We have tons of fun fitness stuff going on in November and December. Keep an eye on our private FUELhouse Tribe Facebook group, the calendar of events at the gym, and listen for in-class announcements so you're up-to-date on all of the seasonal happenings here at FUELHOUSE.

You might want to get cozy. This is going to be a long read.

Words escape me as I try to capture the emotions I feel when I reflect back on my dream of opening our gym 2 years ago. I had no idea it really would become a reality but here we are…only 6 months in our new home and it’s even BETTER than I could have ever imagined. I say “our gym” because it takes a tribe of likeminded, powerful, and good people, to make miracles happen.  

I’m eternally grateful for my amazing husband and mother.  These two were with me day in and day out as we raced against the clock, cleaning, drilling, painting, shopping, planting, hammering, and everything else in between to be open by June 1.  I also owe a special thanks to our dear friend, Josh, who blessed us with his carpentry and flooring skills.  You built us a solid front desk- thank you buddy. To our coaches, Marcie, Tess, Anna, Margaret, Megs and Erin … I’m so blessed to work and learn with you on a daily basis. You are true professionals and KICKASS Coaches.  How did I get so lucky?  And to YOU, our members, our fitness family-As you know, good people have a tendency to make good things happen. When you surround yourself with good people, you are not only opening yourself to the thoughts and views of intelligent and kind people, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have your thoughts heard by people that matter and potentially help you see your dreams come true.  Thank you, 1,000 times over for making my dream OUR reality.  -Yours In Strength, Molly

Each month, FUELhouse celebrates a member that embodies the values of our House–a positive attitude during even the toughest sessions, being willing to work hard and listen to your coaches, and lending support to your fellow athletes of class to the final minute. The member of the month receives a $25 credit to the FUELhouse retail shop! If you'd like to nominate a future Member of the Month email us at and tell us who and why you think deserves to be featured!
We present the lovely Zoanna Jones...

Where can you be found outside of the gym? What do you do for a living? I work at Google in Fremont and spend my time corralling our couple of thousand interns. When I'm not at work or at FUELhouse, I'm probably at home either cooking, making a cocktail, watching football, or doing all three at the same time. 

How'd you find out about FUELhouse? I was going to a rival bootcamp in South Lake Union back in 2012 and when our trainer moved away, Molly adopted us. I've been following her around Fremont since then. 

What makes you commit to training even on days you don't feel like it? Remembering how good I feel after a really hard workout, and knowing that Molly will be bugging me to get back at it if I've been gone for too long. You don't find that kind of motivation at many other gyms.

What's your favorite movement/workout? I think I was doing kettlebell swings wrong for a while, but one day I shifted my grip and all the sudden they just made more sense, felt better, and now they're my favorite. 

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish at FUELhouse in the next year? How about in your personal life? At FUELhouse, a box jump. I am always scared that I am going to trip and break my face or knock my teeth out, so I always just do step-ups. In my personal life, I am hoping to buy a house in the next few months which is both exciting and terrifying.

Tell us a little known fact about yourself. I grew up on Orcas Island and spent my childhood on the water. I've been missing it a lot lately but just got my boater's license so I can take a boat out myself. Now I just need a boat... I'll be your DD? :)

What's the most delicious meal you've eaten recently ? I've been doing Blue Apron for the past few months, and my favorite recipe that I've made so far surprised me. It's Blackened chile-dusted chicken with zucchini rice, corn-tomato sauté and lime crema. So. Freakin. Good. And pretty healthy too!

What's your favorite thing about being a FUELhouse athlete? It's hard to pick just one reason, but since I started working out with Molly way back when, I've known that every class I show up for, I'll get a warm welcome AND an ass-whooping, both of which I truly appreciate. Also FUELhouse seems to draw a really awesome group of people, and it's been fun getting to know everyone.

We also need to know the name of your very first pet, and the name of the street you grew up on! I think I see where this is going, lol. But I was born into a family of pets, so take your pick -- cats were Mama Kitty and Freckles, dog was Winchester. Street name is Exton. 

Congrats, Zo (aka Winchester Exton). We love having you as part of our FUEL family. 

On behalf of all the coaches at FUELHOUSE we would like to thank everyone who participated in last weekend's StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge. From totally novice to elite we gathered as one tribe to celebrate first attempts and personal bests! This was such an inspiring event. We are so proud of each individual who stepped up and gave it their best. 

We of StrongFirst pride ourselves on safe and effective training, and the TSC is no different. Everyone lifted SMART...something that we ALWAYS enforce.

Our oldest participant was 53 and our youngest was 25 years old....which just goes to show that ANYONE can do this! 

A huge "Thank You" to our Coaches for your professionalism, expertise, and judging.

SAVE THE DATE! We're hosting the next round of the Tactical Strength Challenge on April 23rd 2016.  If you're unfamiliar - you should definitely give it a try. We test three events in a single morning: a one rep max deadlift, strict pull-ups for max reps (scale option: flexed arm hang for time), and kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period. We are so excited to train together and come back stronger in April. We hope you'll join us!
At FUELhouse we're passionate about building community and getting STRONG so we can lift each other up. Please take a moment to learn about Coach Anna's special initiative this month, and consider contributing to the mission that's near and dear to her heart. 

I hope the story I am about to share with you will inspire you to have reason behind your swing or simply learn the power behind the swing! 
A year ago, my mother went into brain surgery to remove a tumor. 

How did this happen? Leading up this event, she was experiencing some neck and back pain.  After two different MRIs, it was confirmed she had a herniated disk at the C6- C7 vertebra. For those who may be wondering what those letters mean - if you were to bend your head down toward your chest, the C6-C7 is the main vertebra you feel at the base of the neck.  
To the doctors' and my parents' surprise, there was actually a tumor trying to make a home in my mother’s brain.  This was a blessing in disguise!  The surgery was a success, but that was the easy part - the hard part was just beginning.  Recovery has been a different story.  My mom was not only recovering from a major surgery, but she was and is still trying to heal her neck.  She decided one surgery was enough and she would rather heal her neck with a more holistic approach.  Because of where her herniated disk is located , she experiences tremendous pain in her hand and shoulder.  She continues to fight this through chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and pulse therapy.  
Due to the high cost of my mother's surgery and the fact she has maxed out her insurance coverage, I am asking for your donation to help my mother fight this battle of regaining her health without another surgery.
This past year for my family has been a roller coaster ride with the highs being great and the lows being a struggle. During my mother's surgery last year, I was also scheduled for my first surgery on my foot to remove bone spurs.  I felt helpless! 

Since I was dealing with my own health, I was unable to help my mother and my family during this time of need.  It has been through the support of my family I have been able to return to my health and strength.

Now it is my turn to help my family and my mother journey of health.  On Friday, November 20th I will do 1 kettlebell swing for every dollar donated (to make a contribution please click
here).  I do this not just for my mom but I do this for all of you out of appreciation for your generosity and to encourage you to share your story and help you with your journey one swing at a time. Thank you. 

Much love your sista in strength,
Coach Willard 

Our number one priority as your coaches is to get you stronger and faster while keeping you healthy. That said, any intense activity comes with inherent risks, especially if you (like almost every other person in the world) have a history of injury or any inherent muscle imbalances or structural asymmetries. 

We're so excited to welcome Wendy Lavin, PT, to our FUEL family as an athlete AND as our resource for all things physical therapy. Beginning this month, she'll be offering FREE 15 minute injury/movement screens for all members right here at FUELhouse (available hours are detailed below).

An injury screen is a GREAT tool for defining when we must pass on the responsibility of creating pain-free movement to a more specifically qualified medical professional. Occasional soreness is perfectly normal as you push yourself outside your comfort zone - however, acute pain does NOT have to be a normal part of your athletic life and it ABSOLUTELY shouldn’t be! The screen will determine if you should go to the doctor or just need to modify your workout while you heal. They're also helpful if you're currently healthy but are just interested in another baseline from which to gauge your progress toward a healthy movement pattern. Our screen will include specific advice as well as additional exercises to work on before or after your regular sessions. I will email a list of these suggested exercises/stretches to you AND the FUELhouse coaches so everyone is aware of your prescribed scaled movements so you are supported until you're back to 100%. 

  • 1st Thursday of every month from 7-8:00 am (BEGINNING NOVEMBER 5TH)
  • 3rd Monday every month at 5:30-6:30pm (BEGINNING NOVEMBER 16TH)
YOU MUST BOOK YOUR 15 MINUTE SESSION IN ADVANCE AT THE FUELHOUSE FRONT DESK! For more information about the injury screen, email To learn more about Wendy, click here

  • 11/20 (Friday), 5-8pm: FUEL THANKSGIVING PARTY! Get sweaty with us at 5pm then help us kick off the holiday season AND celebrate the success of our 8 Week Transformation Challengers with some celebratory beverages. Bring a dish to share with the group! RSVP HERE
  • 11/25 (Thanksgiving Eve): The 4:30 will be our last class of the day. Safe travels! 
  • 11/26 (Thanksgiving Day), 9:15-10:15: "Turkey Day Massacre" workout at FUEL. Sign up on Mindbody to save your spot! All other classes will be cancelled for the holiday.
  • 11/27 (Friday): FUELhouse will be closed so we can digest our turkey, sleep in, watch the AppleCup (Go Dawgs!) and GO OUTSIDE. Your team of fitness superheroes shall return Saturday, 11/29 at 9:30am to continue our mission of saving the world through health and general badassery
**WE'RE ADOPTING A FAMILY FOR THE HOLIDAYS! We'll be posting a wish list to help make the holidays a little brighter for a local family in need. During the time of year that we're all counting our blessings, we hope you can help us give a little bit back to the community. Thank you for your generosity!
  • 12/12 (Saturday), 9:30am: It's the 12th day of the 12th month - let's do it right with our favorite holiday workout, the 12 Days of Christmas! Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater and bring the whole family along for a fun group workout (we'll have a scaled version ready for the kids). Facebook event to follow!
  • 12/24 - 26: Holiday Schedule in effect. See Mindbody for up to date class availability!
  • 12/31 - 1/1: Holiday Schedule in effect. See Mindbody for up to date class availability!
Tired of endless yo-yo dieting and unsustainable nutrition plans that leave you feeling defeated?
Coach Meghan is offering special nutritional accountability rates for FUELhouse members through the holidays! She'll work with you to design a habit-based plan of attack that makes sense within the context of your own life.
You'll learn to eat to support your performance goals and most important, feel empowered and confident about your own nutritional choices. Single sessions are just $50 through the end of December; package rates available! Contact Meg at 
with questions or to book your session!

This is an exciting time for our Cappy's family! The building that has housed Cappy's Boxing Gym for 14 years is going to be torn down and an apartment complex will replace it. It's hard to say goodbye and welcome change especially when something is SO GOOD. But really the only thing that matters are the people and the coaches that make up the heart and soul of Cappy's... just like our FUEL family. Cappy's new home is at Everybody Health and Fitness at 2609 S. Jackson Street. This will be their home for one year while their permanent location at MLK and Union is being constructed.

We are excited for Cap and his crew and look forward to checking out their new digs. Field trip anyone?



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Click on the video to get just a short glimpse of what we'll be doing June 2016 at FUELHOUSE. Register now and save $$$ and then come and train with us to prep for your Strength Matters L1 Kettlbell Cert!

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