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In this newsletter:  An update on Dean and how you can help us get closer to his cure in 2018
Update on Dean
On the health front Dean is staying strong although he is still fighting a lingering cough since the beginning of this year, causing his lung function to drop more than ever. His cultures remain clear and he doesn't show significant signs of a pulmonary exacerbation so we continue to watch and do everything we can to clear his cough. The gut is tricky with CF and since December Dean has been fighting increased stomach pain. He doesn't let it stop him during the day and fights through the pain but it affects him mostly at night as he tries to relax. On the positive side, a second generation drug was approved for those 12+ with Dean's mutation and is currently in the later trial stages for ages 6+. There is a real possibility that within a year we will have him on his first disease-altering medicine. This is just amazing and we truly have God to thank along with you - our friends, family and supporters - for sticking with us in this fight and continuing on for the 8th year of fundraising because one day, we just know it, we will hear Dean say "I used to have CF." 

Dean turned 8 this past March and every single year is a huge milestone when you have a disease that is life-limiting. He still does not understand what the average life expectancy of 41 means and we pray he never will. Because of other commitments, we will not be present at the South Suburban Great Strides Walk this year, however as we are committed to taking every opportunity to find a cure, we are virtually raising money and will be participating in the walk that our local middle school has hosted for the past 12 years. If you would like to make your annual donation, please donate here. (157c: If your child is at Hickory Creek, please donate to their advisory class via this link - the class that raises the most money for the CFF will get a pizza party from Aurelio's of Mokena).
How you can help in 2018
  1. Play Golf?  There are a few tickets left for the Arduino's Top Golf event on June 3 in Naperville from 11am-2pm. Join us for fun, golf and baskets!
  2. Save the Date (Sept 15) for the Chillin' & Grillin' for a Cure 2018 and think about registering to be a chef  or sponsoring the event (more details in an upcoming newsletter).
  3. Call Langlois Insurance for an insurance quote and mention you are part of the Eat. Pray. Dean referral program (watch this short video for details).
  4. 157c HCMS:  Order a hot lunch for May 18th by this Friday May 11th via Revtrak.
  5. Buy a limited quantity Puravida Bracelet designed by Dean's sis ($8); email us and click here to pay via PayPal.
  6. Make a tax deductible donation here.
  7. Join a CFF event and help raise money (the events we will attend are below but events are hosted nationwide).
  8. Be creative and let us know how you want to help!
Thank you's!
  • The ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon hosted a Kickball Tournament to Kick away CF. It was an amazing night of fun on the UIC Campus raising CF awareness and playing kickball. They even won an award for Philanthropy Event of the Year for this awesome night. Thank you ladies! 
  • St. Jude Catholic School hosted an series of Focus Days to raise money and had Dean in to tell more about Cystic Fibrosis. The kids asked such great questions we really enjoyed explaining to them about why their money is so helpful. Thank you St. Jude for bringing our family into yours!
  • Peace Community Preschool again hosted their Dimes for Dean fundraiser and each year Dean shares a little more about himself and how he is affected by CF.  It is truly awesome to see him grow as he learns to get comfortable telling others about his challenges. Thank you Peace for continuing raising money for one of your alum!
  • Langlois Insurance submitted Eat. Pray. Dean into a contest with Safeco Insurance and fought hard for the win! This kicked off their 2018 Charitable Giving initiative with a $2K win AND Dean got the benefit of some personalized cupcakes and his first ever large check! See above for how you can help raise more money this year by getting an insurance quote from the Langlois'. Thank you Langlois for your friendship and commitment to helping cure CF!
Calendar of Events
May 18 - HCMS Hot Lunch (order by May 11th)
May 25 - Great Strides Walk (Hickory Creek Middle School)
June 3 - Top Golf (Naperville)
August 18 - CF Cycle for Life​ (Maple Park)
September 15 - Chillin' & Grillin' for a Cure 2018 (Frankfort)
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Donate here: every gift makes a difference
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