First a health update on Dean and then details on two Super Bowl fundraisers. If you want to skip right to the Fundraisers, click here to see the details. 


Never a dull moment with CF and ALWAYS something to learn. Quarterly cultures are part of his clinic in order to see what bacteria Dean may have in his lungs so we can be effective in fighting it. Most recently, he cultured aspergillus fumigatus (I know, it sounds like a Harry Potter spell, right?). An additional IgE test (blood draw) was taken and showed his sensitivity to this fungus was highly elevated so another factor we are watching and will test for again in a few weeks. Although most of us are frequently exposed to Aspergillus that is found in soil, a reaction to it is rare, however, in certain people, the immune system overreacts to the antigens of Aspergillus fumigatus found in the lungs, potentially damaging the airways and resulting in permanent lung damage. This condition is known with CFers and is called Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA). Pray for him that he doesn't have this to deal with and it is just a pesky fungi that will leave as quickly as it came. 

We have been taking Dean in for frequent blood work this past year which continued to show dangerously high liver enzymes (indicating inflammation or damage to cells in the liver). For 13 months, Dean had been taking the "game-changing" med, Symdeko and a very small percentage of people cannot tolerate these new med combos. With a huge and heavy sigh, Dean is one of them and unfortunately had to stop taking it. Sadness (and to be honest a bit of anger) was my first reaction but we're at peace now:
  1. We know and are thankful that it was something our doctor continued to check before it damaged his liver permanently.
  2. We know that there are many other paths to a cure for Cystic Fibrosis being researched out there so we have to be patient and know his time and opportunity will come.
  3. We ultimately believe that God has a greater plan and we just don't have the control.
On a much more positive note Dean had virtual visits this year which went much quicker than the in-person ones. This past virtual clinic was the first one where we got to use a brand new device call, Tyto, which allows the doctor to listen to Dean's lungs, heart rate and look in his throat, ears and nose from the comfort of our kitchen and his living room. It was really amazing and the doctor was pretty impressed at the sound and image clarity. Dean had a pretty large growth spurt over the past few months which made everybody happy, resulting in an increase the amount of enzymes that he has to take with meals so that his body is properly absorbing the nutrients from food. He has always been a great eater!

Well, it won't, as you know, slow him down. He's wrapping up a basketball season, starting baseball conditioning, and patiently awaiting news if his first tackle football season will start. He's in school full time and an avid Rocket League player. His birthday is coming up, the big 11 on March the time flies....

super bowl

The first one many have heard of 10 line Strip Cards $20 a line 2 winners half-time and end of game receive $50 each. We will randomly place you on a line and then once card is full we will draw #’s. Winner is determined by adding the scores from both teams, the last digit of the added scores is the winner. For example If NFC has 14 and AFC has 13, then total is 27 and person owning the 7 line will win. Note we will fill as many cards as we can until 5 days prior to game. Payment made via Venmo (@ EatPrayDean) or Zelle ( Don't forget to send us your email so we can send your numbers to you!
The second opportunity we are calling “CF Touchdown”. For $30 you will get one of 25 raffle tickets, each of these tickets will be pulled to determine names that you hope either scores the 1st ($150) or last touchdown ($225) of the game. Below is the breakout, each category/name will be determined and assigned once we know the final teams. Note on Receiving touchdown the person catching the ball not the QB is the winner.
2 QB’s (Starter from each team, QB’s for once are not that important you will need them to rush in or Philly special to catch one)
4 RB’s (2 from each team)
4 TE’s (2 from each team)
8 WR’s (4 from each team)
2 Offensive Lines (1 from each team, you are hoping for fumble or Tackle special)
2 Defense (1 from each team)
2 Special Teams (1 from each team, any TD scored during a Special Team play - FG, Punt, Kick-off - Note if you have a named WR and they score on Special Teams, then sorry but you don’t win)
1 Wild Card (a TD scored by someone not named - not including Special Teams), like backup QB runs in for TD or if there are no TD’s in the game). If only one TD is scored during the game then that person wins both 1st and Last TD.
Payment made via Venmo (@ EatPrayDean) or Zelle ( Don't forget to send us your email so we can send your numbers to you!

Thank you for your continued support! xo 
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