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Projects to help the communities rise above COVID

With your generous contributions flowing in, Sarvodaya has mapped out several ways by which we can help deserving communities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is gradually seeing positive outcomes of the strict lockdown conditions that were imposed by the government in order to curb the death and infected tolls of the country. From having one of the highest death tolls in the world during the past weeks, gradually the numbers have begun to stabilize and its forecasted to come down in the coming weeks. 

Having said that, the severe restrictions in movement have affected the low income communities very badly in ways to provide for their families. Sarvodaya has planned a few projects to cater to the various demands of the lockdown conditions. 

But First Some Good News

Sarvodaya converted their largest training center in Thanamalwila Sri Lanka into an ICC to care for those who cannot get care otherwise, either due to economic reasons or due to their local government hospital running overcapacity.  

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne was happy to  announce that “after 2 and a half months of hard work we opened the center for operations. This whole project brought the whole movement together. Despite lockdown, the surrounding districts’ volunteers and staff came to make this happen. Real Shramadhana. Real manual hard work.” 

Initial plan was for 3 ICC’s but later converted to 1 big ICC to optimise funds and operations to benefit the beneficiary communities. Most funds went into the structural changes. The ICC structure was planned professionally to have open air, connecting with nature, with ample trees and greenery.  

“Surrounding districts got permission and came in small batches. We had to be careful that no one gets infected while they are working together. We took precautions where it was only 20 people at a time. It revived the movement again at a time when the country was in crisis.” Dr. Vinya elaborated. 

Click below to see the facility: 

A Glimpse of the success story


We still need funds to complete the water filtration system and the remaining small ticket items.  

The center will be run jointly with Sarvodaya where Sarvodaya will pay some of the operational bills such as the water system, daily supplies. Therefore we need continuous funds to operate the center seamlessly.


Plan for coming months of 2021

Emergency Response 

  • A Patient is taken to the hospital and/or the family is quarantined, and they don’t have access to provisions. Relief goods stocks are maintained at district centers and distributed within 3 hours of getting information of such households, based on the need. These packs are in the range of $20 

  • Sri Lanka Medical Association which runs the medical help line, forwards other forms of non-medical assistance to Sarvodaya. Response is within 24 hours. These care packs are in the range of $15 

    Sarvodaya has an extensive network to be able to cater to these requirements. Click here to learn more. 

Socio Economic Recovery at Community Level 

Small businesses and micro enterprises have collapsed. People who were: 

  • Selling flowers at a temple 

  • Selling tea and snacks on the road side 

  • Lottery Ticket sellers 

  • Small scale food producers like making hoppers and string-hoppers to the local shop to sell on their behalf. 

Depleted of provisions to continue with their businesses, they need capital to restart their businesses. Proposal is to give them a one-time grant. Small values in the range of $50 as a livelihood support. This is a transition from giving them a dry-ration pack for the family to survive a few days to giving a grant to help them revive their livelihood. 

The Village level Sarvodaya Shramadana Society will be at the center of this economic recovery model. This is a Long term strategy linked to the Sarvodaya Development Finance and other branches within and outside the Sarvodaya Organization. 


Your kind contributions are appreciated. 


Sarvodaya has a 5-pronged approach to assisting the country to get back on their feet during this pandemic situation. 

The next immediate plans described above categorize under Aid and Relief Distribution and Socio Economic Recovery at Community Level. 
Sarvodaya is addressing the balance 3 topics as well, and we will bring more information on them in the coming weeks.  

Join our Compassionate Action Team

Join our monthly giving program to ensure that there is steady funding for Sarvodaya’s transformative work to get rural villages back on their feet post-COVID-19.

We are enlisting 100 new monthly contributors each month. Would you like to be part of this committed team? You can contribute whatever amount is meaningful to you and works in your budget. Every dollar makes a difference and is deeply appreciated. 

Please visit and tick the box “Make this donation monthly” and you will be acknowledged each month for your contribution. If you need to cancel at any time you may do so. 

All donations - whether monthly or one-time gifts - will be fully utilized in our post COVID-19 socio-economic recovery programs.

Join the Compassionate Action Team NOW

The Sarvodaya Movement of Sri Lanka is identifying and catering to new requirements on a daily basis.  While the strict lockdown is helping curb the impact of COVID, it's harming the living conditions of the lower income communities and that's where your contributions to assist them come in. 

Your donations during this time of need is appreciated immensely. 
Thank you for your continued support. 

Yours Sincerely 
Team Sarvodaya 


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