Tsuki Newsletter November 2015
Have you ever wondered:
Why is it so difficult to stay in the moment?
If I am not what I thought I was, then Who am I?

If you did or do: you are not the only one. On our website you can find short videos of Taetske answering the questions mentioned above, but also videos with more information on the Clarity Process and the Quantum Light Breath meditation. So if you want to find out more: visit our website.

What is up and coming the next few months at Tsuki?
Currently Taetske is just back from a Clarity & Yoga workshop in Portugal that she gave with with Esther Ekhart. The workshop was quickly fully booked, but fortunately there is much more to do the coming months:
Please check our website for our complete program.
Gift ideas:

Did you start shopping for Christmas? Maybe you'll find something fun or nice for your loved one, friend or family member in our webshop. What do you think of the convenient Motivaider:

or the book Finding Clarity: 

Kind regards from Portugal and we hope to see you soon,
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