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 Issue 85, November 2016

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World Diabetes Day takes place this month and offers a great reminder about the importance of keeping on top of this chronic disease. So, this edition, we look at compelling new research into extending the quality of life for people with diabetes as well as sharing a cookshop that will help you stay in control of your diet over the festive season.

Managing Diabetes: The Approach that Can Add Years to Your Life

Have you become a bit too relaxed about the need to test your blood sugars? Were you previously on a roll, doing so well managing your diet, only to find sweet temptations are creeping back into your kitchen?

November 14 marks World Diabetes Day, which is a timely reminder to get serious about managing blood sugar!

It comes as a new study published in the journal Diabetologica demonstrates that intensive treatment for diabetes can actually extend your life as well as improve life quality. This is even true if you start when middle aged!

The study involved 160 participants with type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria (presence of protein in the urine which can indicate kidney damage related to diabetes). Study participants were randomly assigned to either a conventional treatment group or an intensified multi-faceted treatment group. Two decades after the study began, the results are in! People following the intensive treatment lived about 8 years longer!

But they not only lived longer, they also lived better. With a lower risk of diabetic complications, including heart disease, kidney disease and blindness, the study’s participants were controlling their diabetes and had taken back control of their lives.

DID YOU KNOW? Around 1.7 million Australians have diabetes.

So what did the intensive treatment involve?

Medications were prescribed where appropriate to assist with controlling blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. However, behaviour and lifestyle modifications were also a big part of the intensive group’s treatment. Study participants were given instructions on eating healthy and exercising, and those who smoked were assisted to help kick the habit.

The intensive group was treated at the Steno Diabetes Centre in Copenhagen over 8 years. According to lead author Dr Oluf Pedersen, “They were constantly educated and motivated”. It seems that this high level of accountability and proactive approach in diabetes management were key to the group’s success.

And the results were phenomenal. Not only did they show a lowering in participants’ blood sugar, but blood pressure and triglycerides dropped and good cholesterol increased while the bad cholesterol reduced. The average time before a cardiovascular event was 8 years longer with intensive treatment compared to those receiving conventional therapy.

So, taking action and getting a tight hold on your blood sugars really does pay off. Think of it as 8 years of extra time to spend with your family and loved ones, to see your children grow up and to travel the world. Don’t miss out on life’s opportunities because you didn’t make your health a priority now!

How to take intensive action for diabetes – at a glance:

  • See your management team regularly, including GP, endocrinologist, dietitian, podiatrist and exercise physiologist. Set up regular appointments and stick to them. Regular monitoring is key!

  • Test your blood sugar regularly. Know how to use your glucometer and replace strips when you run out. Negotiate with your endocrinologist how often you should be testing.

  • Know how to treat a hypo. This is especially important if you are insulin dependent!

  • Keep a food diary. Tracking what you eat can help create awareness but also keeps you more accountable.

  • Manage your medication. Consult with your GP and specialist to get your medication right.

  • Consume a plant-based, low-GI diet. Look for wholegrain breads and cereals, oats, wild rice, quinoa, barley, fruit, vegetables and legumes. Seek advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian to monitor your diet and adjust to suit your needs.

Are you registered? Diabetes Australia offer some great benefits for members, including discounts on certain products and services!


“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” -  Colin Powell

What’s Cooking? – Scrumptious Low-GI Dishes for the Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner! But how will your waistline and blood sugars cope? Will you be able to avoid gaining more body fat?

Come along to our highly popular low-GI festive cookshop and learn to make delicious party food that will also support your health journey. Keep your sugar and insulin readings under control during the tricky season!

Whether you’re planning a BBQ or a dinner party, we will show you easy ways to impress your guests while keeping your health goals on track. From easy dips and exotic ways to dress up bread through to healthy Christmas cake, you will taste your way from entrée to dessert and go home inspired. This will be an evening to remember!

Don’t forget to invite your best friend along.

Join us on Wednesday the 7th December 6:30 – 8:30 pm and find out how to make your Christmas and New Year both fun and healthy!

Learn more about our cookshops

Eventbrite - Food as Medicine Cookshop - Scrumptious Low GI Dishes for the Festive Season


Call NOW on (02) 9899 5208 to reserve your place. Act fast as more than half of the seats are already booked. This is one of our most popular events!

Food Matters with Sue Radd – Five Worst Foods in Your Fridge

Could you fridge be to blame for your bad eating habits? What lies behind the door and where it is placed can influence your diet, for better or for worse. Find out how

Tips and Tricks – How to Clean Your Kettle from the Inside

Your kettle may be the most used and useful kitchen gadget in your kitchen. But how often do you give it a really good clean – from the inside? In this short video we share an easy, quick way to clean your kettle without the use of harmful chemicals.

Clinic News – Sue Radd’s NEW Recipe Book Has Arrived!

 We are excited to announce that Sue Radd’s NEW recipe book “Food as Medicine: Cooking for your Best Health” is finally here. Enjoy 150 of Sue’s best recipes showing how you can use food as medicine. Everything you need to know about healthy food, delicious eating in one fabulous resource.

This book has the power to change your life!

Simply call in to the Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic and pick up your personally signed copy at a special pre-launch price of $49 (RRP $55).

This book is also available from all good book shops and online sellers that distribute worldwide.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Sue Radd will be making a special appearance at The Essential Ingredient, where she will demonstrate some recipes from the book, answer questions and be available for book signings. Bookings are essentials and tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Food InFocus – Turmeric: The Potent Anti-inflammatory Spice!

Tumeric might be a common spice in the kitchen but research has lifted the lid on its powerful and surprising health benefits. Watch Sue Radd in this short video to learn more.

Product Review – Faulding GlucoControl

What is it?

Melbourne-based company Omniblend Innovation has released a pre-meal shake which is designed to assist in the management of type 2 diabetes.

How does it work?

Drink a shake 30 minutes prior to a meal. Pour 150mL of water into a shaker, add one sachet and shake well.

A sachet of GlucoControl contains active ingredients, whey and guar gum. New research from the University of Adelaide shows whey and guar gum act to slow gastric emptying, reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal as well as lead to modest improvements in HbA1c. These findings were presented in September at The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting in Germany.

Where do you get it?

This drink is now available at Chemmart and other independent pharmacies around Australia. A box (containing 7 sachets) retails at $19.99.



Per Sachet (26.6g)

Per 100mL


377.1 kJ

1418 kJ




Fat total















What we like about Faudling GlucoControl?

  • Sweet vanilla taste
  • Smooth thick consistency (do not leave for longer than 5 minutes otherwise the drink will become too thick!)
  • Satisfies the craving for sweet foods
  • Quite satisfying, doesn’t leave you hungry
  • Helpful for people looking for additional dietary changes to optimize their blood sugar control

Our Rating & Recommendation

3 out of 5 stars.

This product is a dietary supplement and should NOT replace a healthy diet. To optimise your blood glucose control for diabetes, it is crucial to consider your diet as a whole. Look at adding more plant-based foods and high fibre carbohydrates, such as wholegrains, legumes, nuts, fruit and vegetables. If you require assistance with managing your blood sugar, speak with one of our dietitians who can provide tailored advice to suit you.

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