what about the 'Golden Wings'?

When you started your life’s journey, you were fully dependent upon others for your survival. They had to feed you, keep you warm and provide all the other things your body needed to be alive and grow. You could not do it yourself, because your body was simply not capable enough. At that time it was not possible for you to feel complete on your own. The functioning of the other was just as important for you as the functioning of your heart.

To be able to relax, you had to be certain that you were welcome in this world. That there was someone available 24/7 who was willing to take care of you. And this goes beyond your plain physical needs. A baby cannot bring its own stress level down. It needs the other to reassure it that everything is okay. And it has to get the message that it is safe in a non-verbal way. This can happen for example by being picked up, and/or someone making soothing sounds and looking at you with soft loving eyes, taking you in their arms and rock you gently. Someone who's own stress level is down and is open enough to intuitively feel what it is that you need. Because you don't have the means to tell them.

This got registered in the basics of our brain 
Everything that went well or not well in that regard, has been recorded. And because it is connected to survival, it made a deep impression in your brain. A young brain, that is developing in lightning speed in those first years of your life. All strategies and coping mechanisms that you developed later in life, are built upon these first impressions. That is why up until today we still feel that our wellbeing depends on what other people think and do. And this makes us a lame duck, it incapacitates us.

Of course we see nowadays that we are no longer dependent upon others to fulfill our basic survival needs. We can provide ourselves the simple things our body needs to stay alive. But that we are capable now to reduce our own stress level and regulate our own wellbeing, also on the emotional plain, is something we are not very aware off. Although we intuitively feel that it is exactly that what is going to give us real freedom.

This mature and natural independency is the key to the unfolding our potential. The key to allowing our true being to shine, so we can share the gifts that we have to offer to the world. Unfolding our wings, you could say. The wings that we already have, but do not recognize really and truly. And that is what Jeru means with the title of this workshop:

April 2017 seems far away
But if you feel like joining this Retreat, it is a good idea to not wait too long with making the decision. You will benefit much more if you allow yourself to feel the ‘yes’ and through that give space to solve in a relaxed way the practical issues like arranging free time at work, setting aside the money for it, finding good care for the kids, etc. And also being open for things that might be happing on the inner plane. Questions like: is it OK to spend this time and money on myself? How is the subconscious feeling about it? Are we open for such a 360 degree change in perspective? Issues that will probably only show themselves when you make the decision.

Everyone who has done a Clarity Process workshop of a week or longer is welcome at this retreat. Of course you will benefit even more from it, when you practice the techniques that you learned at home. And wouldn’t it be great to be supported and inspired by others who will be participating? I can help you get in touch.

Subscribe now?
When you want to join, why not subscribe now! You will get a 75 Euro early bird, and I will also give you the space to undo your subscription free of charge when cancelling before July 2016.

If you have not done a Clarity Week yet, or would love to brush up your Clarity skills and deepen your awareness, you are very welcome at the English spoken week in February/March in France: Clarity Week Le Boulard, February 25 - March 5 2017. From this workshop you will have straight access to the Golden Wings – Blue Sky Retreat, and from there (if you want to) into the Inner Core.

Those of you who have been working with me before, are also welcome at the Silent Retreat October 4-14 in Bois le Comte in Belgium.

You will find more information about our English programs at the English pages of our website.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me at

Warm regards,

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