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To be the best, you have to constantly be challenging yourself, raising the bar, pushing the limits of what you can do.

Don’t stand still, leap forward.

 – Ronda Rousey, the only woman to win a championship in *both* the UFC and the WWE
You’re officially a trailblazer—you’re reading our inaugural issue of Fit Girls Society. This is an email list and community exclusively for women who have a desire to to get a little bit better every day.

We created it based on our conviction that becoming more fit—physically and mentally—is the one thing proven to make people’s lives better.
Getting fitter requires both knowledge and motivation. Our goal is to evangelize to you, learn from you, and interact with you.

We’ll send you an email every Thursday with curated fitness and wellness content, including workout videos, fitness insights, productivity advice, book recommendations, and more.

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Welcome to the Society,
Katherine and Linda
Kari Saitowitz, The Fhitting Room
Kari Saitowitz is the founder of boutique New York fitness concept Fhitting Room. When the pandemic forced her locations to close, she started broadcasting classes online, limiting attendance to 24 participants to keep the community vibe. 

No equipment is necessary for the Fhitting Room workout, which is a high-intensity interval training workout designed to be safe and effective while offering more guidance than a standard group fitness class.

Each class of 24 participants is led by two certified trainers who correct form and offer modifications. Before founding Fhitting Room, Saitowitz was a marketing executive at Pepsi, where she learned about launching and building brands.

Asked for her favourite quote, Saitowitz references Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead: “The question is not who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me?” 

Try this: For a quick yet super-effective muscle-burning all-over workout, try The Fhitting Room’s 17-minute Full Body Workout. Got more time & want to get your heart rate pumping? Try the 24-minute Calorie-Torching HIIT Workout.
The Fhitting Room's 24-minute Calorie-Torching HIIT Workout
Lactic acid myths, and how to really prevent muscle soreness

You pushed yourself in your Monday workout, and by Wednesday your calves and hamstrings have a dull ache whenever you take a step. What’s going on? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) affects every lifter and athlete.

You may have had a coach tell you that lactic acid “buildup” is what causes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). That’s a myth: post-exercise, your lactic acid levels get back to baseline within an hour or so, so they can’t be responsible for soreness a day or two later. 

What actually causes DOMS is micro-tears in muscle caused by forceful contractions. Over time, the process of repairing and adapting to micro-tears from exercise is what forms muscle mass. 

Nor is lactic acid what makes us “feel the burn” during workouts.  What causes the burning sensation as you work out intensely is the process of breaking down carbohydrates for fuel, which causes pH levels in your muscles to drop, making them more acidic. 

To alleviate DOMS, do proper warm-ups and cool-downs, use a foam roller, or dissolve some Epsom salt in your bath, which actually works to help restore magnesium levels.
How you can get a better sleep to be more rested
Having a tough time nodding off at night? Pandemic-related stress has many people tossing and turning. Here’s a checklist that will help you ensure you have the optimal nighttime routine to promote rest:
 Simone De La Rue on fixing glute bridge mistakes—better form equals better results

 Jillian Michaels on how to create a goal pyramid by breaking your goal into specific monthly and weekly subgoals to make it manageable and trackable 

 What causes muscle knots, and what’s the best way to work them out? 

 How to make your own cheaper & healthier oat milk (pro tip to keep it non-slimy: use ice-cold water, and don’t overblend) 

 Six things you need to know before taking a barre class 

 Looking for a brand-new fitness activity on the water? Try paddleboarding 

 Mindful running: how to relax during runs 
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