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Done is better than perfect.

— Sheryl Sandberg
In the newsletter this week, we’ve got a dance fitness party and a trick to create focus in your day. Read on...

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own fitness concept? Kendall Nielson actually did it. She’s the creator and owner of Shine, a dance fitness class that uses foundational moves from jazz, hip hop, and ballet to create simple dance routines. The class is designed to be like “a dance party with your girlfriends” and uses radio hits with original choreography. Nielsen spent six years perfecting her concept before turning Shine into a business, and now offers training to instructors.

Nielsen describes the vibe she’s going for in her classes as “like a party, a sisterhood with lots of camaraderie. We want women to feel youthful, sexy, feminine, and empowered.” If you want to try it, check out this 30-minute dance cardio “express class” taught by Nielson. Who needs the club?

Wishing you good vibes and funky tunes as you dance your way through your week, Katherine & Linda
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Nourish Move Love - Lindsey Bomgren
Lindsey Bomgren is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Her blog Nourish Move Love is devoted to helping women create a lifestyle and body that they love. She posts everything from full-length workout videos, to tips on how to “become a morning person”, to healthy recipes like this Green Goddess quinoa salad bowl and this homemade lemon ginger turmeric detox tea (her home remedy for a cold or sore throat). 

In a blog post on her postpartum routine after her second baby, Bomgren shared: “I’d say that having two kids has definitely ‘chilled me out’ a bit. And I’m showing myself a lot more grace this time around. I’m trying to be totally present where my feet are, making 4-8pm ‘family time’. And when I feel overwhelmed with two kids needing my attention at the same time I remember, ‘if they’re crying they are breathing’.”

Try this: In this 35-minute Full Body Strength + HIIT Dumbbell Workout, Bomgren provides multiple options for various fitness and agility levels as she guides you through three sets of each exercise, including some explosive plyometric movements.

For an express workout, try this 20-minute At Home Barre Workout—you can use two dumbbells, or just bodyweight. Bomgren throws in a couple of “cardio bursts” to help you build endurance.
Creating a Daily Highlight
Sometimes it seems like we rush through our daily to-dos, always occupied by the next email or task. When the day is done, we know we were busy but struggle to pinpoint what we accomplished.

One technique that can hone the focus is the Daily Highlight. In the book Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, the authors recommend choosing a daily highlight each day. “When you look back on your day, what activity or accomplishment or moment do you want to savor? That’s your Highlight.”

To pick a highlight, ask yourself both “what is most pressing” and “what will give me the most satisfaction.” After you select your Daily Highlight, write it down—then block off time to execute. The point is to bring the joy of accomplishment to your day.
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