The New Mexico Sun-Moon Dance will be held August 28-31, 2015
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Sun-Moon Dance
Abiquiu, New Mexico
August 28-31, 2015

Join us for the Sun-Moon Dance on sacred land in Northern New Mexico. Abiquiu is a very special place located in the Chama River Valley, about an hour north of Santa Fe. We will be dancing on top of a gorgeous mesa that looks out over an awe-inspiring white limestone canyon. This dance, in the tradition of Beautiful Painted Arrow, will be led by Rick and Elisa Cotroneo. They have studied with Beautiful Painted Arrow since the 1980s and have been leading this ceremony for 18 years on the land where they live in upstate New York.

The Sun-Moon Dance is an intensive ceremony that involves fasting from food and water from Friday, August 28th around dusk until mid-morning on Monday, August 31st. During the light hours, we dance back and forth to a sacred tree to give thanks for the gift of life. At night, we rest and enter the sacred dreamworld. We dance so that we may become like a hollow reed, allowing Spirit to move through us, unhindered, to guide us to lives of service. As we dance, we honor earth and sky, bring healing to our ancestors and bless the paths of our children.  We dance so that we may pierce the illusion of perceptual time and enter into the awareness of our true eternal being-ness. If you have a serious commitment to your spiritual growth and revel at the thought of spending four days in communion with Spirit, this ceremony may be for you. For more information, contact Rick or Elisa at or call 518-729-2429.

History of the
Sun-Moon Dance 
in the Tradition of
Beautiful Painted Arrow

The Sun-Moon Dance came out of the vision of Beautiful Painted Arrow/ Joseph Rael. Joseph began the ceremony in 1993 in the Sandia Mountains, outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Sun-Moon Dance is not a Native American Dance but a dance that came from Joseph's vision for the sake of all the people. Joseph led the dance in New Mexico for 5 years and also took the dance to many places around the globe including Bolivia, Australia, Germany, Italy and many other places.  At the end of 1997, Joseph announced that he would retire to his home in Colorado and instructed some of his students to continue the ceremony. The dance continued in New Mexico for several years but has not been conducted there since the early 2000s. However, in 2015, there will be more than fifteen Sun-Moon Dances conducted at different places around the planet. 

Since 1998, Rick and Elisa have been leading the Sun-Moon Dance on the grounds of the House of Mica Peace Chamber in upstate New York. Having spent much time in New Mexico over the years, Rick and Elisa recognize the powerful and transformative energies of the land there.  Following their dreams and inspiration, Rick and Elisa responded to the call of the land and are pleased to help bring the Sun-Moon Dance back to its place of origin, back to New Mexico.
New Mexico
Sun-Moon Dance:  
A Give-away Dance

The New Mexico Sun-Moon Dance will be a "give-away" dance which means the dance is being offered in faith as a gift from our hearts to yours. This means that all who feel called are invited to participate without any expectation that they will make a contribution. Bringing together a Sun-Moon Dance requires a lot of energy, time and resources. Everyone is encouraged to offer what they can to help carry this ceremony. Perhaps you may be inspired to offer a donation to cover the costs of building the arbor, or making port-o-potties available. Perhaps you would like to sponsor the closing feast for about 30 people or cover the cost of travel for support people. Perhaps you would like to make a reliable truck available for use in the week before the dance or perhaps you would like to help transport dancers to the dance site. Cash donations are very welcome and needed and will enable us to receive all those who feel called to dance. It is important for dancers to understand that when we give to support ceremony we are giving to Spirit. In life, we reap what we sow. Giving opens us to receiving. This ceremony will come together in a beautiful way. We have watched this happen for 18 years where we live. It is our experience that the land is calling forth this dance and that the being of prosperity will carry us in a loving way.  May we all open our hearts to create something very special. If you would like to offer a gift to help carry this dance, please contact us.

The Sun-Moon Dance:
Open to All who Feel Called 

The Sun-Moon Dance is a global and cosmic dance given to all of the "people".  It is one aspect of Beautiful Painted Arrow's vision for calling forth world peace, healing the waters and helping people understand life as "metaphor unfolding alongside the truth of our divine existence". The ceremony is open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language or any other "box".

To participate, you must call or email before July 15. You will be provided information about what to bring and how to prepare.  Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed at any time on the dance premises. Contact us by email at or call 518-729-2429.
Photography by Mary L. Tindall
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