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The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.

—  Barbara Corcoran
In the newsletter this week, we’ve got a productivity lifehack, advanced HIIT workouts, and a fat-loss explainer. Read on...

Here at Fit Girls, we love hacks for optimizing our life. We recently came across this anecdote from a hundred years ago, that provides a tip for being more productive today, on James Clear’s blog:

In 1918, productivity expert Ivy Lee was hired by Bethlehem Steel, and tasked with improving the company’s efficiency. His instruction to the steel execs? Write down the six most urgent tasks to complete the next day, in order of importance. 

Then work through them in order—not starting a new task until the previous task is completed.

This simple method combines two key getting-things-done tactics: focusing on the most important things, and avoiding the energy drain from task-switching. 

Try it for yourself by grabbing a Post-It note, writing your most important tasks for tomorrow, and laser-focusing on them first thing in the morning. 

And don’t forget to reward yourself on successful completion of your to-dos!

Sending you get-it-done energy to crush your goals this week, Katherine & Linda
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Growing Anna Nas
Anna Nas is a Germany-based certified personal trainer and fitness content creator whose YouTube channel offers an incredible amount of fitness content. She specializes in intermediate to advanced HIIT workouts, and her top workouts have millions of views.

Try this: Anna’s no-equipment, 30-minute Intense Full Body Crusher HIIT guides you through 30 exercises for intervals of 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Anna throws in classic mat calisthenics like glute bridges, plus tough core exercises like plank climbers. 

Her 45-minute Military Monday HIIT workout is an extended version of the same interval with 40 minutes of work plus 5 minutes of cool-down.
We promise these workouts will leave you just as spent as any in-person boutique group fitness class.
Explainer: the mechanics of fat loss
When you’re sweating through a workout, you might picture your metabolism as a fiery furnace burning fat, or visualize fat leaving your body in the form of sweat. Both images are not too far off from reality. 

Where does fat go when you burn it off? Believe it or not, it gets breathed out. As scientists from the University of New South Wales explained to the BBC, the lungs are the primary excretory organ for fat. When you lose weight, most of it is released as carbon dioxide when  you breathe, while the remainder is excreted as water in sweat or urine.

How can you optimize your workout based on your goals? If you eat a lot of carbohydrates before you work out, your body will prefer to burn carbohydrates for fuel. So, if you’re doing long endurance workouts, go ahead and eat more carbs. If you’re working out specifically to lose fat, it’s best to not overdo the carbs before your workout.
 We’ll have the salmon: higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids from eating oily fish regularly add five years to your life expectancy (Science Daily)

 A breakfast treat, this lightly-sweetened easy muesli is toasted to bring out the nutty flavours of the whole grains (Choosing Chia)

 A clinical neuroscience psychiatrist explains why your gut is your “second brain” (MindBodyGreen)

 Did you know that before kale became a trendy vegetable, its biggest use was as an inedible garnish at salad bars? Enjoy this superfood sauteed with butter and garlic (Healthy Recipes Blog)

 Don’t delay getting fit: research shows the better your physical function, the slower you age (Elemental)
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