Great things are happening at NMH Upward Bound!

Great things are happening at NMH Upward Bound!

Angela Davis on The Meaning of Freedom
On Wednesday, September 30, the Keene State College Multicultural Program hosted UB students at dinner followed by a lecture by Angela Davis, a prominent activist, feminist, scholar and author. Davis has been fighting for justice since the 1960s through her involvement with the Black Panthers, the Civil Rights Movement and the Communist Party. Davis was arrested, charged, tried and eventually acquitted of charges of conspiracy in a takeover of a Marin County courtroom in 1970. In her talk, Davis made an argument for the abolition of the prison and policing system as we know it today. She touched on our loss of an historical perspective, the historical connection between racism and incarceration, the changing structure of the economy since the 1980s, women’s prisons, the history of prison reform, and the situation in Palestine. Davis emphasized the importance of interaction between prisoners and the outside world. The evening closed with an emotional comment from a Vietnam veteran who had served overseas during the time that Davis was imprisoned. The veteran shared that his unit had been rooting for her. Davis responded with gratitude for his support and the support of the many GIs who wrote to her during her trials with the FBI and her time in prison. UB students left with an important slice of history and some provocative ideas to consider as they grapple with current injustices in our country. Special thanks to Dottie Morris, Chief Diversity Officer at Keene State College for hosting our students.
 Keyona Jones 2010 receives MEOA Award
Congratulations to our accomplished graduate! 
On October 9th, Springfield Central graduate Keyona Jones was recognized by the Massachusetts Educational Opportunity Association as an outstanding TRIO alumna at their annual conference in Devens, MA.
Keyona was a serious scholar during her UB years and she overcame many obstacles on her journey to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where she completed a BA in African American Studies major with a minor in English. Keyona wrote her undergraduate thesis on the Politics of Black Hair and the Black is Beautiful movement. She is currently in her second year of a Master’s program in African American Studies at UMass. Keyona has held multiple jobs including driving the enormous PVTA buses all over the Pioneer Valley. She is the student programs and recruitment intern and event coordinator for the Commonwealth College. Keyona has also held many leadership roles in the Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Society, serving as president and treasurer where she helped to create campus events to increase multicultural awareness.
Keyona gave a powerful talk in which she credited her time at Upward Bound as critical to her consciousness and her development as a scholar and feminist. Jones also co-presented with Sharon Gralnick at the MEOA conference on the Social Justice Approaches to TRIO programs workshop. We have been thrilled to be part of Keyona’s development over the years and excited to share in recognizing her as an outstanding TRIO graduate. We are very proud to see her developing her voice and scholarship as a black feminist. Keyona plans on continuing to a PHD program ​and we look forward to being able to recommend our students to Professor Keyona Jones’ classes when they get to college!
Northfield Mount Hermon Upward Bound is a federally funded TRIO program which helps firsgeneration/low income scholars achieve their college dreams.
Senior Spotlight: Louis Laguerre
What is your favorite subject and why?
Pre-Calculus is my favorite subject. I understand everything that is being taught in class and my teacher can be very interesting. Overall, my teacher is really good at what he does and makes me want to learn more.
What about Upward Bound has been most helpful for you?
Upward Bound has been very helpful with the whole college application process. I came into my senior year not knowing much. The UB To-Do list is a huge help. It helps me figure out what I am going to do next.
What is one thing you hope to accomplish in college?
The one thing I hope to accomplish in college is figuring out who I really am!
If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
I would be like Flash so that I can get to places quickly. I would be better prepared for everything and do more in life.
What advice would you give to next year’s seniors?
Don’t procrastinate and be organized. In terms of being organized, I have created folders for homework, class work and different classes. I also keep an agenda/ to-do list to prioritize what needs to be done. 
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