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A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence.

—  Sonia Sotomayor
In the newsletter this week, we’ve got a miraculous morning routine, Australian bodyweight workouts, and a how-to on flow. Read on...

The Miracle Morning became an instant self-help classic when it was published in 2012. The author, Hal Elrod, was in a serious car accident at age 20, and spent days in a coma. Elrod recovered from the physical and emotional trauma, and rebuilt his life; he shares the tactics that helped him in the book.

Its key premise: your morning routine (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your productivity and achievement level during your day. Elrod says when we feel sluggish in the morning, it isn’t usually due to lack of sleep, but lack of anticipation. When you wake up with a purpose in mind, it’s easier to jump out of bed rather than hit the snooze button.

To boost this sense of purpose, Elrod suggests, create affirmations based on how you want your life to look in the future. Make sure you consider why you want the things you want. Then read the affirmations back to yourself at least once daily.

In Elrod’s own words: “When you do choose to do the right thing and follow through with your commitments—especially when you don’t feel like it—you are developing the extraordinary discipline (which most people never develop) necessary for creating extraordinary results in your life... ‘Discipline creates lifestyle’.”

Wishing you the discipline to achieve your goals this week, Katherine & Linda
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Alice Liveing
Alice Liveing has become a major fitness star in her home base, Australia. Her bio explains how she started lifting weights after graduating from performing arts school in 2012, and soon became a personal trainer. Promoting the goal of  #strongnotskinny, Alice has published multiple cookbooks, and promotes an intuitive approach rather than obsessing over metrics. She does three or four 45-minute strength sessions per week, plus stretching and mobility work. She’s also launched sustainably-sourced workout wear collections with UK retailer Primark.

Try this: Alice’s 43-minute no-equipment bodyweight workout to build strength, or her 31-minute no-equipment HIIT workout for a blast of cardio power.
For more on Alice, check out the multi-day challenges she’s created for Women’s Health.
Optimal productivity: how to enter a flow state
Think of a time you were fully immersed in work or doing something you enjoy. You were absorbed in the task at hand, unaware of time passing, and may have even had a breakthrough. Is there a way we can intentionally enter this state of mind?

The concept of a “flow state” was devised by positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. When you’re in a state of flow, you’re focused on what you’re doing, present in the moment, primed to be creative.

Productivity expert Leo Babuta recommends encouraging a flow state by finding a quiet time that’s also a “peak time” for you—a time of day when you have lots of energy, and can concentrate and immerse yourself. Clear away distractions, turn off notifications, and resist switching between tasks. Choosing work with purpose that you feel passionate about helps too. Babuta counsels: “If you dread a task, you’ll have a hard time losing yourself in it. If your job is made up of stuff you hate, you might want to consider finding another job.”

Another tip to achieve flow: figure out your energy-giving activities—the things that perk you up and excite you. In this discussion of energy management in The Proof, venture capitalist Aubrie Pagano shares: “My three key energy givers are writing, working with founders, and working with my team. Whenever I’m a bit tired or drained, I’ll focus on one of these three activities.”
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