House of Mica Peace Chamber Newsletter - Autumn 2015
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Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoyed the summertime and we wish you a graceful entry into autumn, the harvest time. We are grateful to all those who participated in our summer ceremonies, especially the Sun-Moon Dances here in upstate New York and New Mexico.  We thank all those who gather in all traditions to dance for "the people" during the summertime and are grateful that we are part of a global community dedicated to spiritual growth and offering prayers for peace, healing and compassion.

At the House of Mica Peace Chamber, we practice chanting the sounds for the seasons. According to Beautiful Painted Arrow, the sacred sound of the autumn time is "Paah-Choo".  When we chant the sound "paah" we find that it has a way of opening the heart.  It seems to bring clarity and purification to the heart.  The "choo" sound seems to ground the experience of open heartedness into the earth and it calls forth a sense of innocence.  

So, why is this specific chant related to the autumn time, to harvest time. Perhaps the teaching of this chant is that our greatest harvest in life is simply the experience of open heartedness and the clarity and innocence it brings.  An open heart has the capacity to both receive and give.  The open heart receives the blessings of spirit and earth in the form of light, water and sustenance and in turn, the open heart shares these with all "the people", meaning, all of our relations here on earth and in the cosmos. Isn't this the essence of our harvest Thanksgiving Celebration?

It is our hope that the work we do here on the land helps to open our hearts and the hearts of all those who gather.  We invite you to join us in ceremony so that we each may receive the great bounty of earth and spirit and, in turn, share this with others.  The state of open heartedness is a doorway to prosperity.  On this lovely planet, there is plenty for all of us.  Let us each receive and give so that all of "the people", the two-leggeds, wingeds, the ones who live in the water and the ones who live in the body of the mother, may live.
Blessings and peace,
Rick and Elisa
Joseph Rael/ Beautiful Painted Arrow sitting in the first peace chamber which he built in Bernalillo, New Mexico in 1983.

Millchap Books is pleased to announce the re-release of Joseph Rael's seminal book, Being and Vibration.  The book has been expanded to include new writings and artwork.  You can pick up a copy of the book when you are here for ceremony or you can order it from the publisher (see below). 


Here is an excerpt from the re-release of this book.

“The one thing that I know for sure is that we are eternal beings. We’re not going anywhere and yet we’ve been somewhere and everywhere.  Even though we are two-legged in this lifetime, and we are sitting here now, we go back all the way to the first story of Creation. This is your story.  It belongs to you because it is the story of the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds and all of the creations from the time we began this journey. We came down into the first world, the second world, the third world, the fourth world. Now, we are going into the fifth world, the New World.”– Joseph Rael, Being & Vibration
Millchap Books, 1146 Rogers Road, Graham, NC 27253

Upcoming Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Autumn Equinox Sweat Lodge, Saturday, September 19
Join us in honoring the turning of the seasons.  We will start the Fire at 11am. 

All Hallows Day Sweat Lodge, Saturday, October 31
We will start the fire at 11am. 



Please call or email at least one week in advance to let us know you would like to attend.  Bring a modest bathing suit, two towels and something for potluck meal.  Please plan to be here for 6 hours after the lighting of the fire.  Donations of $15 to $25 appreciated.  More if you can, less if you can't.


For updated calendar information and to learn more about the peace chamber and our events, please visit our website at

Moon Ceremony to Honor the Great Mother Goddess

Saturday, October 10, gather at 7pm

During this ancient ceremony we gather around a sacred fire in the moon circle to honor the divine feminine and to offer prayers.  This ceremony is open to women and men.  If you have not previously attended a Moon Ceremony at the House of Mica, you must call to receive teachings prior to the ceremony.  Suggested donation  is $15 - $25, more if you can, less if you can't.  Everyone must call or email to let us know of your intention to attend.  Bring layers of clothing and a blanket.
Worldwide Solstice Chanting for Peace

The House of Mica Peace Chamber, in concert with other peace chambers, groups and individuals, is pleased to put out the call to create 24 hours of continuous chanting for peace at the time of the December solstice. 

Here is East Greenbush, we will gather in the peace chamber on Tuesday, December 21 at promptly 6:30 pm.  After opening prayers and welcomes, we will chant for peace for one hour. Other groups around the world will follow us to create 24 hours of continuous chanting for peace.  Please join us for this special time in the candlelit, peace chamber.  After our ceremony, we gather in the house for pot luck sweets and sharing.  This has become a wonderful holiday tradition. 

Donations collected this evening are offered to the Northeast Regional Food Bank.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to participate in this chanting from your own home by yourself or with a small group, please contact us.  We would welcome you to be part of the effort to create 24 hours of chanting for peace. 
Sharing Pictures and Stories from the New Mexico Sun-Moon Dance and Pot Luck Dinner - Saturday, September 26 at 6:30 pm.  Call or email to let us know you would like to attend.  Donations greatly appreciated to help us cover the expenses of starting this dance in New Mexico.  All welcome.
Fire Ceremonies for Peace and Healing the Waters

On the 7th of each month at 7pm, we gather in the courtyard of the peace chamber to light a fire for peace and cleansing of the waters.  All of the peace chambers around the world conduct this ceremony.  We create a fire in a sacred manner, offer prayers and sit around the fire.  There is usually chanting, teachings and sharing.  Please email or call 518-729-2429 to let us know you would like to attend. 

Check out our youtube video about the House of Mica Peace Chamber Fire Ceremonies

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