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The 3rd EAPYC, which will be also a concluding event of the European Commission funded project Let it hAPYN that has been empowering young people and youth organizations across Europe towards more effective and evidence-based alcohol interventions for the last three years, will focus again on the main three areas of APYN’s work: capacity building, advocacy and youth research on alcohol and youth. This Conference will be a great opportunity for networking and learning from the showcased products that were carried out in the last three years by youth organizations themselves.
The idea of the Conference is to bring together up to 100 young people between the age of 18 and 30 from all around Europe to commonly plan the next stages of youth mobilization on the field of alcohol in Europe.

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Goals of the Conference

  • present the outcomes of the Let it hAPYN project,
  • raise interest among young people and youth organisations about prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm and alcohol policy,
  • empower participants with the necessary skills and capacities in order to effectively  work on the field of alcohol,
  • empower the participants with the necessary tools to engage in advocacy for more comprehensive alcohol policies on the regional, national and international level,
  • provide necessary tools and training for participants to be able to conduct projects to prevent and reduce alcohol related harm on youth, and
  • give participants the opportunity to exchange their expertise and good practices with their peers.

The Conference is aimed at both young people from across Europe who are beginners on the alcohol topic and the ones who are already actively working in the field. In line with the status of applications, we are going to provide three difficulty levels’ activities (beginners, intermediate, expert), having global well-reputed speakers and facilitators for each of them.

Final speakers are going to be announced closer to the event.

The First European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference also took place in Bled, Slovenia and was recently awarded with by the European Commission to be an outstanding good practice in the field of cooperation between young people and decision makers. Click on the video to see more.

Eligible participants and possible costs

Since this is a European Commission funded project, only participants from the European Union, EFTA countries, Turkey and APYN member organizations are eligible for the covered accommodation, food and local travel. Other fees apply for other participants who would like to participate and are not from these countries. See the costs breakdown below.

The participation fee covers the conference pack, accommodation, food and local travel and it varies upon the time of your application/ registration.

Regular applicants: until 1st April 2016 – 125,00 euros
Late applicants: after 1st April 2016 – 150,00 euros
Non-EU/ EFTA countries: until 1st April 2016 – 450,00 euros, after 550,00 euros

The participants cover their own travel costs to and from the venue in Slovenia.

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In case you are not able to cover your travel costs in full, please write to in order to apply for a partial refund (of up to 60% of all international travel costs; limited amount of scholarships available).

APYN members have a reduction of the participation fee in accordance with the membership fee paid for the current year.

A possible 20, 30 and 40,00 euros fee refund (depending on the fee amount paid) is possible for organizations that are interested in becoming members of APYN and file a membership application the latest by 30th April 2016 to the APYN Secretariat (check about the process here)

DISCLAIMER: In APYN we have a “no-conflict of interest” rule, which means that any participant or organization, which is affiliated or has received funding from alcohol or tobacco industry or their intermediates, is ineligible for participation at this event. If found out on a later stage that the participant was falsely confirming the “no-conflict of interest” cause in the application form, the individual would be denied access to the Conference and the already paid participation fee will not be refunded. An application for membership does not mean a definite fee reduction – refund happens after approval of the new organization as a member by the APYN General Assembly.
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