House of Mica Peace Chamber Newsletter - Winter 2015 - 2016
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Dear Friends,

What a terrific journey it has been with each of you!  Sometimes it is important to pause, remember and reflect. This is especially true after a period of growth such as we've had at the House of Mica in 2015.  This past year, in February, we took the Drumming Vision Quest to Sweet Waters Peace Chamber in Tucson, Arizona and in August we conducted the Sun-Moon Dance in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

So, here goes my reflection.  On Ootober 10, 1997, Beautiful Painted Arrow / Joseph Rael conducted a dedication ceremony and gave the peace chamber the name "House of Mica".  At that time, the foundation had been poured and the walls were barely above grade.  On June 2nd, 1998, the House of Mica, Inc, was recognized as a non-profit educational organization by the State of New York. On August 7th, 1999 we placed the second heart-level ring of rose quartz crystals in the walls of the chamber.  During the ceremony, a Blue Heron, symbol of birthing, flew right over our heads, just a few feet about the chamber.  On November 13-14 we raised the roof of the chamber.  

All of our work came to fruition when we were able to hold our first ceremony in the completed chamber on December 12, 1999.  That 
first ceremony was conducted in honor of the Divine Mother / Divine Feminine.  That day was the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and our friend Juan Carlos Kaiten, a wonderful man from Mexico, was here and helped facilitate that ceremony.  

Next month, on December 12th, 2015, 16 years later, we will consciously take a step into a new cycle of ceremonies. In our last newsletter, we shared that Beautiful Painted Arrow / Joseph Rael re-issued his book Being and Vibration: Entering the New World.  In the introduction to the book Joseph writes: "We came down into the first world, the second world, the third world, the fourth world.  Now we are going into the fifth world, the New World". In the new edition of Being and Vibration, Joseph offers a number of new ceremonies to help us raise awareness to the significant shifts in human consciousness that are taking place. 

On December 12th, we will gather on the land and in the chamber from 11 am to 4 pm to conduct several of these new ceremonies.
The ceremonies are quite simple, not physically challenging and generally involve chanting and working with the elements of nature in a conscious and loving manner.  

We would like to invite you to join us in this new cycles of ceremonies and look forward to continuing this walk with each of you. If the last 16 year of growth and transformation are any indication, these next 16 years are bound to be amazing! 

Blessings and Peace,

Rick and Elisa
New Ceremonies of Being and Vibration

Saturday, December 12, 11 am to 4 pm 

During this special day of ceremony we will gather in the chamber and around the pond to conduct ceremonies from Joseph's newly re-issued book, Being and Vibration.   Many indigenous traditions explore the metaphor of life emerging through a series of worlds or states of consciousness.  Joseph describes these new ceremonies as helping us to emerge into the New World or Fifth World. As a species, are we evolving into a higher state of awareness?  Can our consciousness evolve to the point where war, violence, poverty and oppression are no longer a part of our experience?  How are we growing spiritually as individuals and as a community?  

This day will be an opportunity to begin a new cycle of ceremony here on the land. These ceremonies are simple and not physically challenging.  Please bring a pouch of tobacco and some cornmeal.  We will be spending some time in the chamber and some outside so please bring layers of clothing, boots if it seems there will be snow.

Since December 12th is the Feast Day for Our Lady of Guadalupe, we will at some point during the day honor the Divine Mother. If you would like, please bring any image of the Divine Mother that you feel akin to.    

We will have a pot luck meal at some point during our time together, so please also bring a dish to share.

All are welcome.  Suggested give-away $25, more if you can, less if you can't.  

 If you would like to purchase a copy of Being and Vibration, please contact us
Joseph Rael/ Beautiful Painted Arrow, Circa 1993 Photo Laima Druskis.
Rick and Elisa at the first Sun-Moon Dance in New Mexico, 1993
Worldwide Solstice Chanting for Peace

Monday, December 21st, arrive promptly at 6:30 pm

The House of Mica Peace Chamber, in concert with other peace chambers, groups and individuals, is pleased to put out the call to create 24 hours of continuous chanting for peace at the time of the December solstice. 

Here is East Greenbush, we will gather in the peace chamber on Monday, December 21 at promptly 6:30 pm.  After opening prayers and welcomes, we will chant for peace for one hour. Other groups around the world will follow us to create 24 hours of continuous chanting for peace.  Please join us for this special time in the candlelit, peace chamber.  After our ceremony, we gather in the house for pot luck sweets and sharing. This has become a wonderful holiday tradition. 

Donations collected this evening are offered to the Northeast Regional Food Bank.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to participate in this chanting from your own home by yourself or with a small group, please contact us.  We would welcome you to be part of the effort to create 24 hours of chanting for peace. Check out the information on our website at Solstice Peace Chant.
Upcoming Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Saturday, January 16 - Post Holiday Spiritual Tune-up 
We will start the fire at 10 am

Sunday, March 20th - Join us in welcoming in the Spring

We will start the fire at 10 am.


Please call or email at least one week in advance to let us know you would like to attend.  Bring a modest bathing suit, two towels and something for potluck meal.  Please plan to be here for 6 hours after the lighting of the fire.  Donations of $15 to $25 appreciated.  More if you can, less if you can't.


For updated calendar information and to learn more about the peace chamber and our events, please visit our website at

Mid-Winter Drumming Vision Quest

Friday, January 29 - Sunday, January 31

We will gather at the mid-winter to take a sacred journey inside.  We will gather no later than 6 pm on Friday and begin with a Sweat Lodge ceremony.  After a pot-luck feast, we enter the peace chamber and have periods of drumming, followed by periods of rest and dreaming.  Entering the eternal present, we will use the drum to travel deep within the self, and at the same time, into the far reaches of the cosmos.  Ceremony concludes on Sunday morning with a feast. Clean-up and Talking circle concludes by 2 pm. 

Please bring a frame drum, layers of clothing, tobacco, clothe for tobacco bundles and standard fare for the sweat lodge (bathing suit, 2 towels). We do have a couple of drums that may be borrowed if you do not have one. 

Registration required no later than January 16th. 

Suggested donation: $150, more if you can, less if you can't.
Fire Ceremonies for Peace and Healing the Waters

On the 7th of each month at 7pm, we gather in the courtyard of the peace chamber to light a fire for peace and cleansing of the waters.  All of the peace chambers around the world conduct this ceremony.  We create a fire in a sacred manner, offer prayers and sit around the fire.  There is usually chanting, teachings and sharing.  Please email or call 518-729-2429 to let us know you would like to attend. 

Check out our youtube video about the House of Mica Peace Chamber Fire Ceremonies

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