House of Mica Peace Chamber Newsletter - July 2016
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It is time to gather...

Remember that day when someone in the family was in trouble?
The women gathered around the kitchen table to talk about it.
The men huddled up in the back yard.
Everyone was prepared to do whatever was necessary.

When that big storm came, we knew what to do.
Close the windows. Lock the door. Gather the children near.
Fill the bottles with water.
Offer a prayer under our breath. 

My prayer this time - never give in to fear.
When the bully called that girl names, we made a circle around her
and walked her safely to school. 
In the subway, when the two of them pushed that man with brown skin, or long hair or mascara or that woman with the piercings), we stood up
and chased that hatred off the car into the next station's piercing floodlights.

That menacing, boastful voice of the war gods is not new to us.
He arrived late at night.  We were surprised when he entered the room, and yes, many of us have  lost allot of sleep since.
But we recognized him right away.

It is time to circle up
Because circles are powerful.
Because love is strength without beginning or end.
Because all life is sacred and right now, in this moment. tonight,
right here, this time, we will not allow anyone to be hurt.

We know what to do.
It is time to gather.

Rick Cotroneo
Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
All are invited.  If you would like to support the ceremony but not enter the lodge, please contact us. 

Saturday, January 21 at 11 am:  Post Inauguration Day Sweat Lodge and Chanting for Peace - We will gather in the peace chamber to chant for 30 minutes before lighting the fire around 11:30.  All must arrive by noon. Pot luck to follow. 

Saturday, March 25th, 11 am:  Spring Equinox Sweat Lodge - We will light the fire at 11 am.  All should arrive by noon. Pot luck dinner and drumming to follow.

Saturday, April 22 at 11 am:  Sweat Lodge for Purification and Work Day - We will gather at 10 am to work around the land for an hour or so before lighting the fire at 11 am.  Please arrive early to help with work. Pot luck dinner to follow.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you email us at to let us know you are planning to attend.  Schedules can sometimes change at the last minute so we need to know who is planning to attend to plan properly and be able to inform you in case of a change.
Last call for Mid-Winter Drumming Vision Quest - February 3-5. For more information, check our website. To participate you must email us by January 18th.
House of Mica Peace Chamber
2017 Sun Moon Dance Dates

The New Mexico Sun Moon Dance will take place on Friday, July 7th to Monday, July 10th 

Join us on sacred land in Abiquiu, New Mexico for the Sun-Moon Dance.  The arbor is set in the beautiful New Mexican landscape overlooking sacred mountains and holy places. We will begin the dance on the night of the full moon. If you are interested in joining us as a dancer or support person,you must contact us before June 1st.

Sun-Moon Dance in East Greenbush, New York will take place Friday, August 4th to Monday, August 7th

The Sun-Moon Dance will take place here on the grounds of the House of Mica Peace Chamber in upstate New York from Friday August 4th through Monday, August 7th. The sacred vision quest dance is open to all who feel called to participate.  A four year commitment to dancing is strongly encouraged. Many people in our community continue to dance each year after completing eight, twelve or even sixteen dances.  Through dancing we fall in love with life as we place ourselves on a path of healing and self-inquiry. We dance back and forth to the Tree of Life to honor our ancestors and bless a path for our descendants.  If the thought of communing with earth and sky excites you, then you may want to strongly consider dancing, Please contact us no later than July 1st.  If you are interested in serving as a support person, please contact us as well.  You must be prepared to be on the land for the entire duration of the dance.
Arrive Early for Teachings and to Prepare the Dance Arbor
Many important teachings are shared and important work done the week prior to the dance.  It is important for the ceremony, and for you as a dancer or support person, to arrive on the land early.  Please consider arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday to contribute and learn from the pre-dance preparations.  
Caring for the Land
All dancers and support people should plan to arrive no later than Thursday at 6 pm and should plan to assist with clean-up at the end of the dance.  Plan to remain on the land until all clean-up is complete, which is generally late Monday afternoon. 
Sunrise Song - Sung by Beautiful Painted Arrow
Beautiful Painted Arrow
We dance to honor the tradition that has been handed down to us.  To honor our elders and the ones who will come after us.  We dance to bless the land, to nourish the crops and to fall in love with life.  We dance because it is our nature to dance. We are fearless and indestructible. The drum and the songs and the faces of the people carry us. There is nowhere else we would rather be.  Beauty is before and behind, to the left and to the right.  I am the sunshine and the vast night sky.  I am here and I am everywhere.  I am now and I am always. I am a dancer.  I am the dance. Prayer by Rick Cotroneo
Photo: Beautiful Painted Arrow
Fire Ceremonies for Peace and Healing the Waters

On the 7th of each month at 7pm, we gather in the courtyard of the peace chamber to light a fire for peace and cleansing of the waters.  All of the peace chambers around the world conduct this ceremony.  We create a fire in a sacred manner, offer prayers and sit around the fire.  There is usually chanting, teachings and sharing.  Please email or call 518-729-2429 to let us know you would like to attend. 

Check out our youtube video about the House of Mica Peace Chamber Fire Ceremonies
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