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Overpower. Overtake. Overcome.

— Serena Williams
In the newsletter this week, we’ve got a too-cute workout couple, some motivation for more minutes of fitness, and a supplement recommendation that works for us. Read on...

We live in a youth-oriented culture, but top fitness personalities can boast career longevity that might surprise you. Take celebrity trainer Ashley Borden.

As a personal trainer in Los Angeles, she’s worked with A-listers like Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling—you may have even seen her dishing out reps on the reality show Revenge Body.

Now in her late 40s, Borden says she’s in “the best shape of her life” (check out this video of her training a client for some physique inspiration!) She credits her success to lessons learned in her 17-year recovery from disordered eating and compulsive exercise—and to resistance training. 

As she explained in an interview with Peaceful Dumpling:  “That’s something a lot of women don’t understand—weight training is crucial, especially as we get older. The reason why you need to push and pull heavier weights is that as females, it needs to be heavy enough for us to feel an exertion while we’re doing it,  in order for us to release growth hormones and testosterone... when you don’t lift heavy enough, you don’t get the hormone release.”

Borden recommends including functional movement patterns like push/pull, squat, and forward/reverse lunge into your workouts. “They’re crucial to learn because that’s what you do all day long.”

Sending you that extra energy to push and pull just a little bit harder this week, Katherine & Linda
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Mr. & Mrs. Muscle

Mr. and Mrs. Muscle are Viv and Mike, an adorable couple who have known each other since age 11. Their synchronized workouts, performed in front of the glamorous background of their hometown of Dubai, have won them more than half a million subscribers on YouTube.

Viv explains, “I got into fitness because it was the only thing I was actually ever good at!” She played basketball and did cross-country in school, studied Sports Science in university, and became a personal trainer. Mike worked in corporate life, then with his wife’s help got back into fitness and became a personal trainer.

Many of Mr and Mrs Muscle’s workouts are “no jumping” so they’re perfect for anybody with knee issues—or downstairs neighbors.

Try This: This 21-minute No Jumping Full Body Fat Burn Workout is a perfect no-equipment low-impact cardio workout for beginners.

To amp up the burn, this 40-minute Fat Burn & Sculpt Workout uses a booty band to make the movements more challenging, and throws in killer glute activation exercises like bridges and squat walks.
The key to losing weight through exercise: more “minutes”

Exercising more often may be key to weight loss through exercise. In a study reported by the New York Times, overweight people who exercised six days a week for up to an hour lost weight, while those who worked out twice a week did not.

People who upped their exercise to six days a week ate more, but only about 1,000 calories more per week, while their amped-up activity level burned 3,000 more calories per week, ending up in a net deficit. (Caveat: This study was done on sedentary, overweight people, so the results could be different for people of normal body weight or with better fitness conditioning.)

Even beyond calorie deficit, there are bonuses in doing more hours of exercise: Those who exercised more had better sensitivity to leptin, a hormone that can reduce appetite, enabling them to better regulate their desire to eat. The science is clear: upping your weekly “minutes” is a useful tactic for weight control.
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Are you getting enough Omega-3s?

Are your ratios out of whack? Omega-3 fatty acids are a critical dietary acid, but the modern diet relying on packaged and processed food typically leads to an imbalance. With most modern diets, we get too many omega-6 sources from seed oils like soybean oil, and too few omega-3 sources. 

The best way to get more omega-3s are eating more fish: salmon and sardines are terrific sources. (Not sure what to do with sardines? Genomic Kitchen has this quick and ultra-healthy recipe for Lemon Dijon Canned Sardine Salad.)

If you don’t eat fish often, consider supplementing with fish oil. As reported in the New York Times, a study that followed more than 25,000 people found that omega-3 supplements reduced the risk of major cardiac events in people with low fish intake by 19%. So, if you don’t eat much fish, these supplements could be a benefit.

Our favorite fish oil supplement is NutraSea+D which has both omega-3 and vitamin D and no fishy aftertaste.
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