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A happy new year! May it be full of clarity and light!

In this newsletter I'd love to share Jeru's answer with you, on the question whether we should we use our knowledge of reality to deal with fear.

And tell you a bit more about our upcoming Inner Core. Also for our German speaking readers!
January 14, 2017

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C L A R I T Y   T I P S
Should we use our knowledge of reality to deal with fear?

Our inner defence system is obsessed with survival, and therefore creates feelings of fear, tension or stress in all kind of situations. Also in situations where we are basically okay. It keeps us stuck in our old ways, clouds our vision on ourselves and others, and is blocking our ability to deal with the challenges of life in a new, more creative way. No wonder we would love to get rid of those fears!

Listening to a workshop recording of Jeru, I heard him give a meaningful answer to the above question.

Fear is useful
Jeru starts with emphasizing that fear is a useful mechanism. It is there for a purpose. Fear originally is meant to help us when we are in a dangerous situation. The adrenaline gives us that extra push to get us out of trouble, to protect ourselves. But if we constantly life in fear, or stress, it becomes poison.
With Clarity, our aim is not to live without fear. Our aim is to live without unrealistic fear; fear that is not justified, not in sync with who we are and the actual situation that we're in.

Being in the moment
If you can start experiencing that if you are in the moment you are Existence - therefore eternal, therefore love - then honour that. This is what we are trying to do with Clarity. Also, with the breathing. To get into those experiences where we experience non-duality. Where we become energy, where we become consciousness. Although we should not say 'become'. It is there that we realize that we have always been energy, we have always been consciousness, we have always been love, we have always been Existence.

Dealing with your old stuff or getting blissed out?
When you're telling yourself that you are love, or consciousness etc., but haven't had the experience of it, then it is a kind of artificial intellectual thing. Basically an attempt to cover up your problems with something nice. And a lot of people do that. Especially meditators. They don't want to deal with their stuff. All they want to do is get blissed out. But they want to get blissed out to cover up their stuff. And it doesn't really work. You will see a lot of meditators who look calm, peaceful and loving on the surface, but scratch them just a little bit and you'll find they react very quickly. Because their stuff is still there.
What you want to do is letting go of all the negative, letting go of all the old. And you will just naturally open up to these truths.

To have a choice
Suppose you had an experience of consciousness or expansion yesterday, but you're not in it at this moment. When you think about it, it is a memory. So now you have a choice. If you're going to be in memory, you can be in that memory or you can be in a memory of a time when you where helpless and dependent and inadequate. You could contact your subconscious and say: "Even though I know I'm in memory, remember that we had this experience yesterday. And that was more real for us than the experience that we had when we were an infant. Which at that time was real, but not anymore."
So you can still use memory to some degree, but do not confuse it with the actual experience.

Listen to Jeru himself on soundcloud

Learn how to get in touch with your subconscious
Do you want to learn how you can get in touch with your subconscious, and deal with your stuff in such a way that it opens you to an actual experience of reality? Join one of our Clarity workshops!

Starters can join us in our Clarity week in France, February 25 till March 5 in Le Boulard, Morvan.

Those of you who have worked with the Clarity Process before, can join our three week retreat in Portugal 'Golden Wings - Blue Sky'. (Only 5 places left)

About our upcoming Clarity Inner Core
To help you get into your strength and firmly grounded on your own two feet, Jeru developed simple and effective processes that you can do by yourself. This clearly appeals to people who like to do things on their own! Which is a strength, but also can become a pitfall by doing it too much on your own. This robs you from valuable insights that fellow travellers can give you, and also from the joy of doing things together!

This is one of the reasons why Jeru came up with the Clarity Inner Core; a three year ongoing program to help you move to true Self Realization.

It starts this spring, with the three week retreat in Portugal (that can also be booked separately). After that, we have a ten day retreat in Germany in October. The next two years we'll meet for two weeks in spring and ten days in autumn. In between workshops, participants help each other 'stay on track' through meetings in smaller groups and a buddy system. 

Many people report that doing this group is the most valuable gift they have given themselves in their lives. Simply because it gives you your life back! The life that is already yours, but unfortunately wrapped in memory too often.

More about the Inner Core...

For our German speaking readers it can be interesting to read how Katrin from Germany experienced doing Claritiy in a foreign language in our former Inner Core:
Mein Weg zu Clarity führte mich 2012 ins schöne Bayern, wo ich bei Nishkam und Lila in den Genuss der Stufe 1-3 des Clarity-Process kam. Es war schnell klar für mich, dass es dieser Weg sein wird, um für mich zu Klarheit, innerer Stille und einem tiefen Frieden zu gelangen.
Bonus: a short talk by Taetske in German! Wir sind nicht getrennt vom Ganzen.

* Saturday February 25, 6 pm - Clarity Week in Le Boulard (7 days)

* Monday March 6, 7 am - Clarity Trainers workshop in Le Boulard (3 days)

* Saturday April 1,  8 pm - Clarity Retreat Portugal (21 days)
   Also the start of the Inner Core!

You can find our English spoken workshops at
You can find our German spoken workshops at

For all Clarity workshops, in Dutch, English and German, go to our main calendar

Warm regards,

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