Tsuki Newsletter January 2016
A clear and happy new year!
The start of a new year is always inviting us for change. As we know, change is a natural feature of life. Our job is mostly to stop our old unnecessary defense mechanisms from blocking those natural changes. Making space to enjoy the flow of life and our freedom to play with it.
Also here in Tsuki change is about. I would like to introduce my new co-worker Judy to you. She will do the subscriptions and administration and is happy to answer any question concerning these things. You can reach her at At the same time we thank Silke for her work and wish her joy and happiness with the changes that her pregnancy will bring about.
New Inner Core program will start with a three week Retreat in 2017
Life showed me that 2016 was not the right time to start a new Inner Core, the three year ongoing Clarity program. We moved it to 2017 where it will start with the most special workshop that we have to offer: 'Golden Wings - Blue Sky'. In this three week long workshop you will have the opportunity to go very deep into your being with a 72 hour meditation process that Jeru called 'The Island Meditation'. Very confrontational, but also very liberating!  For more information check the English pages of our website.
What are you looking for?
More and more people are looking for a more honest and spiritual life. A life of balance, peace and living in the moment. For me it was the Clarity Process that made this possible.
The simple and practical exercises shine a light on your inner beliefs and help you to get to the core of them rather quickly and easily. It reduces the influence of limiting self images and judgements, thus giving space for your true adult being to emerge.
Clarity is for everyone who feels like trying something new, and gives a surprisingly clear perspective to those who are already on the path of self-realization.
Ready to boost your process?
There are a few places available in our Clarity Week this February in France. In the lush green Morvan Region there is no light, air or water pollution. Together with the delicious organic vegetarian food and the intense clarifying processes we do, you will feel regenerated and ready to for the challenges that life has in store for you. It starts Saturday February 27 with the evening meal and ends Sunday morning March 6 with breakfast. You can read more and subscribe here.
And to boost your process in the comfort of your home, listen to Jeru Kabbal
Jeru has a unique way of making things clear. His love, humor and wisdom speaks not only to your mind but also to your inner child and you true being. For an introduction, I can highly recommend the first CD-box, where Jeru explains the working of the subconscious and how to deal with this part of your being that basically lives in the past.

For those already on the path the last box is the thing to listen to. Here Jeru shows you how everything can be a tool for Clarity and help you to wake up. In the first talk it is all about how relationship reflects your patterns. In the second talk he invites you to bring awareness in every aspect of your life:
"Awareness is not something that you can build up a reserve of. You cannot say, "I will be very aware all day today, and then tomorrow I don't have to make an effort, and I will still be aware because I am so full of awareness today". Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. The moment you lose your awareness, you are just simply unaware, that's all. It doesn't take even five seconds for it to run down. Awareness can stop immediately. It's not like riding a bicycle - when you stop peddling, and the bicycle continues. With awareness, the moment you stop peddling, the bicycle stops. And you are on automatic pilot again."

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Warm greetings and hope to see you again in 2016!
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