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There's something in the air…can you feel it?  

If you live in the South, you sure can and we've even given it a name. "Pollen Season" is here in full force, covering my writing porch and world with soft, powdery yellow dust. Even my pups are afflicted and have to take allergy shots! But it signals the arrival of spring and warmer weather, so for that, I’ll count it as a blessing!  Speaking of blessings, my oldest child, Meghan, turns 27 this month on the 29th--how did that happen since I'm only 29?  March also brings St. Patrick's Day, which I love.  Irish blessings happen year-round in my house because I married this ruddy and handsome Irishman when I was just a wee lass!
Favorite "Kissing Couples" from My Novels
In last month's newsletter, I asked you to share your favorite couple from any of my novels (Melanie and Jack excluded.)  Your responses were wonderful, heartfelt and a bit surprising!  In fact, you shared your favorite couples from 20 different Karen White novels!  Want to know who your  favorite "kissing couple" was in our unofficial reader poll? Cassie and Sam from FALLING HOME!

As promised, it was difficult to choose a few winners, but alas, here are my reader submission picks who will receive a Karen White swag bag.

"This was so hard to decide, So I finally decided on Suzanne and Joe from AFTER THE RAIN because they both learn how to trust again while Joe learns to not be afraid of the future and Suzanne learns not to be afraid of her past."  Submitted by Paige Carroll

"My response is definitely unconventional, and they aren't a "kissing couple", but I love Merritt and Loralee from THE SOUND OF GLASS. The love that grows between them during the book is the love that "family" is based on. We all need the love of family to support and ground us." Submitted by Meredith Metcalf

"Laura and Stuart from IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON. This is one of my all time favorite books! I love the time travel element as a way of connecting the past to the present and the amazing depth of character development that Laura goes through because she is forced to adapt to an unexpected (and historical!) way of life...I also loved the historical setting of the book and actually learned much about the Civil War, although of course it was in fictional context. Beautiful, mystifying, poignant love story that transcends time!!"  Submitted by Andrea Bengtzen

"This might not be in the couple sense that you were asking, but Merilee and Sugar from THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT.  I feel the friendship between these women, and the sacrifices they are willing to go through to protect each other, shows the true love we have for our friends. Two such strong women who are determined to fight their own battles, who learn it is OK to depend on a friend, and how important it is to have a friend like that in your corner."  
Submitted by Chelsea Daniels

If you see your name listed,
please click here to send an email with your snail mail address. Thank you, everyone,  for your wonderful submissions!  
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Available for Preorder
I'm so excited to have two more books available for pre-order:
  • DREAMS OF FALLING will soon be available in paperback on April 16th
  • The sixth book in the Tradd Street series, THE CHRISTMAS SPIRITS ON TRADD STREET, has a new release date, October 22nd. Mark your calendars....much more to follow in the coming months as we prepare for the release!
Pre-order links included below!
Available in paperback on April 16th!  To pre-order:
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Super fan Lacey A. sharing her artistic gift with me at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival!
Have you had a chance to read AFTER THE RAIN, the sequel to FALLING HOME, one of my earlier novels? If not, you may want to pick up a copy because Maddie Warner might just be making an appearance in the book I'm currently writing.  Click here to learn more.
Name That Karen White Novel
Who can guess the title of this novel and the translated language?  Click here to share your best guess.  Three winners will be chosen by yours truly and notified by email to win some Karen White swag.  This one seems extra difficult...
Meghan Recommends

The birthday girl, my daughter Meghan, is once again making recommendations of outstanding books she's read lately.  Here are her picks...

They'll be no shenanigans for me this St. Paddy's Day as I have two deadlines rapidly approaching! I did manage to dine at the world-famous Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub this week, located just minutes from my home! I'm also proudly showing off my new long-sleeved T-shirt from Milton Pilates, where I'm regularly tortured by my instructor in the spirit of strength, lengthening and flexibility. Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!
We are in the St. Pawdy's Day spirit around here at The White House!
Sophie Belle upstaging her big brother, Quincy. Don't they both look so cute in green?
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