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If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it.
It's much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.

— Grace Hopper, U.S. Naval Admiral and computer scientist
In the newsletter this week, we’ve got a Bondi Beach barre workout, advice on a fitness comeback, and real talk on vitamins. Read on...

Kristel de Groot lived through a wife’s worst nightmare when her husband Michael was diagnosed with cancer and had to endure chemotherapy—at age 22. The de Groots believe proper nutrition helped push along Michael’s recovery, which spurred them to become fascinated with “superfoods”—plant substances that boost human health.

Kristel consulted with nutritionists to develop nutrient-dense bars and mixes using superfoods like wheatgrass, barley grass, and spirulina. They launched their brand Your Super in their kitchen in Berlin. Priding themselves on a transparent supply chain, the de Groots use responsibly and sustainable sourced ingredients.

De Groot explained to Authority Magazine: “We were naive, Google was our best friend, and we probably made every mistake in the book. Our growth was slow the first four years, but we learned something new every single day and had fun solving problems every single day. That’s what counts!”

Hoping you succeed at solving a few problems this week, Katherine & Linda
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Bailey Brown
Four years ago, Bailey Brown was a barre-certified fitness instructor in her hometown of Toronto who decided to travel the world before settling down. She fell in love with Australia’s Bondi Beach and currently lives in Sydney. With a permanent sunny vibe, Brown lives by the motto motto is “green juice now, champagne later!”

In an interview, she described the process of building her fitness business: “My partner and I spent weekends, holidays, basically any spare time filming and editing videos for free for over a year! We had a vision of what we wanted to create and kept chipping away day after day towards our goals. I think once you get clear on what you want, the next thing is to break it down to baby steps and chip away every day. Eventually you will get to where you want to be.”

To encourage clarity and progress towards goals, Brown does journaling as part of her morning routine; she’s a fan of guided meditation and gratitude exercises to become centered and fully present. 

Try this: Brown’s most popular format on her YouTube channel are five-minute Pilates workouts on the beach, which you can string together to create a full-body workout. Try combining her five-minute Butt Lifting Workout, five-minute Ab Burn Workout, and five-minute Slim Thighs and Side Booty workout, then for some cardio add her 20-Minute Cardio Pilates workout.
A cash-saving tip: ditch the multivitamins
According to Fitt Insider, sales of multivitamins spiked 17% in 2020, reaching $7.5 billion. We know vitamins and minerals are essential for health, but does it actually help to take them in supplement form?

Science says: probably not. Years of studies have shown no convincing evidence that multivitamins prevent or delay cancer, heart disease, or death. While you might benefit from taking a specific supplement, such as vitamin D or a prenatal supplement, there’s no evidence a multivitamin is of general help across the board.
Still, multivitamins—which are not FDA regulated—remain the most popular supplement to take globally. Thanks to advertising and branding, they’re big business: during 2020, Bayer acquired a majority stake in direct-to-consumer vitamin startup Care/Of Vitamins for $225 million, and Unilever acquired supplement vendor SmartyPants Vitamins.

Vitamins go in and out of vogue—there was an era when Vitamin C was considered by some to be something like a cure-all, but studies didn’t support the claims. Vitamin skeptic Dr. Jason Fung jokes on his blog: “Turns out the only disease Vitamin C cures is scurvy. Since I don’t treat many 15th century pirates, it’s not too useful for me.”
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Fitness fresh start: how to get back on the workout bandwagon
Have you been less active during the pandemic? Or, have you been forced to pause your workouts due to illness or injury? Taking breaks is normal, and you can ease back into a routine of regular exercise.

Experts say that the best way to restart a regular exercise routine is slow and methodical. Make a plan, and allow time for recovery. Listen to your body; if you feel pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea, take a rest.

Personal trainer Lisa Tanker had this advice in SELF: “Identify why you’re ready to incorporate a regular workout program into your life and reach your goals.” Writing down a list of reasons to stick to it, which you can look back on when your enthusiasm is flagging, may help you adhere to your plans. Another tip is to get the right gear—it doesn’t have to be costly, but a new sports bra or pair of running shoes can spur your motivation.

Tanker suggests starting with two 30-minute workouts a week. Try creating a fun workout playlist that will keep you going. And check out the archive of Fit Girls Society for tons of workout ideas.
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